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— DV Mohan & ND Datta

The 14th of February 2009, will go down in our hoary history as the turning point, as we embark on building the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, in the sacred heartland of the nation, reminiscent of the victory over evil by Lord Krishna, the embodiment of the pantheon of gods.

The idea to build the Ashram in Vrindavan germinated in the mind of our President Rzd. B.D. Bali, on the way to the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in the company of Shri O.P. Mohan, Shri B.L. Chhibber, Shri S.N. Datta, and Shri D.V. Mohan, all of whom agreed with Bali Sahib, terming it as a fabulous decision. This decision is indeed the triumph of the Mohyali spirit, and thus the firm resolve to go to Vrindavan.

There comes a time in the history of a nation when a leader is born to change its course and bring about reformation. For us Mohyals such a leader, Baldev Dutt, was born to the revered mother Smt. Lila Wati Bali, a dedicated Arya Samajist, a committed social worker, who inspired and left a rich legacy and deep imprint on the minds of all those who came in contact with her.

The participants had started arriving at Vrindavan on the 13th February 2009 itself. The team from the GMS had reached Vrindavan earlier on that day to make the arrangements, including the fixing up of accommodation for the participants (expected to be around 300) in the various ashrams dotting Vrindavan. Delegates had arrived even at midnight on the 13th and the volunteers were there to receive and direct them to their respective ashrams, where accommodation had been arranged for them. The final figure of participants was more than 500. This included representatives from 40 different Mohyal Sabhas.

The function on 14th February 2009, commenced with the unfurling of the Mohyal Flag by Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali, followed by recitation of Mohyal Prayer led by Smt. Krishna Lata Chhibber amidst chorus of Jai Mohyal by the large assembly of the members of the Biradari. The main slogan reverberating the ambience was Quam ke neta kaisa ho, B.D. Bali jaisa ho!!

Ritual Puja and Havan with Bali Sahib and Mrs. Nita Bali, as the Yajmans, including Sr. Vice President Shri O.P. Mohan, Ch. G.L. Datta Josh, Shri B.L. Chhibber, Vice Presidents, Secretary General Shri D.V. Mohan, Bakshi S.K. Chhibber, Dr. Bhai Mahavir, Ch: S.N. Datta and all other Mohyal stalwarts , was performed in all solemnity and obeisance to the Lord God, followed by Bhoomi Pujan, and the laying of bricks in the special pit. In this ceremony too, the first brick was placed by Bali Sahib and Mrs. Nita Bali, Bakshi S.K. Chhibber, and Dr. Bhai Mahavir, including host of brothers and sisters one by one amidst chanting of Vedic Slokas by Pandit Ji.

OM! OM! Invoking the blessings of the Almighty the foundation stone was ceremonially laid by Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali amidst thunderous slogans of Jai Mohyal, Radhey – Radhey.

In an impassioned address and in all humility Rzd. B.D. Bali recalled the benevolence of Smt. Brij Rani Vaid who bequeathed her house in Daryaganj, Delhi to the GMS. According to Mrs. Nita Bali, she was frail health-wise, a skeleton of bones, who had earlier lost her husband Shri Amarnath Vaid. She had a daughter who, due to ill-health expired leaving her forelorn and hapless. Smt. Brij Rani Vaid passed away due to her declining health, despite all the best medical aid rendered to her by Rzd. B.D. Bali and Mrs. Nita Bali

Her house fetched a paltry sum as rent and was ultimately sold off, and a Trust was instituted in the name of Smt. Brij Rani Vaid with Lt. Gen. Z.C. Bakshi as Chairman, Rzd. B.D. Bali & Bakshi S.K. Chhibber as members. It was this seed money that helped in the construction of the 1st Phase of the Mohyal Foundation which was rented out and from this rent and donations from the philanthropic Mohyal Biradari, GMS has been able to build the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar and Mohyal Sewa Sadan at Haridwar, Mohyal Foundation Phases-I & II and renovation of Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi. Dehradun property was bequeathed to GMS by Smt. Kaushalya Rani Bali, and Meerut Property was bequeathed by the late Major Amarnath Chhibber. A plot at Agra in the name of GMS three kms from the Taj has been acquired for construction of Mohyal Ashram there.

Continuing his address, Mohyhal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali observed that God has been very kind to our community. It is by His grace that we have made such a phenomenal progress; and today we look forward with pride in launching the multi-crore project of Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, which we hope will be completed in a year’s time. We have received six donations of Rs.3.5 lakhs each (including one from Rzd. B.D. Bali) for suites and eleven donations of Rs.2.5 lakhs each for rooms, till date. Bali Sahib added that his donation of Rs. 3.5 lakhs is in the memory of his wife’s parents, the late Padmashri N.N. Mohan and the late Mrs. Ram Rakhi Mohan, on the eve of his Golden Wedding Anniversary which falls on Ist March 2009. He also announced a donation of Rs.15 lakhs in the loving memory of his revered mother Smt. Lila Wati Bali, a great lady and a loving mother.

(This announcement was greeted by clapping of hands by the entire assembly including the announcement by Shri O.P. Mohan for donating Rs.5 lakhs for a library at Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan. Shri O.P. Mohan was the first to donate Rs.3.5 lakhs for a suite).

Bali Sahib further said that there was no dearth of donors and he appealed to the Biradari for liberal donations for construction purposes.

This announcement drew spontaneous response and a number of donations were received for rooms on the spot, including one of Rs.51,000/- by Smt. Sharda Datta in the memory of her husband the late Shri Jagat Kumar Datta of Janakpuri. Her devoted son Sandeep Datta is a regular donor to the GMS.

Wg. Cdr. I.K. Bali of Solan also announced a donation of Rs.1.25 lakhs for the Ashram.

The number of donors for the Mohyal Ashram Langar Fund Vrindavan so far is 18. It was very touching to see elderly Mohyal ladies with cheques in their hands eager to make donations for the Ashram.


Shri Dharam Vir Mohan, Secretary General, in his inimitable style, traced the history of the General Mohyal Sabha in its quest for having its own premises. He said that when the GMS was formed on May 24, 1891 it continued to function from a rented accommodation for many years. A need was felt, not only for having an office and meeting place of its own, but also some living space for Mohyal students coming to Lahore for their education from various Mohyal mandies. However, it took 18 long years to make a beginning when a resolution was passed at the Mohyal Conference held at Amritsar in 1909, exactly 100 years back, to construct a Mohyal Ashram at Lahore. A very well located piece of land measuring a little over 5 kanals was purchased at a cost of Rs. 2,975/- in 1911. Lack of funds and the First World War stood in its way and it was only after another 10 years, i.e., in 1921 that a workable portion of the Ashram was completed. The project was fully completed only in 1927, at the total cost of Rs. 46,502/-.

When the Mohyal Ashram, Lahore was in its full glory, the country was partitioned in 1947 and we lost everything and with lakhs of others, the General Mohyal Sabha also became a refugee. Individuals received compensation and claims from the Govt., but the GMS, as a society, did not get anything. The office was shifted to Amristar Sugar Mills-Chhaherta, courtesy the late Sardar Shamsher Singh Ji Vaid. When the G.M.S. shifted to Delhi, a shelter was provided for its office at Chabhi Ganj, Kashmiri Gate-courtesy the late Padmashri N.N. Mohan.

The year 1978, with the Conference at Jammu, brought a revolutionary change with Rzd. B.D. Bali taking over as the President of the G.M.S. Within 4 years of his taking over, the Mohyal Bhavan, on the land at Inderpuri, New Delhi, purchased at a very nominal cost from the developer of the Colony, Shri Sham Das Dutta, was dedicated to the Community on 06-02-1982.


With the good offices of Shri S.K. Chhibber I.A.S. (Retd.) the G.M.S. had been allotted a plot of land measuring 0.5 acres at the Qutab Institutional Area by the D.D.A., on which Mohyal Foundation Phase-I was built with the sale proceeds of property bequeathed by the late Smt. Brij Rani Vaid. Other projects followed . All the properties owned by the GMS at different places work out to an impressive figure of nine. With the great achievements of GMS, the Local Sabhas have also not lagged behind.

In Delhi, itself, two local sabhas, namely Mohyal Sabha Yamunapaar and Mohyal Sabha Mehrauli have their own Bhavans. Similarly Mohyal Sabhas at Karnal, Yamuna Nagar, Chandigarh, Jammu, Saharanpur, Jalandhar, Faridabad and Hyderabad have their own buildings. Mohyal Sabha, Ambala City has almost completed its Bhavan which will be inaugurated on April 12, 2009. Mohyal Sabha, Hoshiarpur, which has already purchased a piece of land, is performing the Bhoomi Pujan and Foundation Stone laying ceremony of its Bhavan on April 19, 2009. The number of Bhavans of Local Sabhas work out to twelve.

Efforts are being made to procure the photographs of all these Bhavans from the concerned Local Sabhas for publication in the Mohyal Mitter and to be uploaded on the G.M.S. Website.


Bakshi S.K. Chhibber IAS (Retd.), who spoke next, lauded the dynamic leadership of Rzd. B.D. Bali and the trust and credibility it provided to the GMS. This has been responsible for generating community feelings and spirit, among the Mohyal community, which has been coming forward with generous donations for projects such as the Mohyal Ashram, Mohyal Foundation, Sewa Sadan etc. They know that the GMS leadership is trustworthy and incorruptible and that the money they donate will not be misused. Shri S.K. Chhibber added that, while names of big donors for the construction of the Mohyal Foundation have been mentioned, there were several small donors, who had contributed their little mite from Rs. 50/- onwards for the purpose. Children had given away their entire pocket money. He recalled that a student had told him that he would donate his pocket money to the GMS, received by him as a student, every month, till he got employment. All this was because of the confidence people had in the Apex Body led by Rzd. B.D. Bali. The GMS and the Mohyal community had progressed tremendously under him and Shri Chhibber conveyed his best wishes for the GMS to continue in this path in the future also.


Dr. Bhai Mahavir also echoed the words of Shri S.K. Chhibber in praising the golden touch of Rzd. B.D. Bali. He recalled that, in the past, before Rzd. B.D. Bali had taken over, GMS was always short of funds. The only income was through the subscription of Mohyal Mitter. But the advent of Rzd. B.D. Bali on the scene had entirely transformed the fortunes of the GMS. Bhai Mahavir expressed his happiness over the progress achieved by the GMS under his leadership. He also narrated as to how, disregarding protocol, as the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, he had gone down to receive Rzd. B.D. Bali at the Raj Bhawan Bhopal and arranged for his stay there. He also humorously narrated as to how he could reach Vrindavan by train from New Delhi via Mathura, for the function in time. He was glad that, after Haridwar, GMS has launched the project of Mohyal Ashram in Krishna Janma Bhoomi, the play field of Lord Krishna.

Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’, in his brief speech, revealed that the Mohyals had been residents of Vrindavan, even during the period of Lord Krishna, who had extended the hand of friendship to them.


In his concluding remarks, Rzd. B.D. Bali referred to the history of GMS during the last 30 years, in which the GMS and the community had made tremendous strides. While comparing it to the 100-year history mentioned by Shri D.V. Mohan, he stated that the Amritsar Resolution of 1909 for putting up a Mohyal Bhawan at Lahore, had taken 18 years to become part reality. He promised that the Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan will be completed within one year, to be inaugurated on the Baishakhi day in 2010. He added that he always took inspiration from the past and went forward with missionary zeal. He was of the firm view that, if your mind is pure, God will always be with you. Referring to the anticipated cost of the Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, he informed that the land had cost about Rs. 2.50 crores and the Architect has estimated the building cost as Rs. 2.60 crores. While the land cost has been met by the GMS from its own funds, he desired that the entire cost of construction would be met by donations- big or small - from the members of the community.


The proceedings came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Shri O.P. Mohan, Senior Vice President.

The participants then dispersed to partake in the sumptuous Preeti-bhoj arranged by the GMS.

The arrangements for the function were excellent with accomdation for the delegates, catering, tenting etc. having been arranged, in advance, by Sh. D.V. Mohan and the work of putting up flags, buntings, banners etc. carried out under the guidance of Shri S.N. Dutta, Smt. Krishna Lata Chhibber and Shri S. Ranganathan, Exceutive Secretary, aided by Capt. Dhobal and his team from the GMS Secretariat. Shri Ashwani Bali did a commendable job in looking after the comforts and convenience of the large number of outstation brethren.

The programme was ably and comprehensively compered, as usual, by Dr. Ashok Lav Hindi Editor of Mohyal Mitter.


The Ashram building is a three storey structure with strong foundations to bear the load of the fourth floor for future expansion. It has a basement and an all modern infrastructure, backup gensets and empowered by Solar Energy with adequate parking facility.

The back drop on display depicts the full projection of the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan. The salient feature of the entire complex has broad concrete roads, with lush green garden in the foreground of the main Ashram with flowers in full bloom. Close by, there is an amphitheatre under construction .


O DEAR MOTHER, thee are the reservoir of boundless love, piety and compassion, thy frail body encompased a golden heart. We bow our heads in obesiance to thee.

O DEAR MOTHER, you are the epitome of supreme sacrifice, supreme generosity, the grandeour of the majesty unmatched, the depth of the piety beyond comprehension!

O DEAR MOTHER, we are beholden to thee for the priceless legacy, a sublime legacy, a divine legacy, a timeless legacy bequeathed unto us, enriching our lives for ages anon!

O DEAR MOTHER, we are indebted to you for thy bounty, thy grace. Our hearts are immersed in thy ageless gratitude. Pray, what may we give thee for thy benevolence and compassion?

O DEAR MOTHER, you have given us all what no Mohyal mother has given to the fraternity. Although not physically present amidst us, you live in our hearts.

O DEAR MOTHER, we beseech thee keep showering your benign blessings on Baldev Datt Bali, who was unto thee a doting son, a son who nursed thee, who is emotionally overwhelmed by thy magnanimity. Thine emotional attachment, thy charitable disposition, thy fragrance are all pervasive.

O DEAR MOTHER, It is 24 years since thee departed for thine heavenly abode. Destiny wills thee abide in our hearts for perpetuity. And so this be. The unique welfare trust, the biggest – Rs. 22 Lakhs, Rs. 20 Lakhs contributed from the GMS general fund of the General Mohyal Sabha, in thy sacred memory and in the memory of thy beloved husband “Rzd. Amar Nath, Smt. Brij Rani Vaid Memorial Trust’’ shall for ages to come provide succour and sustenance to the hapless, the needy, who shall chant thy name, the divine mantra, in gratitude and Thanksgiving to the Lord God.

And at the portal of the Mohyal Foundation building, funded primarily by thy generosity, the marble slab prominently proclaims “Dedicated to the memory of Smt. Brij Rani Vaid’’, a befitting tribute to the Poojniya Mata Smt. Brij Rani Vaid.

(Reproduced from Mohyal Mitter, Edit page, July, 2003)

—narendra d datta



SUITES FOR @ Rs. 3,50,000/- (6 Nos.)
1. Shri O.P. Mohan Faridabad
2. Rzd. B.D. Bali N. Delhi
3. Shri B.L. Chhibber, IRS (Retd.) N. Delhi
4. Shri S.K. Chhibber, IAS (Retd.) N. Delhi
5. Shri S.N. Dutta, N. Delhi
6. Shri Vinod Dutta Khanna

FOR ROOMS @ Rs. 2,50,000/- (28 Nos.)

1. Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’ N. Delhi
2. Shri Ramesh Datta Faridabad
3. Lt. Col. (Retd.) Balraj Chhibber Ghaziabad
4. Shri Rajiv Datta Khanna
5. Shri P.K. Datta Gurgaon
6. Shri Amod Datta N. Delhi
7. Shri Soshil K. Vaid U.K./Goa
8. Shri K.K. Vaid Ludhiana
9. Shri L.K. Datta
10. Shri Rajeshwar Chaudhary Jalandhar
11. Shri K.D. Bali N. Delhi


S.No. Name of Donor Amount Station
1. Shri Dalip Datta 11000/- Bhopal
2. Shri S.N. Datta 11000/- Delhi
3. Shri J.C. Bali 11000/- New Delhi
4. Sh. Sushil Kr. Chhibber 11000/- New Delhi
5. Wg. Cdr. I.K. Bali 11000/- Solan
6. Mrs. Neeru Datta 11000/- New Delhi
7. Smt. Chander Kanta Bali 11000/- Delhi
8. Shri D.K. Mehta 11000/- Delhi
9. Col. K.K. Mehta 11000/- Delhi
10. Smt. Urmil Datta 11000/- Noida
11. Smt. Swaran Kanta Vaid & 11000/- Delhi
Dr. Vidya Rattan
12. Smt. Chandra Kanta 11000/- Barara
13. Smt. Sudarshan Devi Vaid 11000/- Agra
14. Maj. M.B. Dutt 11000/- Agra
15. Shri Varun & Rajat Dogra 11000/- Gurgaon
16. Shri Rajesh Datta 11000/- Delhi
17. Bhai Prithvi Raj Chhibber 11000/- Thane
18. Mohyal Sabha Ludhiana 11000/- Ludhiana


You are one of the most graceful couples. The most impressive evidence of love, compassion, fortitude, giving and togetherness is a “Golden Wedding Anniversary”.

You are “exquisitely couple” fully involved in life on every level – enjoying life, living fully, leaving a mark on the world and serving as an inspiration and beacon to others.

You both have an amazing grace. Amazing grace always comes to those people who have prepared and done their work, who live according to high standards, and who actively anticipate the arrival of wonderful things in their lives.

You are a couple worth your weight in “Gold”, we share these golden moments with you all in our humble way.

We pray to GOD that you continue to enjoy your graceful and blissful journey and keep-on ‘TOUCHING’ the lives of those who come in ‘TOUCH’ with you.

With best wishes from:
Mrs. & Mr. P.K. Dutta—Gurgaon


Celebration of Republic Day at the Major K.R. Bali Mohyal School Dehradun

The 60th Republic day was celebrated in the Mohyal School on 26.01.2009 with great pomp and show. It was witnessed by more than 100 persons including students, teachers and guardians. Shri Rajeev Dutta, President MS Dehradun was the Chief Guest. Executive Members of the sabha, Shri Rajesh Mohan and Sh. Pramod Mehta, were also present.

The function started at 10.15 a.m. Sh. S.K. Dutta, Manager of the school, welcomed the Chief Guest, Shri N.K. Dutta, who is also a member of the Managing Committee of the school, and all the guests. He explained the importance of this day. Chief Guest Sh. N.K. Dutta hoisted the National Flag, which was followed by the singing of the National Anthem. Thereafter, he addressed the gathering.

A cultural programme was presented by the students of Play Group, Nursery and K.G. The show based on patriotic songs was put up very well, and the audience enjoyed it very much.

At the end of the function, sweets were distributed to all.

Chander Mohan Appointed Branch Manager BOB

Shri Chander Mohan (Mohan) s/o Shri Bal Krishan Mohan, r/o B-27 Gujaranwala Aptts., J-Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi, has been posted as Branch Manager of the newly opened Branch of Bank of Baroda at J-10 Vikas Puri New Delhi-18 on 30.12.2008.

On this occasion, Shri Bal Krishan Mohan has presented Rs. 251/- to GMS.


Gaurav Chhibber s/o Smt. Manju Chhibber and Shri R.K. Chhibber, r/o H.No.230, Sector-32A, Chandigarh (Tel.: 3251024), was adjudged the Best Speaker in India at the recently concluded National Youth Festival in West Bengal. “Incredible India’’ was the topic for debate.

Gaurav won the contest on January 20, the day Barrack Obama, famous for his oratory, delivered his historic inauguration speech in the US.

Gaurav was among eight speakers who made it to the finals of the event, which was organised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Gaurav, also has a silver medal in speaking from Open National Youth Festival 2006 in Pune.

Gaurav is the Pota of the late Sh. Roshan Lal Chhibber and the late Smt. Sumitra Chhibber and dohta of the late Sh. Kundan Lal Datta and Smt. Nirmal Datta of Nagla Battoo, Meerut City.

He is the brother of Rakhi Datta w/o Manish Datta Asstt. Vice-President, of Nomura Holding, Mumbai and Vandana Dutt w/o Lieut. Comdr. Rajat Dutt of Indian Navy.

A final year student of UIET, Punjab University, Gaurav is well known among educational circles. He has been delivering lectures on public speaking and has held workshops in more than 50 schools. His expertise has also caught the attention of some notable corporate houses.

He wants to pursue a career in the electronic media.

He is a former student of St. Stephen’s School and DAV College-10. He is now preparing for the Saarc Conference in Feb. 2009.

Young Chhibbar has had his entire education at premier institutes of Chandigarh. He attributes his success to the affection, care and guidance of his elders. His father, Shri R.K. Chhibber retired as Dy. General Manager, Haryana Financial Corporation. His grand father, the late Shri Roshan Lal Chhibber was a pillar of Mohyal fraternity of the Tricity. Shri P.N. Bali, in successive editions of Mohyal History, has paid glowing tributes to Roshan Lalji for his depth of knowledge and evocative writings in print media of our community. He was a noble soul and Mohyal to the core.

Like Shri N.D. Datta, Executive Editor, Mohyal Mitter and Wg. Cdr. Mumtaz Bahadur Datt (Retd.) of Panchkula, Gaurav’s family also hails from Vill. Tehi-Dattan, Distt. Campbellpur, Pakistan. They are now settled at 230, Sect.-32, Chandigarh.

Gaurav’s parents have donated Rs.500/- to GMS as a token of gratitude, for the Sewa Sadan at Haridwar.

We wish the youngster many more successes.


Shri A.K. Mehta has enrolled his younger brother, Shri K.K. Mehta, r/o W-2B, 056, Wellington Estate, DLF City, Phase-V, Gurgaon-122002. Tel.: 0124-4054363-64 as Life Member of GMS.

Thanks to Mohyal Mitter, the marriage of Shri K.K. Mehta’s son matured two years back and now the couple is in Dubai. Shri A.K. Mehta has expressed that they are proud of Mohyal Mitter which keeps the fraternity updated about community affairs and gives all types of information.

Shri K.K. Mehta (Chhibber) is Vice-President in HDFC Bank. His wife, Smt. Karuna Mehta is Reader, Psychology in Zakir Hussain College of Delhi University.

He has two sons (i) Madhur Gunjan Mehta and his wife Mrs. Reshma are working in Dubai and ii) Akash Mehta is pursuing his MBA (Final) from Mumbai.

He is the Chacha of Mohyal Tabla Maestro Deepak Mehta.


Dr. Bakshi Hardeep Vaid, r/o Ward No. 10, Kathua (J&K) passed B.Sc. and B.Ed from Jammu University with distinction and A-grade, M.Sc Physics from Garhwal University, Dehradun, with distinction, M.Tech from University of Pune in “A’’-grade, Ph.d Atmospheric and Space Sciencies from University of Pune, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pashan, Pune (21 June, 2005 to 12th Sept. 08). He is s/o Smt. Bimla Vaid & Bk. Prem Swaroop Vaid and grandson of the late Bk. Dharam Dev Vaid s/o the late Bk. Karam Chand Vaid of Danna Gali Teh & Distt. Muzaffarbad (Pok.).

Dr. Bakshi has twice participated in Seminars on the invitation of the Italian Govt.. He has also successfully taken part in seminars in several Indian States. He is the only boy from our biradari, who attained such high qualifications. We are proud of him and wish him every succes in life.

On this happy occasion, Bk. Prem Swroop Vaid donated Rs. 151/- for the Education fund of GMS.


GRANT BY UNION MINISTER KUMARI SELJA : Kumari Selja MP from Ambala & Union Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Urban Affairs has recommended a grant of Rs. 2 lacs from her MP. LAD Fund for the under construction Bhai Mati Das Mohyal Bhawan Ambala City. The Managing Committee of MS Ambala appreciated the efforts of the Sabha President Shri J.P. Mehta which resulted in the recommendation for the grant by Kumari Selja. The Committee expressed sincere thanks to Kumari Selja for her noble action towards MS Ambala.

GREETINGS– GMS wishes for His grace & bounty in abundance, good health & long life for all fraternity members whose birthdays are in the months of February & March 2009. –D.V. Mohan Secretary General.

BABY TANISHA MEHTA (LAU): The 1st birthday of Baby Tanisha Mehta (Lau) d/o Smt. Rachna Mehta (Lau) & Shri Ramesh Mehta Lau, r/o 260/26 Veena Nagar Camp Yamuna Nagar, was celebrated on 31.01.2009 by all family members. Tanisha is the grand daughter of Sh. Mangat Ram Mehta (Lau) of Nachandi Distt. Jhelum (W. Pak.).

Mehta Naresh Kumar Lau, uncle of the child and a very prominent Mohyal Office-bearer of the local sabha blessed and wished her many happy returns of the day. Happiness of Dadaji Mehta Mangat Ram Lau knew no bounds. Tayi Ji Shashi Mehta Lau presented many gifts to Baby Tanisha. Cousins Vikas Mehta and Tanvi Mehta also offered gifts to Tanisha and danced to their hearts’ content.

Happy Tayaji Mehta Naresh Lau donated Rs.251/- each to GMS and MS Jagadhari Yamuna Nagar.

MANAN BALI: The first birthday of Manan Bali (Krishna Bali) s/o Smt. Santosh Bali and Shri Ashwani Bali was celebrated on the 29th Dec. 08, at Chitkara Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway, Distt. Patiala, Rajpura.

Master Manan Bali is the grandson of Smt. Sudesh Bali and Shri T.C. Bali of Ambala City and Dohta of Smt. Ravinder Sharma and the late Shri Kasturi Lal Sharma of Yamunanagar.

On this gala occasion, Shri Jatinder Pal Bali and Smt. Meenakshi Bali (Taya Ji and Tayi Ji from Ludhiana) and Shri Sunil Bali and Smt. Malti Bali (Taya Ji and Tayi Ji from Ambala City) presented Rs.100/- to GMS.

PRERNA DATTA: The 10th birthday of Prerna Datta d/o Shri Satish Kumar Datta & Smt. Neelam Datta (grand daughter of the late Bakshi Thakur Dass Datta & the late Smt. Champa Wati Datta), r/o B-7 Extn./112-C, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-29, was celebrated on the 18th Jan. 2009 with great pomp and show. Her parents, sister Priyanka Datta, and other family members/friends blessed and wished her a very happy birthday.

On this happy occasion, her parents donated Rs.501/- to GMS.

SHRUTI DATTA: On the birthday of his daughter, Miss Shruti Datta on the 26th Jan. 2009, Shri Rajesh Datta, r/o KM-67, New Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Ph.: 0120-4373461, has donated Rs. 101/- to GMS.
Shruti is a brilliant student and scored 89.4% in her 10th Class CBSE Board Exam in 2008. She is also very good in painting and drawing.

Rajesh Datta & Seema Datta
Shri Nishkam Datta
(grand fahter).

CHHAVI MEHTA: The 2nd birthday of Baby Chhavi Mehta (Angel) d/o Smt. Komal Mehta & Shri Rajiv Mehta was celebrated on the 27th Feb. 2009. She is the grand daughter of Smt. Surinder Mehta & Sh. Vishwa Mitter Mehta of Agra and maternal grand daughter (Dohti) of Smt. Prem Chhibber & Bhai Ravi Partap Chhibber Zonal Secretary MS Ambala City and member of the Construction Committee of Shaheed Bhai Mati Das Mohyal Bhawan Ambala City.

Her maternal uncle Shri Gaurav Chhibber donated Rs.101/- each to GMS and MS Ambala City on this occasion.

DEVIKA CHHIBBER: The 18th birthday of Ms. Devika Chhibber d/o Smt. Neelam Chhibber, Gen. Secy. Women’s Wing and Bhai Sanjiv Chhibber Joint Secy. Finance MS Ambala City, r/o 11-A, Staff Colony New Anaj Mandi, Ambala City, was celebrated on the 21st Feb.,09.

Devika is the maternal grand daughter of Smt. Prem Lata Chhibber the late Freedom Fighter Lt. Bhai Raghubir Chander Chhibber, who was the Personal Body guard of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

She is a B.Com 1st year student and is brilliant in her studies. She had earlier won the Pratibhashali Vidyarthi Samman Puraskar from the GMS.

She is actively involved in the cultural activities of her college and is a leading participant of the cultural events in the Mohyal Milans of MS Ambala City. Her elder brother, Bhai Ajay Chhibber also a brilliant student, studying engineering, presented Rs.101/- each to GMS and MS Ambala City, on this happy occasion.

SUMEETA DATTA: The 20th birthday of Ms. Sumeeta Datta, d/o Shri Sudershan Kumar Datta & Smt. Meena Datta and grand daughter of the late Sh. Chaman Lal Datta was celebrated on the 1st March, 2009, attended by relatives & friends. Parents Mr. & Mrs. S.K. Datta served refreshments, followed by dinner at their residence.

On this happy occasion, they donated Rs.201/- to GMS.

BABY SARAH: On the 3rd birthday of Baby Sarah Datta (Pihoo) d/o Sh. Amit Datta and Smt. Dolly, her grand parents, Sh. S.P. Datta and Suman Datta, invited the whole biradari of MS Agra, delicious lunch was served after Havan at 2/11, Siddigate Tajganj Agra. The baby was blessed by the community.

On this happy occasion, Sh. Datta donated Rs.100/- to GMS.

MASTER VIKESH DUTTA: The 7th birthday of Master Vikesh Dutta, s/o Shri Vikas Dutta & Mrs. Pooja Dutta and grandson of Smt. Arvind Dutta & Sh. S.K. Dutta, was celebrated at their residence at S-276 Uppal’s Southend, Sector-49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Relatives and friends wished Vikesh a bright future and long healthy life.

On this occasion, his grandfather, Sh. S.K. Dutta, donated Rs.501/- towards GMS Education Fund. His Nana, & Nani, Shri Sushil Kr. Chhibber and Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Secretary Istri Wing GMS also donated Rs. 501/- towards GMS Education Fund, on this happy occasion.

MASTER RAHUL DUTTA: The birthday of Master Rahul Dutta s/o Smt. Kavita Dutta and Shri Sushil Kumar Dutta, r/o H.No. 73, New Aman Nagar, near Jalandhar Bye Pass Chowk, Ludhiana, was celebrated on 18.01.2009, at his residence, attended by a large number of relatives, friends, and Mohyals.

On this happy occasion, Sh. Sushil Kumar Dutta donated Rs.101/- each to GMS and MS Ludhiana.

The Mundan ceremony of ‘Ritvik’ s/o Smt. Renu and Shri Vikas Sharma, grandson of Smt. Kamlesh and Sh. K.B.L. Sharma of Kanpur, and Dohta of HFO M.L. Dutta, r/o 12, Aggarwal Complex, Ambala Cantt., was solemnised at Saurav Palace, Defence Colony, Kanpur, on the 25th Jan. 2009. Havan and Puja were performed and Preeti Bhoj was served to all relatives and guests.

On this auspicious occasion, Sh. M.L. Dutta donated Rs.101 to the local sabha and Rs.251 to GMS.

New Blossoms

Shri P.C. Mehta and Smt. Kamlesh Mehta r/o A-189, Ashok Vihar Phase-I, Delhi-52 have been blessed with a grandson, Baby Aarush, s/o Shri Abhishek Mehta and Smt. Shikha Mehta on 13th Oct., 08 at New York, U.S.A. Aarush means Shri Ganesh, the First Ray of the Sun.

On this happy occasion, Mehta family has donated Rs.500/- to GMS.

Smt. Rajni Vaid & Shri Rajeev Vaid, have been blessed with a baby boy. On this occasion, the happy parents, Smt. Veena & Sh. Joginder Vaid (of Vishal Pharma Kurukshetra) have donated Rs. 1100/- to GMS and an equal amount to MS Karnal. The newborn is Dohta of Shri J.P. Mehta, Secretary GMS, who has also donated Rs. 1100/- to MS Karnal.

Twin sons were born to Smt. Sakshi Chhibber & Shri Bharat Chhibber (Chintu), r/o Green Park, Yamuna Nagar, on the 18th Oct. 2008.

Bharat Chhibber is the son of Smt. Indira Chhibber & Sh. Amarjit Chhibber and grand son of Smt. Vash Chhibber & Sh. Goverdhan Dass Chhibber of Panipat.

On this happy occasion, Shri Sharad Chhibber (Mintu) brother of Shri Bharat Chhibber, has donated Rs. 201/- to GMS towards Mohyal Mitter fund (through Sh. Darshan Lal Bali).

A Devoted GMS Sewak

As per advice of President GMS, Bakshi Ram Sarup Dutt L-240, Lajpat Nagar, Sahibabad (U.P.), Representative Member of MS Sahibabad, launched a vigorous drive for GMS Life Membership. He has enrolled as many as 20 Life Members of GMS, besides selling the same number of copies of Mohyal History to prominent personalities of our community. He is making earnest efforts to enrol members of MS Sahibabad as subscribers of Mohyal Mitter and members of GMS. His aim is to reach a target of 100 life Members of GMS.

He is a dedicated social worker and takes keen interest to serve the cause of Mohyal community in true Mohyali spirit. Rzd. B.D. Bali President GMS has appreciated his service and spirit and encouraged him to carry on his efforts to enrol as many Mohyals as Life Members of GMS as possible.



Date: 11th January 2009
Venue: Mohyal Foundation, A-9 Qutab Institutional Area, Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi-110067
In Chair: Rzd BD Bali, President GMS
MC Members : Rzd. B.D. Bali, Shri O.P. Mohan, Ch. G.L. Datta “Josh”, Shri B.L Chhibber, IRS, Shri D.V. Mohan, Shri J.P Mehta, Rzd. Ashwani Bali, Shri Yogesh Mehta, Shri N.D. Datta, Shri Atam Sarup Dutt, Shri C.K. Bhai, Rzd. J.C. Bali, Maj. Gen. K.K. Bakhsi, Shri Naresh Datta, Dr. Rattan. Datta, Shri S.N. Datta, Shri S.K. Chhibber, Smt. Amba Bali, Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Smt. Vandana Vaid.

Representative Members: Shri Vinay Datta, Shri S.K. Mehta, Shri Santosh Vaid, Shri Shrikrishan Bali.

Patrons/Partisht/GMSLM: Shri Sandeep Datta, Shri S.K. Bali, Shri P.L. Mehta, Shri N.K. Vaid, Shri B.N. Vaid, Shri Pawan K. Bakshi, Bhai Mangal Sain Chhibber, Shri Ramesh Chhibber.

Guests: Smt. Neeru Datta, Pratima Datta, Shri S.K. Dutt, Shri B.M. Datta, Shri Ramesh Vaid, Shri Brij Mohan Dutt, Sushila Bali, Shri Mukta Chhibber.

Regrets: Lt. Col. B.K.L. Chhibber, Capt. Gulshan Vaid, Shri Ramesh Datta, Maj. S.S. Datta, Smt. Sunita Mehta, Shri Ashwani Bakshi.

Sad News: After the Mohyal prayer, members stood in silence for two minutes in homage to the following members of the biradari, who had passed away recently:

1. Capt. R.P. Mehta s/o late Shri Manohar Lal Mehta of Vikaspuri New Delhi, expired on 9th November 2008.
2. Smt. Kamlesh Datta w/o Shri Rameshwar Nath Datta of Yamuna Nagar, expired on 2.12.2008, she was getting financial aid from GMS.
3. Shri Ashwani Datta of Canada, expired at Ambala on 4th December 2008.
4. Shri N.K. Mehta, GMS Life Member, and President Mohyal Sabha Navi Mumbai, expired on 8th Dec. 2008.
5. Mehta Anand Sarup Datta s/o late Mehta Abnashi Ram Datta of Meerut, expired on 1st December 2008.
6. Smt. Asha Mohan w/o Shri O.P. Mohan of Rohini New Delhi expired on 24th Dec. 08.
7. Smt. Shakuntala Datta w/o late Shri Shanti Prakash Datta and Mother of Shri Arun Datta, Secretary M.S. Jaipur, expired on 25th December 2008.
8. Bhai S.L. Chhibber of Kalkaji New Delhi, expired on 19th December 2008. He was Samdhi of Shri N.D. Datta.
9. Smt. Ritika Datta w/o Shri Sanjeev Datta of Jalandhar, expired at a very young age on November 2008.
10. Shri Prem Prakash Datta younger brother of Shri Dharam Pal Datta, President M.S. Gurdaspur, expired on 4th November 2008.
11. Shri Kundan Lal Vaid, s/o late Shri Devi Sahai Vaid of Rajouri (J&K), expired on 13th November 2008.
12. Lt. Col. (Retd.) V.C Mehta of Faridabad, expired on 6th Jan. 2009. He was incharge MERIT in 1999-2000.
13. Shri Gian Prakash Datta s/o Late Shri Maya Das Datta of Faridabad, expired on 14th December 2008.
14. Smt. Shakuntala Bali w/o late Shri Mohan Lal Bali of Kota, expired on 27th Nov. 08.

Greetings: The Secretary General extended New Year greetings, Lohri greetings and Makar Sankranti greetings to all those present as also to all the members of the community. He added that New Year Greeting Cards had been sent by the GMS to all its permanent members, Room Donors and Langar Fund Donors. GMS also had received greetings from many individuals and local sabhas, which were reciprocated.

Shri Sandeep Datta of Janakpuri New Delhi-58 presented a bouquet to Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS.

Introduction of Newcomers: On the request of the Secretary General, Smt. Neeru Dutt w/o Shri Man Mohan Dutt, Ms. Pratima Dutt d/o Shri Man Mohan Dutt of Ambala and Shri S.K. Dutt, of New Delhi, who were attending the meeting for the first time, introduced themselves.

Confirmation of Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 7th December 2008 were read out by the Secretary General and confirmed.

Presentation of Accounts: Shri S.K. Chhibber, Secretary Finance, presented the statement of accounts for the month of December 2008, which was passed by the house.

Vrindavan Ashram: Shri D.V. Mohan informed that the land purchased at Vrindavan for the Mohyal Ashram there has since been got formally registered in the name of the GMS.

Rzd. B.D. Bali gave conceptual details of the proposed Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan. He stated that the Bhoomi Pujan and Foundation Stone laying ceremony of the Ashram were tentatively proposed to be held on the 14th February 2009. He desired maximum participation from the local sabhas at the twin functions.

There was a lengthy discussion about the rates for donation for rooms/suites in the Vrindavan Ashram. After detailed discussions, it was decided that, for a room in the Ashram, the rate of donation will be Rs.2.5 lakhs, and, for a suite, Rs.3.5 lakhs. Besides, the names of those, who donate Rs. 51,000/- or above, will also be displayed on a separate board to be put up at the Ashram.

The President conveyed that as per tentative estimate of the Architect, financial outlay for completion of the building will entail an expense of Rs. 2.5 crore and he urged that the community should come forward to donate generously to implement this project. He suggested that we should all make efforts to involve donor who can donate Rs.10 to Rs. 20 Lacs towards the construction of the Ashram in which case a Block in the Ashram can be named after such donors or their nominees.

Major KR Bali Mohyal Nursery School at Dehradun: The Secretary General informed that, at present, 75 children were on the rolls of the school, which was fast becoming popular in the area.

He stated that, due to sudden demise of Shri P.L Bali, former Secretary Finance, and change in the incumbency of the President Mohyal Sabha Dehradun, it had become necessary to reconstitute the Managing Committee of the school set up by the GMS Managing Committee on the 8th April 2007. It was also necessary to make Shri S.K Chhibber, the present Secretary Finance, as one of the signatories, to operate the bank accounts of the school, in place of the late Shri P.L. Bali. Accordingly, he moved the following two Resolutions, which were unanimously passed by the house:


In the meeting of the Managing Committee of the General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.), held on the 8th April 2007, it had unanimously been decided to constitute a Managing Committee for the Major K.R. Bali Mohyal Nursery School, Dehradun, consisting of the following members:

1. Shri O.P. Mohan, President
2. Shri S.N. Dutta, Member
3. Shri D.V. Mohan, Member
4. Shri P.L. Bali, Member
5. Major S.S. Datta, Member
6. Shri N.K. Datta (President M.S Dehradun) Member
7. Smt. Shanta Mehta (w/o Shri P.D. Mehta) Member
8. Shri Ashwani Bali Member
9. Sh. Yogesh Mehta, Member

It had also been decided that Shri S.K. Datta Manager of the school, will act as Secretary to the Managing Committee.

In view of the sad demise of Shri P.L. Bali, and, in view of the change in incumbency of the President MS Dehradun, the Managing Committee of the General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.), in its meeting held on the 11th January 2009, unanimously resolved that Shri S.K. Chhibber, and the incumbent President of Mohyal Sabha Dehradun, Shri Rajiv Datta, will, respectively, replace Shri P.L. Bali, and Shri N.K. Datta, in the Managing Committee for the Major K.R. Bali Mohyal Nursery School, Dehradun. Shri N.K. Datta will, however, continue to be a Member of the Managing Committee, in his individual capacity.

It was also resolved that Shri S.K. Datta Manager of the school will continue to act as the Secretary of the said Managing Committee.


In the meeting of the Managing Committee of the General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.), held on the 11th January 2009, it was unanimously resolved as under:

That a Savings Bank Account be opened in the Oriental Bank of Commerce, Dehradun, in the name Major K.R. Bali Mohyal Nursery School, Dehradun, and that the said Savings Bank Account be jointly operated by any two of the following three office bearers of the General Mohyal Sabha (Regd.), viz.,

1. Shri B.D. Bali President (His signature is mandatory);
2. Shri D.V. Mohan Secretary General, and
3. Shri S.K. Chhibber Secretary Finance.

Langar Fund Donations, Mohyal Ashram Haridwar:

1. Capt. J.S. Bali of Hari Nagar, New Delhi, donated in memory of his wife Smt. Pushpa Bali, date of Langar 11th September.
2. Dr. Ashutosh and Brothers of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, donated in memory of Smt. Raj Krishan Chhibber & Shri Paras Ram Chhibber. Date of Langar 1st January.
3. Shri Raj Kumar Datta of Baba Kharag Singh Marg New Delhi, donated in memory of his wife Smt. Sharda Datta. Date of Langar: 7th January.
4. Shri K.K Mehta of Mumbai donated in memory of his father Capt. Dr. Chakradhari Mehta. Date of Langar. 1st January.
5. Shri Ajay Vaid of Janakpuri, New Delhi, donated in memory of Smt. Kamlesh Vaid. Date of Langar: 10th December.
6. Dr. R.K. Bali of Karol Bagh, New Delhi, donated in memory of Smt. Vidyavati Bali. Date of Langar 27th July.
7. Dr. Rajendra Bali of Karol Bagh, New Delhi, donated in memory of Shri Narinjan Dass Bali. Date of Langar 25th October.
8. Col. K.K Mehta, and sisters donated in memory of Capt. G.B. Mehta, & Mrs. Bimla Mehta. Date of Langar. 5th December.
9. Major J.K. Chhibber of Jodhpur, donated on wedding of his grandson Mr. Gaurav with Muskan. Date of Langar. 9th November.
10. Smt. Urmila Sharma of Ludhiana, donated in memory of her husband Shri Satpal Sharma. Date of Langar. 20th August.
11. Shri Amarjeet Singh Datta of Ludhiana, donated in memory of his wife Smt. Naresh Kaur Datta. Date of Langar. 24th July.

Progressive Total of Langar Fund Donations:

Reported in the last meeting: 895
Received during this month: 11
Progressive Total: 906

Major Donations: 1. Dr. Akansha Mehta d/o Shri S.K. Mehta of USA, donated Rs. 6300/- and adopted a widow for financial aid for the year 2009 on the 1st death anniversary of her grand mother Smt. Rameshwari Devi Mehta.

2. Dr. Paul Datta, of USA, donated $1001 to GMS for construction of Park at Mohyal Ashram Haridwar.

Donation for Room in Vrindavan Mohyal Ashram:
1. Shri Ramesh Datta Rs. 2,50,000/-.
2. Shri O.P. Mohan Rs.1,25,000/-
3. Shri B.L. Chhibber, IRS, Rs. 50,000/-.
4. Shri Vinod Dutt Rs. 50,000/-
5. Shri G.L Datta “Josh” Rs. 50,000/-
6. Shri S.N. Datta Rs. 25,000/-
7. Lt. Col. Balraj Chhibber Rs. 25,000/-.

Langar Fund Donation at Vrindavan Ashram:

1. Shri Dalip Datta of Bhopal, donated Rs. 11000/- in memory of his mother Shri Tej Kaur Datta w/o Late Shri Jagan Nath Datta. Date of Langar 23rd October. They are grand parents (Maternal side) of Shri D.V. Mohan, Secretary General, GMS. This is the first donation.
2. Mrs. Neeru Datta has donated Rs.11,000/- on the birthday of her husband Shri Anil Datta s/o Shri N.D Datta. Date of Langar 15th August.

GMS Life Members: The following were admitted as life members of GMS:-
1. Shri Sham Lal Vaid, Rajouri
2. Shri Sumit Bali, U.S.A
3. Smt. Swati Mishra, Noida
4. Shri Nand Kishore Bali, Yamuna Nagar
5. Shri R.D. Bali, New Delhi
6. Shri Piyush Bali, New Delhi
7. Shri Chirag Mehta, New Delhi
8. Shri Sudhir Mohan, IPS, Chandigarh.
9. Shri Mahesh N. Mehta, Mumbai
10. Shri Ashok Kr. Chhibber, Gemany.
11. Smt. Neelu Mohan, Chandigarh.
12. Shri Ashwani Kr. Bali, Jagadhari Wksp.
13. Shri Rajinder Mehta, Yamuna Nagar.

The house conveyed its greetings and best wishes to the following, who were celebrating their birthdays/wedding anniversaries, during the month:

Birthdays/Marriage anniversaries: Birthday of Mr. Yogesh Mehta on 29th January.

Marriage Anniversaries:

1. Smt, Suman Datta & Shri Ramesh Datta 30th January.
2. Smt. Sunita Mehta & Hariom Mehta 31st January.

Foundation Days of Local Mohyal Sabhas:

1. Mohyal Sabha Yamunapar Delhi 1st January.
2. Mohyal Sabha Bhopla 5th January.
3. Mohyal Sabha Rohini/Pitampura Delhi 9th January
4. J&K Mohyal Sabha Jammu 11th January.

Other Points: Shri D.V Mohan informed the house about the following:
(a) Mohyal Mitter, which was being despatched in bulk, from the PSO, New Delhi (near ITO), will be dispatched from the PO, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, from January 2009 onwards.
(b) Identity cards of the permanent members, Room donors and Langar Fund donors, who had sent their particulars in the prescribed forms together with their photos, upto the 20th November 2008, have been dispatched.
(c) Lists and supplementary lists of boys and girls, whose bio-data had been received for the Grand Matrimonial Mela organized on the 14th December 2008, have been sent to the Presidents of all local sabhas.
(d) Blank forms of the Certificates to be furnished by the widows, (who are in receipt of financial aid during 2008-09), for continuance of the aid during 2009-10, have been sent to the Presidents of all local sabhas; and to the widows concerned, where there is no local sabha. These are to be submitted, duly filled up, to the GMS by the 28th Feb. 2009.
(e) Dr. Rattan Datta, CEO, MERIT, has been felicitated by the Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, on the 9th December 2008 for his outstanding research contribution on Meteorology.

(i) Langar Fund Haridwar: 22,000/-
(ii) Langar Fund Vrindavan: 33,000/-
(iii) Room For Sewa Sadan: 1,50,000/-
(iv) Other Donation: 5,851/-
(v) Addition to Trust: 10,000/-
(vi) GMSLM: 4,200/-
TOTAL: 2,25,051/-

Affiliation of Mohyal Educational Society: The application for affiliation of MES with GMS was placed before the house. The house overwhelmingly approved the affiliation of the Mohyal Educational Society with the GMS for the year 2009. However, since there were some reservations on the part of a couple of members, the President desired that the proposal may be examined afresh by a Committee consisting of Shri OP Mohan, Shri GL Datta “Josh”, Shri BL Chhibber, IRS and Shri DV Mohan, to look into the pros and cons of the issue, keeping in view the provisions in the Constitutions of both GMS and the MES. Only after such detailed examination by this Committee, the decision to grant affiliation to the MES may be communicated to the President MES.

The Secretary General announced that the day’s lunch was being hosted by Rzd J.C. Bali, in celebration of the birthday of his grandson, Master Yodhin Bali, falling on the 19th January 2009.

The meeting ended after Shanti Path, led by Smt Krishan Lata Chhibber, with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


Smt. Sheela Dikshit Chief Minister of Delhi, released Ashok Lav’s collection of poems ‘Ladkiyaan Choona Chahtee Hain Aasmaan’ at her residence on 11th Feb. 2009. The book contains 53 poems.

Ashok Lav, a universally acclaimed individual who has been enlightening the Hindi Literature with his responsive poetry, short stories based on sizzling subjects, life histories of prominent personalities and interviews of world renowned Hindi laureates. He is also accredited for his efforts in bringing out numerous school textbooks. The magnitude of his stature in the field of Hindi literature and Education is peerless. He is also associated with a range of social endeavors. He is managing committee member of GMS and Hindi Editor of Mohyal Mitter since 1987.

In spite of being a man himself, Ashok Lav condemns the male dominant society, which clearly shows that a true poet should think judiciously. Ashok Lav has always given priority to moving subjects. In this set also, he did not forget to reveal his love towards the relation of mother and daughter. He believes that mother is a natural writer and she writes true poems in the form of children. He always thinks that daughters are an eternal part of everyone’s life. They tend to give a healing touch to life. According to him, they are refreshingly different.

Ashok Lav is a compassionate individual and a glimpse of that can be seen in one of his poems where he is saddened by the fact that girls are expected to leave the parental house after their marriage. This has always disturbed him.

Smt. Sheela Dikshit appreciated the poems and Ashok Lav’s efforts for highlighting the problems of the common man, through his writings.

—Sunil Dutta

She Made the Community Proud—
Miss. Naina Bali

Sergeant Naina Bali, 11 UK Girls Bn. NCC, MKP (PG) College, Dehradun, studying in B.A. (II yr.) was selected in the NCC (National Cadet Corps) Contingent to take part in the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi on the 26th January, 2009. She was also honoured by Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand, Shri B.L. Joshi and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Maj. Gen. (Retd.) B.C. Khanduri.

Her commendable achievements have been highlighted by the media with photographs of Naina Bali published in leading newspapers of Uttarakhand “Amar Ujala” & “Dainik Jagaran” on the 31st Jan. 2009.

Naina is the daughter of Smt. Anita & Shri Rajesh Bali, Treasurer, MS Prem Nagar, and granddaughter of Smt. Salochna Devi & the late Shri K.C. Bali. The family resides at Wing No.3/18/4, Prem Nagar, Dehradun.

She was also selected from Uttarakhand State for attachment of NCC Personnel to regular Army at OTA, Chennai from the 29th Sept. to 10th Oct. 2008.

On the brilliant performance of his daughter, the proud father, Shri Rajesh Bali, has presented Rs. 101/- to MS Prem Nagar, Dehradun.


The particulars of boys and girls for matrimonial alliance are as furnished by the parties concerned. Parents/guardians are advised to satisfy themselves regarding the correctness of the same. GMS or the Publisher or the Printer or the Editor of the Mohyal Mitter are not responsible for the veracity of the particulars of the boys or girls, in any manner whatsoever.

(List from 16-01-09 to 15-02-09)


501. Bali. 15.05.77, 5’-0’’, Undergraduate, Team Leader in Laboratory & Logistic Department, salary Rs.10000/-p.m. Contact: T-60A/1, South Ext. Part-3, Parampuri, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-59. Mob: 9971335555, 9971997850.

502. Bali (Non-Manglik). 5.04.82, 5’-11”, MBA (Finance & Marketing), private service, salary Rs. 35000 p.m. Contact: Shri Brij Bhushan Bali, K-13/7, DLF-II, Gurgaon. Mob: 09899060571.

503. Bali (Non-Manglik). 24.11.80, 5’-7”, fair, 12th Pass, Manager Cargo Pvt. Ltd. Delhi. Contact: Mob: 09313008859.

504. Bali. 21.12.77, Matric, working as Driver in U.P. Roadways Contact: Shri Shyam Sunder Bali, E-135/L.D.A. Colony, Sector-E, Kanpur Road, Lucknow. Ph: 0522-2432412.

505. Bali. 31.12.79, 5’-7”, fair, handsome, 10+2, two-year Professional Course in Textiles, one-year Computer Course, working with a reputed Export House as Production Incharge at Panipat, earning Rs. 13,000/- + p.m., teetotaler. Educated match, preferably teacher, desired. No demand, no dowry, simple marriage. Contact: Mr. Bali (Panipat) Ph: 0180-2689693. Mob: 09813380089.

506. Bali. 07.04.81, 5’-11”, 12th Pass, own business Contact: Shri Kishan Lal Bali, Kharkhari, Haridwar. Ph: 01334-260454, Mob: 09756175217.

507. Chhibber (Non-Manglik). 26.06.80, 5’-8½”, wheatish, M.Sc (I.T), pursuing MBA. Professionally qualified, fair, girl desired. Contact: Shri Surya Prakash Mehta, 107-B, Street No-6, Subhash Colony, Khedli Phatak, Kota. (Rajasthan). Ph: 0744-2328069, 09928290579

508. Chhibber. (Non-Manglik) 08.02.84, 5’-9”, Matric, own business in Delhi Contact: Chhibber (Delhi) Mob: 9868371706, 9958788415.

509. Chhibber. 11.10.80, 5’-6”, M.Tech. salary 2 lac p.m. working in Brisbane, Australia. Well-qualified, fair, beautiful girl desired. Early marriage. Boy coming to India in the last week of March 2009 for one month. Contact: Shri D.S. Chhibber, Sadhaura (Haryana). Ph: 09255327135, 09416463143.

510. Chhibber (Divorcee) 54 years 5’-9”, Central Govt. Officer, salary Rs 50,000/ p m Beautiful issueless widow, based in Delhi, desired. Contact: Mob: 9355721402.

511. Chhibber.13.08.73, 5’-9”, GDBA, Working in MNC at Bangalore. Fair, educated girl desired. Early simple marriage. Contact: Shri Sanjeev Ph: 080-65957856 Mob: 09243458580.

512. Chhibber. 09.10.78, 5’-7”, working in Videocon, salary 10500. Contact: Ph: 011-22012949, Mob: 9213644043.

513. Chhibber. Feb. 1979, 5’-11”, B.Com (Hons.), pursuing MCA from IGNOU, working with MNC in USA (Chicago). Well-qualified, fair, beautiful girl desired. Contact: Shri R.P. Chhibber. Ph: 011-25156481, Mob: 9810928000. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

514. Chhibber (Manglik). 22.10.78, 10+2, one-year Course in Ayurvedic Medicines, Computer Course, running own Ayurvedic Medicines Shop in Mehrauli, New Delhi, Income more than 15000/-p.m. Contact: Dr. N.K. Chhibber, H.No-980A, Ward. No 7, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030. Ph: 011-26641183, Mob: 9210223784.

515. Chhibber (Anshik Manglik). 1979, 5’-9”, handsome, fair, graduate from SRCC, C.A, working with BIG 4 at Gurgaon, earning 12 lakhs p.a. Extremely beautiful, fair, cultured & professionally qualified working girl desired. Send bio-data & photo by e-mail at E-Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

516. Dutta (Manglik). 31.10.80, 5’-9”, Matric, own business. Contact: Z-175, Sector-12, Noida. Mob: 9971583950, 9871932978.

517. Datta. 29 years, 6’-0’’, B.E, MBA, Working in a top Telecom Company as Senior Manager, package 13 Lakhs p.a., belongs to a reputed educated family. Contact: Mob: 09356282693.

518. Dutta (Manglik & Non-Manglik). 09.06.77, 5’-11”, fair, teetotaler, BE (Electrical), working in Rajasthan Electricity Board, salary 2.5 lakhs p. a. Educated, beautiful, tall, slim girl desired. Contact: Ph: 0145-2690453 Mob: 09929698885.

519. Datta. 03.07.81, 5’-9”, Army Officer. Beautiful, homely, professionally qualified match desired. Contact: Dr. N.N. Dutta. Ph: 0171-2663876 (after

520. Mohan. September 1981, 5’-10”, B.Tech., MBA, working in multinational bank, father high official. Alliance from an equivalent status family desired. Contact: Mob: 09915093634.

521. Mohan.11.08.74, 5’-4”, own STD booth, earning Rs.10,000/- p.m., smart, fair, slight defect in left hip joint. Early marriage. No demand. Contact: Shri P.L. Mehta, Flat No. 008, Yamuna Agarsen Awas, I.P. Extn., Patparganj, Delhi. Mob: 9312241576.

522. Vaid. 27.08.77, 5’-8”, fair, handsome B.Sc. (Non-medical), B. Ed., M. Sc. (Physics), M-Tech, PhD Atmospheric & Space Sciences, working in Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Professionally qualified girl desired. Contact: Bk. Prem Swroop Vaid, Ward No-10, Parli Wand Kathua (J&K) – 184101. Ph: 01922-234391, Mob: 09858289160.

523. Vaid. 02.08.73, 5’-6”, BE (Electronics), did graduation & SAP Computer Course and many others, working with ICICI Bank as a Manager at New Delhi, salary 4 lakhs p.a. fair, handsome. Educated match, preferably teacher, desired. Early marriage. Contact: Mr. Bali. Mob: 09813380089.

524. Vaid. (Anshik Manglik). 1975, 6’-1½”, well-built, vegetarian, teetotaler, working in a
private concern at Faridabad in a managerial capacity, Noida-based family. Qualified, fair, tall, employed girl desired. Contact: Ph: 0120-4231377, Mob: 9999394689, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


525. Bali (Manglik). 23.05.83, 5’-4”, fair, B.A., one-year Computer Course Contact: Mob: 09313008859.

526. Bali (Non-Manglik). 31.07.78, 5’-6”, fair, slim, graduate, Manager (Production) in an Interior Designer firm, salary Rs.3.6 lakhs p.a. Contact: Shri Yog Raj Bali, H.No. 38, Lane No. 3, Shri Ganga Vihar, (Deenpur), Najafgarh, New Delhi-110043, Ph: 011-65388780, Mob: 9811139569.

527. Bali. 06.09.79, 5’-3”, wheatish, homely, beautiful, sharp features, B.Com, Cutting & Tailoring Diploma, 2-year Fashion Designing Course, one-year Computer Web Designing, Max Insurance Agent, pure vegetarian. Contact: Shri V.N. Dard, 268/2, Paschim Puri, New Delhi-63 Ph: 011-25213567.

528. Bali (Manglik). 1979, 5’-4”, US Citizen, doing final year in Medicine. US MLi-qualified doctor desired. Contact: Ph: 0019163731647. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

529. Bali (Issueless Divorcee). 26, 5’-3”, fair, slim, homely, 10+2, NTT Diploma, Beautician, only daughter. Boy belonging to Ambala, Yamuna Nagar or Punjab only desired. Contact: Mob: 09355721042.

530. Chhibber. 29, 5’-6”, beautiful, talented, Chartered Accountant, employed at Delhi. Contact: Sqn. Ldr. Shashi Chhibber (of Kanjrur) 1349, Sector-15, Panchkula-134109.

531. Chhibber. 18.01.78, 5’-2”, 10+2, fair, slim, good-looking, homely, cultured. Early simple marriage. Contact: Shri Sanjeev. Ph: 080-65957856, Mob: 09243458580.

532. Chhibber. 24.07.80, 5’-5” M.A. (Hindi), M.A. M.Phil. (Punjabi), B. Ed., slim, fair, very social. Contact: Shri Dalip Kumar Mehta, Ph: 01748-253493, Mob: 9896870687.

533. Datta. 02.04.82, 5’-5”, slim, fair, beautiful, graduate from Mumbai University. Suitable match, preferably from Mumbai, desired. Contact:- Shri A.S.Datta Ph: 011-22442194, Mob: 9313001210 (Delhi).

534. Datt. 01.07.84, 5’-0’’, M.Com, pleasing manners and presentable features. Contact: Shri Satya Prakash Datt, 2/11, Siddigate, Tajganj, Agra-282001. Ph: 0562-2330677, Mob: 09719005532.

535. Dutta. 4.09.81, 5’2”, B.Com, NTT, DCE, working as teacher. Contact: Mob: 9818992042.

536. Dutta. 04.08.71, 5’-5”, wheatish, B.A., Govt. Teacher at Yamuna Nagar, salary 12000/-p.m. Contact: Shri Satish Dutta, H. No. 53, Opp. ITI, Labour Colony, Workshop Road, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana). Ph: 01732-250541, Mob: 09877348476

537. Dutta. 02.10.76, 5’-5”, 10+2, wheatish, homely. Contact:-Shri Satish Dutta H. No. 53, Opp. ITI, Labour Colony, Workshop Road, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana). Ph: 01732-250541, Mob: 09877348476.

538. Dutta (Non-Manglik). 10.10.83, 5’-4”, B. Com, Computer Course, , working in MNC in Ghaziabad, earning Rs. 5000/ to Rs. 6000/- p.m., fair, slim, well-versed in house-hold affairs. Suitable match from a middle class family, preferably from Delhi/NCR, desired. Early Marriage. Contact: Shri Brij Mohan Dutta. Mob: 9412006506.

539. Datta (Non-Manglik). 11.06.79, 5’-5”, fair, B.Sc. (Medical), B.A.M.S. (Nashik), working as a Doctor (BAMS) (on Contract), under the National Rural Health Mission of J&K State, salary Rs-10000/- p.m. Boy (Medico or any other at par) within J&K State desired. Contact: Shri Pawen Inder Nath Datta, Kalka Nagar Katra Vaishno Devi. (J&K). Ph: 01991-233116, 9469137016, 9906246531, 9419164307, 9797306597.

540. Dutt. 14.10.84, 5’-2”, Convent-educated, MBA, fair, beautiful. Contact: Shri Ashok Dutta. Ph: 0294-2486290, Mob: 09983541025.

541. Datta. 11.06.84, 5’-2”, fair, beautiful, B.A., NTT, Computer Course, homely, well- versed in house-hold affairs. Simple family. Teetotaler match from Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Chandigarh, Karnal or Kurukshetra preferred. Contact: Mr. Bali. (Panipat), Ph: 0180-2689693, Mob: 09813380089.

542. Dutta. 09.10.84, 5’-1”, 10+2, homely. Contact: Ram Nagar, Delhi. Phone: 011-22135110.

543. Mohan. June 1984, 5’-2”, Convent-educated, LLB, working in a reputed Law firm. Top Executive in the Corporate Sector, or from the Services, from an equivalent status family desired. Contact: Mob: 09915093634.

544. Vaid. 30.01.78. 5’-5½”, slim, fair, smart, B.A, NTT, Basic Computer Course, Teacher in a Public School at Jalandhar. Vegetarian match, employed in the Government/Public Sector Service, or Businessman, from Punjab, Himachal, Haryana or Jammu desired. Contact: Shri Ashok Vaid, 14-D, Dilbagh Nagar, Jalandhar City. Ph: 0181-2258959, 2258759, Mob: 9417962101.

545. Vaid. 21.07.77, 4’-10”, B.A, teaching in a private school. Contact: Shri Rajiv Vaid. Mob: 9868985416.

546. Vaid (Manglik). 06.05.84, 5’-2”, B.Sc., B.Ed., pursuing M.Ed. Vegetarian, teetotaler match desired. Contact: Er. Mahesh Chander Vaid, 554-A, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu-180004. Ph: 0191-2436506, Mob: 09419139119.

547. Vaid. 07.11.84, 5’-4”, B.A (D.U), Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communications, one-year Basic Computer Course, working in Standard Chartered Bank. Boy from NCR only desired. Contact: Shri Naresh Chand Vaid. Mob: 9868371428.

548. Sharma (Mother-nee-Chhibber) (Manglik). 01.07.85, 5’-0’’, Undergraduate, homely. Contact: Chhibber Mob: 9868371706.

549. Sharma (Mother-nee-Dutta). 08.03.82, 5’-2”, 10+2, NTT, Computer Course, Teacher in a Convent School (Qudia), Punjab. Contact: Smt. Vandana Sharma (Qudia). Mob: 09855219863 or Smt. Lata Sharma (Delhi) Mob: 09871476579.


The matrimonial get–together is now being held quarterly, i.e., once in three months. The last get-together was held on the 28th September 2008 at the Mohyal Bhawan, EG-29-30-30A, Inderpuri, New Delhi - 110012.

No get-together was held at the Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi, in December 2008, in view of the 3rd Grand Matrimonial Mela, organized at the Mohyal Foundation, New Delhi., on the 14th December 2008.

The next quarterly match-making get-together will be held on the 29th March 2009 (last Sunday of March 2009) at 11.00 AM at the Mohyal Bhawan, EG-29-30-30A, Inderpuri, New Delhi-110012. All those, who are desirous of finding a suitable match for their ward(s), are advised to attend the get-together, where, not only lists of suitable boys and girls will be available, but their parents/guardians will be at hand for preliminary discussions. It will be better if the parents/guardians bring photos & horoscopes of the boys/girls concerned, at the get-together.

Mrs. Amba Bali, Convener
GMS Matrimonial Committee
Bk. DR Chhibber, Secretary
Match Making Committee



KULDEEP RAJ DUTTA WEDS SHWETA: The marriage of Kuldeep Raj Dutta s/o the late Sh. Ramesh Kr. Datta and Smt. Sunita Datta of Lajwanti Garden, an active member of MS Janakpuri, with Km. Shweta d/o Smt. & Sh. Som Prakash Bali of Uttam Nagar, was solemnized on the 7th Dec., 08.

The marriage ceremony was performed in a most serene manner, attended by relatives and friends from both sides. The couple was blessed by one and all.

Shri Kuldeep Raj Datta, has presented Rs. 101/- to GMS, on this happy occasion.

MAMTA WEDS SUNNY: Mamta d/o Smt. Swaran Bali & Shri Subhash Bali of Fateh Nagar, New Delhi and grand daughter of the late Smt. Raj Kaushlya Bali and the late Sh. Moti Ram Bali and sister of Shri Gunit Bali (Vicky) residing in London (U.K.) tied the nupital knots on the 7th Dec. 2008, with Sunny Datta s/o Shri Rajinder Kumar & Smt. Shammi and grandson of the late Sh.Hari Chander & the late Smt. Karam Devi of Subhash Nagar, New Delhi.

On this occasion, the parents of Mamta donated Rs. 201/- to the GMS.

SHIVANI WEDS KOSHAL BALI: The marriage of Shivani d/o Smt. Geetanjali and Shri Manmohan Chhibber, with Koshal Bali s/o Smt. Kamlesh Bali and the late Shri Mohiendar Pal Bali of Rajouri (J&K), was celebrated on the 13th Oct., 08. On this happy occasion, Shri Manmohan Chhibber donated Rs. 201/- to GMS and Rs. 101/ to MS Kathua. Congratulation to the Chhibber family.

First Marriage Anniversary
The first marriage anniversary of Rohit Vaid and Ruchi Vaid was celebrated on the 4th Dec. 2008.

On this happy occasion, Smt. Dropidi Vaid and Sh. K.L. Vaid (B3B/52C, Janakpuri), have donated Rs.101/- to GMS and Rs. 251 to MS Janakpuri. Shri K.L. Vaid is actively associated with MS Janakpuri as its Life Member for the last many years. He is a member of the present Working Committee of the sabha.

Wedding Anniversary

We, Mrs. Anita Dutta and Capt. Manoj Dutta, Commercial Pilot with Air India, residing at J-51, Jalvayu Vihar, Sector-25, Noida, are celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary on 1st March, 09.

These Sixteen years of our marriage had been a great bonding and achievement period. Anita after pursuing her career for 20 long years opted to be a homemaker to give complete attention to our daughter, Dhriti Dutta. Dhriti is 14 years old and is studying in 9th standard in Amity International School. She is a lovable child.On this occasion, we are donating Rs. 251/- to GMS and Rs. 251/- to MS Noida.

Silver Jubilee Marriage Anniversary
On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebration of the marriage of Maj. Deepak & Mrs. Ruby Mehta, Shri Jagmohan Lal Mehta, Dutta Building, Raigarh Bara Civil Lines Raipur (CG), Tel.: 0771-2224595, 2234595, has donated Rs.4000/- to GMS:-

(i) Rs.2000/- towards “Malkani Gur Devi, Malik Kanshi Ram Datt, Widow Fund Trust” taking the total to Rs.20,000; and,
ii) Rs. 2000/- towards “Smt. Krishna Kumari Datta, Jagmohan Lal Mehta Education Trust” taking the total to Rs. 20,000/-.

Marriage Anniversary
Smt. Nirmala Mohan and Capt. A.N. Mohan, r/o Q-16, Hakikat Nagar, Saharanpur-247001 (U.P.) celebrated their 54th Marriage Anniversry on Jan. 28, 2009, in a simple manner. Pooja and Havan were performed in the morning and prayers offered to Almighty for the well-being, health and prosperity of all.

On this occasion, Rs.500/- were donated by them to GMS Education Fund.


The 41st Wedding Anniversary of Bakshi B.L. Chhibber, IRS (Retd.), Member Income Tax Appelate Tribunal, Vice-President of GMS and his better half Mrs. Janak Chhibber, Life Member GMS, was celebrated on 08.02.2009 during GMS Managing Committee Meeting at Mohyal Foundation, New Delhi. The couple exchanged traditional matrimonial garlands amidst thunderous applause by members present and blessings and good wishes from Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali and other brothers and sisters who all wished them a long happy married life by the grace and benign blessings of the Almighty Lord God. The graceful and gracious couple expressed profound gratitude to everybody and hosted a sumptuous lunch to the august gathering. The couple are flanked by Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Secretary GMS Istri Wing and Bk. N.D. Datta of Mohyal Mitter. The couple are blessed by a son, an eminent Advocate, and a daughter an I.A.S. Officer.

32nd Wedding Anniversary

The 32nd wedding anniversary of Maj. Gen. (Retd.) K.K. Bakshi and Mrs. Kumud Bakshi was celebrated on the 5th Feb., 2009 at U-18/28, DLF, Phase-III, Gurgaon. On this occasion, all near and dear ones greeted the couple.




Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Office of Sh. Davinder Bali, Patron of the sabha.
Attendance: 11-12 members including ladies
In Chair: Not indicated.

The meeting started with a welcome from the Chair.


Some members enquired about the status of widow pensions and student financial help for the financial year 2008-09 and also the procedure for the same. Sh. Puneet Dutta informed them that the forms have been sent to GMS.

Shri Anil Dutta, Secretary Youth Affairs informed about the reply from MERIT regarding opening a branch in Amritsar. Members were very keen to have the Computer Centre in Amritsar for the benefit of the Mohyal youth.

Shri Subash Bali again emphasized the need for strengthening the sabha and taking measures to improve the attendance in the monthly meetings.

Matrimonial lists of the Mohyal Matrimonial Mela held at New Delhi were shared with the families seeking suitable matches for their wards.

Anil Dutta suggested organisation of some sports events among the Mohyal Sabhas in Punjab to create awareness in the members of the community. This would also help in making the fraternity come closer to each other. This suggestion was applauded by the members. It was decided to hold a Blood Donation Camp first and then a Cycle Rally against the monster of drugs and girl child murders.

Events: (1) MS Amritsar celebrated Republic Day at the residence of Sh. Mohan Dutta, President.

As he is away to USA, the National Flag was hoisted by Shri Anil Dutta Secretary, Youth Affairs, Sh. Puneet Dutta and Sh. Davinder Bali. Sweets were distributed to the members present.

(2) Shri Anil Dutta informed the members that the Annual Mela of Baba Thakar Ji Maharaj (Jathere of Dutts) was celebrated/organised on the eve of Basant Panchami at Gurdaspur and about 35 Dutts from Amritsar had gone there to pay their respect to Baba Thakar ji.

The meeting was adjourned for the next month by the Chair. Tea and snacks were served.

Anil Dutta
Secretary Youth Affairs


Date: 21st Dec. 2008
Venue: R/o Dr. S.C. Dutta, E-21 Ashok Vihar, Phase-I, Delhi-52.
Attendance: 8 members
In Chair: Dr. S.C. Dutta.

Dr. Dutta welcomed the members to the meeting.

At the outset, members paid homage to Dr. R.K. Mehta (Chhibber) on his sad demise on the 9th Sept.,08. Dr. Mehta was a very sincere, active and senior member of the sabha.

Mr. Vinay Dutta, Secretary informed the house about the overwhelming attendance of the Biradari at the 4th Mohyal Diwas and 3rd Matrimonial Mela organized by GMS on 9th Nov., 08 and 14th Dec. 08, respectively. Members appreciated the efforts of GMS under the leadership of Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali and wished for all round progress of GMS and the Biradari.

Three donations for Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar Langar Fund were received and the Secretary was requesrted to hand over the same to GMS.

Members were also informed about the proposed Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan. They expressed happiness for this new feather in the GMS cap. Donation from the sabha for the Ashram was also discussed. In this regard, it was recalled that the sabha had donated for a room for the Mohyal Ashram at Haridwar also but no Donor Card has been issued to the sabha by the GMS. Members were of the view that a donor is a donor whether an individual or a sabha/club. Members desired that a letter may be sent to GMS in this regard and decided to raise this issue in the monthly meeting of the GMS.

Members suggested that monthly meetings of the sabha should be held regularly on the 1st Sunday of every month as per past practice. In this context, Mr. Deepak Chhibber suggested to fix a place where these meetings could take place. Members welcomed the suggestion and it was decided to locate a suitable place for future meetings.

Matter regarding printing of latest Mohyal Directory of Ashok Vihar area was also discussed. It was informed by Mr. Deepak that the same will be finalized by the end of Jan. ‘09.

Dr. S.C. Dutta informed that he will be leaving for USA on the 28th Dec.,08, for 6 months, for University/Academic Project work. He desired that Sh. P.C. Mehta, who will be back from USA in the last week of Jan.09, may be requested to act as President in his absence. Members wished Dr. Dutta all the best for his US Mission.

All the members wished a Happy and Prosperous New year 2009 for the whole of the biradari.

Tea and snacks were served to members and the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to Dr. Dutta.

Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: R/o Sh. W.N. Chhibber, 92B, Frist Floor, DDA LIG Flats, Ashok Vihar-III, Delhi-52.
Attendance: 12 members
In Chair: Shri P.C. Mehta, Acting President.

The minutes of the last meeting held on 21st Dec. 08 were read out and confirmed.

Sad News: Bakshi Dev Raj Vaid s/o the late Sh. Devi Dutta Mal Vaid and the late Smt. Parvati Devi Vaid expired on the 26th Dec. 08. His Kriya was performed on the 5th Jan., 09. House expressed heartfelt condolences and observed one minute silence. He was the father of Sh. Tony Bakshi, Treasurer of the sabha. Family donated Rs.500/- each to GMS and the sabha.

Good News: (1) Sh. P.C. Mehta and Smt. Kamlesh Mehta were blessed with a grandson, Aayush, a son to Mr. Abhishek Mehta and Ms. Shikha Mehta, on the 13th Oct., 2008, in New York USA. Members congratulated them. They donated Rs.500/- to GMS, on this happy occasion.

(2) Shri Rakesh Mehta donated Rs.100/- to the sabha on the birthday of his mother, Smt. Shanti Mehta. Members congratulated her and wished her a happy and prosperous life.

(3) Shri Deepak Chhibber s/o Sh. W.N. Chhibber and Smt. Shakuntla Chhibber and Smt. Shashi Chhibber were blessed with a grand daughter, Nyonika a daughter to Mr. Prince and Priyanka Banga. Members congratulated them. They donated Rs.251/- to the sabha on this happy occasion.

Managing Committee for 09: Shri Tony Bakshi and Sh. Deepak Chhibber were requested to take over as Treasurer and PRO/Auditor of the sabha, respectively. They both accepted the responsibility. Members thanked them and thereafter the list of the Managing Committee members for 2009 was finalized.

Other News: 1. GMS has invited the biradari to attend the Bhoomi Pujan and Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan on the 14th Feb., 09. Members were requested to attend the function in large numbers.

2. House approved the sending of annual affiliation fee of Rs.200/- to GMS, along with list of Managing Committee members (finalized at the meeting) and a copy of Mohyal Directory (for members’ list).

3. GMS has called for Survival Certificates of the widows to whom financial aid is being given by them. Secretary informed that action is being taken in the matter.

4. Shri P.C. Mehta and Sh. Rakesh Mehta paid Rs.50/- each towards the annual subscription of Mohyal Mitter.

Annual Membership: It was decided to launch a drive for annual membership @ Rs.100, per family, by personally visiting the members. Eight members present at the meeting paid their membership fee to the Treasurer. Sh. W.N. Chhibber suggested that efforts should be made to identify Mohyal family/families living in the area but not in our membership list.

House also decided to appeal through Mohyal Mitter to the Mohyal family/families living in Ashok Vihar, Bharat Nagar, Sawan Park, Shakti Nagar Extension, Lawrence Road, Nimri Colony and JJ Colony (Wazirpur) area to come forward and become members of the sabha.

Monthly Meetings: Sh. P.C. Mehta, President, offered to hold the monthly meetings at his residence A-189, Ashok Vihar Phase-I, Delhi-52.

Printing of Directory: Shri Deepak Chhibber suggested that the directory under preparation should contain the details about GMS institutions also and Mohyal Ashram/Bhawans at various places. This was agreed to. Rates of advertisement were fixed (Full Page Rs.700/-, Half Page Rs.400/- and Quarter Page Rs.300/-). Snacks and tea were served. Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the host.

P.C. Mehta, President
Vinay Kumar Dutta, Secy.


Date: Not given
Venue: R/o Maj. K.K. Bakshi (Chhibber), 51, Teacher’s Colony, Jaipur House, Agra.
Attendance: 23 members
In Chair: Sh. Kamran Datt

After recitation of Gayatri Mantra, two minutes’ silence was observed to pay homage to the Bombay Blast victims.

Secretary informed the members about the Vrindavan Ashram Programme and requested one and all to participate in the Bhoomi Pujan to be held on 14.2.09. All present assured their participation.

Concern was expressed that in spite of all efforts, the participation in the meetings was going down day by day.

The following points were discussed in the meeting:
1. Ways to increase the annual membership-09 of the sabha.
2. Collection of Mohyal Mitter subscription.
3. Marriage and marital problems.
4. Other points.

Sh. S.P. Datt, Sh. B.K. Mohan, Sh. M.P. Mehta & Sh. K.K. Bakshi participated in the discussion.

Secretary requested everyone to mobilize one member each for participation at the Vrindavan function.

Maj. K.K. Bakshiji & family were thanked for their hospitality.

After Shantipath by Ms. Veena Bakshi, Ms. Madhu Datt, and Ms. Poonam Mohan, the meeting ended on a happy note.

Kamlesh Mehta, Secretary


Date: 8th Feb. 2009
Venue: 75 Aggarwal Complex, r/o Sh. M.S. Vaid
Attendance: 18 members
In Chair: Sh. M.S. Vaid

After Gaytri mantra uchharan, two minutes silence was observed to pay homage to the departed soul of Smt. Nirmala Dutta w/o Sh. Charanjit Dutta former President of Mohyal Youngmen’s Association Ambala Cantt, now settled at 273 Model Town Ambala City, who expired on 7.2.2009. Cremation on 8.2.09 was attended by large Mohyal biradari and neighbours.

Smt. Nirmala Dutta was a pious, God-fearing lady and a guide to all family members including her grand children she was well known among the ladies of Model Town, and was involved in “Satsang’’ and Mandir activities.

She is survived by her husband, Sh. Charanjit Dutta, three daughters, all married, and well-settled and grand children. The house prayed to Almighty God to grant peace to the departed soul of Smt. Nirmala Dutta and courage to the family to bear the great loss. Rasam Pagri was held on 10.2.2009.

Members prayed for the speedy recovery of Smt. Usha Bali, r/o 14 Subhash Nagar, who has been ill for the last two weeks.

President informed the house that forms for continuation of financial aid to widows by the GMS have been received and that the concerned widows may collect these and submit the same to GMS before 28.2.09. Only deserving cases should be recommended No false information be submitted.

HFO M.L. Dutta informed about the happy news of the Mundan ceremony of his grandson (Dohta) on the 25th Jan. ‘09 in Saurav Palace in Kanpur. On this happy occasion, he donated Rs.101/- to local sabha & Rs.251/- to GMS. All members congratulated Sh. M.L. Dutta.

The house was also informed about the Bhumi Pujan and Foundation Stone laying at Vrindavan on the 14th Feb., 09 in which six members of the sabha will be participating. GMS has been informed telephonically on 6.02.2009.

The meeting concluded with the permission of the Chair and thanks to the host family for the nice refreshments.

M.S. Vaid, President
M.L. Dutta, Secretary


Date: 7th Dec. 2008
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan, Sector-24, Chandigarh.
Attendance: 10 members
In Chair: Shri I.S. Chhibber, Acting President.

Proceedings of the meeting of the sabha held on 02.11.08 were read over and confirmed.

President felt concerned about the low attendance and desired that more and more members should attend the meetings and give their valuable suggestions for the betterment of the sabha.

Building Plan: All the formalities were complete. It was decided that the President, along with Shri Ashok Mohan, Shri Vikas Bali and Sh. Vinod Joshi (Architect) will meet the Estate Officer for getting the plan of the sabha sanctioned.

The accounts of the sabha will be completed by the next meeting in January 2009. It was unanimously decided that if the accounts were finalized by the 17th Dec., 08, the same will be brought in the next meeting for approval. If, however, the accounts were not finalized by that date, no further time will be given and the account books for the next year be got ready through the C.A. The members asked Mr. Ashok Mohan and Mr. Vikram Mehta to finalise the accounts pending for a long time so that the outstanding Income Tax Returns can be filed.

The much awaited job of preparation of the Mohyal Directory has started. The Information Slip, along with the Membership Form, had been distributed among the Mohyal families in Chandigarh and there has been a very good response. The hard work put in by the Executive Committee was appreciated. An appeal was made to the Mohyal Community to share their ideas and give suggestions for the preparation/improvement of the Mohyal Directory.

A team of 9 members of the sabha had attended the Mohyal Diwas function organized by the GMS on 9th Nov., 2008. The function was a stupendous success. The leadership of Rzd. B.D. Bali is taking GMS and the Mohyal fraternity to a level where one could have never imagined. His vision of making the Mohyals an accomplished/resourceful community is becoming a reality. He takes all Mohyals with him which helps in making a function like Mohyal Diwas a well-organized event.

The sabha thanked MS Khanna for the invitation for attending their Mohyal Mela, but due to the pre-occupation of the members of the Executive Committee, they could not attend the function.

Good News: (i) On his marriage anniversary, Sh. Inderjit Singh Chhibber, President, donated Rs.500/- to the sabha. Members conveyed their best wishes to the couple.

(ii) On the marriage of the daughter of Shri A.C. Vaid, Principal S.D. College, Chandigarh, members conveyed their best wishes to the couple.

(iii) Birthday of Aasmi Bali, grand daughter of the late Rzd. Ranbir Partap Bali and Mrs. Madhurima Bali, and daughter of Mrs. Acchra Bali and Mr. Vikas Bali, Joint Secretary MS Chandigarh was celebrated on 13th Dec., 08. On this occasion, Mr. Vikas Bali donated Rs.500 each to MS Chandigarh and GMS. Members blessed the little one.

Sad News: Shri Jagmohan Chhibber, husband of Mrs. Veena Chhibber, Ex-MLA, Ambala had expired. Members were informed about the Rasam Pagri which was held on 2nd Dec.,08 at Ambala.

Members observed two minutes silence in tribute to the departed soul. Thereafter, the members dispersed.

Date: 4th Jan. 2009
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan, Sector-24, Chandigarh.
Attendance: 9 members
In Chair: Shri I.S. Chhibber, Acting President.

Proceedings of the meeting of the sabha held on 07.12.08 were read over and confirmed.

Members conveyed their best wishes for the New Year 2009 to the Mohyal fraternity and wished that the year may bring new laurels to the community.

Members congratulated the GMS and Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali on the purchase of land at the holy place of Vrindavan.

Some new members were enrolled and were introduced by Shri Ashok Mohan, Shri Sandeep Vaid and Sh. Vikas Bali. The house approved their membership.

Accounts: As per the ultimatum given in the last meeting, Sh. Ashok Mohan and Shri Vikram Mehta provided all the necessary documents to the C.A. before the 17th Dec., 08. Due to the pre-occupation of the C.A., the balance sheet could not be prepared. On contacting C.A., it was confirmed that only the balance sheet was to be prepared which would take about a week’s time. It could then be presented in the next meeting.

Plans: Due to the holiday and pre-occupation of Sh. Vinod Joshi, Architect, meeting with the Estate Officer could not take place. The President along with Sh. Vikas Bali and Sh. Vinod Joshi (Architect) would meet the Estate Officer next week for getting the plan sanctioned.

Shri Vikas Bali informed about Sh. L.M. Mehta IAS (Retd.) being hospitalized. Members prayed to God Almighty for the speedy recovery of Sh. Mehtaji, who had done a lot for the Mohyal Community which can never be forgotten.

Shri V.K. Vaid, S.P. Commandant, Ludhiana donated Rs. 11000/-, on getting an extension of service of one year on the basis of his excellent service record. Members congratulated Sh. Vaid. This donation meant a lot to the sabha as it has come at the start of the New Year and that too in the first meeting of the year 09.

Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan, Sector-24, Chandigarh.
Attendance: 7 members
In Chair: Sh. I.S. Chhibber, Acting President.

Proceedings of the meeting of the sabha held on 4.01.2009 were read over and confirmed.

Members congratulated the GMS and Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali on the Bhoomi Pujan of Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan.

Accounts: Balance Sheets of the pending years were ready and some alterations/corrections/additions were to be done before submitting. Mr. Ashok Mohan promised that the needful will be done before the next meeting.

Building Plan: Sh. Vinod Joshi (Architect) informed that the revised building plan of the sabha has been submitted to the Estate Officer and it will take about 10 days for its approval if no more objections are raised.

Sh. Vikas Bali donated Rs. 500/- on being appointed as Standing Counsel for the Union of India and of Rs.500/-, on the occasion of his marriage anniversry. Members congratulted Sh. Vikas Bali.

It was decided that a delegation of 8 persons will attend the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan to be held on the 14th Feb., 09. Shri Ashok Mohan, along with other members, will attend the function for which it was resolved that a Qualis/Tavera car will be hired and the expenses of the same will be equally shared by the sabha and the members willing to go. It was further decided that Rs. 5100/- be donated by MS Chandigarh to GMS on the occasion of Bhoomi Pujan, as its token contribution for making another dream of the Mohyal fraternity come true.

Sad News: Smt. Pushpa Datta w/o Sh. Raj Kumar Datta, r/o H.No.3412/1, Sector-40D, Chandigrh had expired . Rasam Pagri would be on the 9th Feb., 09 at Sector-40A, Chandigarh.

Members observed two minutes silence in honour of the departed soul. Thereafter, the members dispersed.

I.S. Chhibber, President
Ashok Mohan, Secretary
Vikas Bali, Jt. Secretary



Date: Jan. 2009
Venue: R/o Dr. Kamal Ratan Vaid (retired principal) DBS Degree College.
Attendance: 18 members
In Chair: Sh. Rajeev Dutt, President.

The point regarding enrolling lady members to increase the strength at the monthly meetings was discussed. Some members were of opinion that since ladies were busy at home and also had to serve their in-laws, it would be difficult for them to attend the meetings. It was decided to have the meetings post-lunch on a trial basis.

Dr. Kamal Ratan Vaid informed that Maj. S.K. Dutt from Toronto, who was in regular touch with the sabha had extended his good wishes to the new team of the sabha.

Members were of the opinion that ‘Annual Mohyal Milan’ be held along with All India Mohyal Milan which should be hosted by MS Dehradun. Sh. N.K. Dutt ex-President stated that representatives from MS Dehradun should go personally and fix the date and venue for the same. It had earlier been held at Ram Tirath Ashram in 1981.

Tributes were paid to Shri Dev Dutt Bali, well-known social worker of Dehradun City, and Smt. Gulshan Mehta, mother-in-law of Air Marshal B.N. Bali, by observing two minutes silence.

Shri Jagmohan Bali donated Rs.500/-, in memory for Sh. D.D. Bali, and Smt. Veena Mohan donated Rs.2500/- to MS Dehradun on the 1st death anniversary of her husband, the late Sh. L.K. Mohan.

Smt. & Dr. Kamal Ratan Vaid hosted a delicious lunch for the members. Shri Rajesh Mohan thanked the couple on behalf of the sabha. Shri Kamal Ratan Vaid donated Rs.1100/- to the sabha.

Rajesh Mohan
General Secretary


Date: 14th Sept. 2008
Venue: Residence of Smt. Rupali Mehta and Rajeev Mehta, Poly Pather, Triveni Green Residency, Jabalpur.
Attendance: 24 members including ladies & children.
In Chair: Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.) President.

The minutes of the last meeting held on 17 Aug.,08 were read out and confirmed.

Patron Shri S.C. Datt (Sr. Advocate), while conveying his sympathy to the flood victims of Bihar, requested the members to help the victims. Members agreed and decided to send clothes to the victims. Sh. S.K. Chhibber, Secretary and Sh. T.R. Mehta (ex-President) agreed to collect the clothes and arrange to send these by Relief Train.

Shri S.K. Chhibber, Secretary informed that Sh. K.G. Vaid, Secretary MS Khamaria has invited the sabha members to participate in the celebration of the 4th Mohyal Diwas on 21st Sept. 08, together, at Khamaria West Land Club. All members agreed to partake in the joint celebrations at Khamaria, as per their programme.

Tambola & Kitty: A game of Tambola was played and enjoyed by all. Money collected for Kitty by Smt. Pramilla Mehta was given to Smt. Rupali Mehta w/o Sh. Rajeev Mehta, the host.

Punctuality Prize: Shri S.K. Chhibber, Secretary won the prize, which was presented to him by Dr. S.P. Bakshi (ex-Patron of MS Jabalpur).

The hosts, Smt. Rupali Mehta & Shri Rajeev Mehta, distributed to all members. ??????????????????????and a booklet on ????????which shows the importance of Tulsi.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the hosts, Smt. & Shri Rajiv Mehta and the Chair, after Shanti Path.

Date: 12th Oct. 2008
Venue: R/o Shri S.K. Chhibber, Secretary 157, Adarsh Nagar, Narbadda Rd. Jabalpur.
Attendance: 24 members including ladies & children.
In Chair: Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.) President.

Proceedings to the last meeting in Sept.08 were confirmed.

Shri S.K. Chhibber informed the house regarding the celebration of 4th “Mohyal Diwas” on the 21st Sept.08 at Khamaria Staff Club by MS Khamaria on invitation, members of MS Jabalpur also had participated with families. The programme was organised very well starting with Hawan and Mohyal Prarthana.

The elders above 75 yers of age of both the sabhas were honoured by garlanding and presenting of bouquets to them.

Shri D.P. Bali, Vice-President thanked and welcomed the members of MS Jabalpur.

President MS Jabalpur, Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.), thanked MS Khamaria, on behalf of MS Jabalpur for organising the ‘Mohyal Diwas’ function nicely which was much appreciated by members present, who enjoyed Variety Entertainment and the tasty lunch.

Prayers for early Recovery: Members were informed that Dr. S.P. Bakshi (Ex-Patron of Jabalpur Sabha) had been hospitalized due to viral sickness.

The elder brother of Sh. K.L. Mehta IPS also was seriously ill, due to heart problem and had been taken to South Hospital for treatment by Shri K.L Mehta.

House prayed for their good health and early recovery.

Tambola & Monthly Kitty: A game of Tambola was played and Kitty draw was taken. A sum of Rs.6000/- was presented to the lucky winners.

Punchuality Prize: Smt. Rupali Mehta w/o Shri Rajeev Mehta won this award which was presented to her by Smt. Vimla Chhibber.

The meeting ended with Shanti Path and a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts for their kind hospitality.

Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.)
S.K. Chhibber, Secretary


Date: 14th Jan. 2009
Venue: Residence of Shri Naveen Datta
Attendance: 45 incl. children.
In Chair: Maj. J.K. Chhibber (Retd.), President.

President wished the members Happy New Year. He also informed the members about the receipt of New Year card from Merit and MS Ambala. Proceedings of last month’s meeting were confirmed. The cashier was requested to give the details of accounts in every meeting.

GMS Permanent Membership: The President again raised the question of permanent membership of GMS by Jodhpur Mohyal Sabha members and requested the following members to apply for permanent membership to which they agreed:-
(1) Wg. Cdr. Anil Bali (2) Munish Bali (3) Sanjeev Bali.

Secretary was asked to provide them with the Forms if he has or request GMS for a set of Forms. Kitty draw was taken and a sum of Rs.2200/- each was presented to Smt. Neelam Bali and Smt. Geeta Bakshi. A game of Tambola was also played.
The meeting ended with Shanti Path and loud shouts of Jai Mohyal. Before leaving every one thanked Mrs. Naveen Datta for the nice treat laid by her.

Maj. J.K. Chhibber (Retd.)


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan Jammu
Attendance: Largely attended
In Chair: Sh. N.L. Bakshi President.

House confirmed the minutes of the last meeting.
House observed two minutes’ silence for the departed souls of the late Smt. Ramesh Bakshi (Chhibber) wd/o the late Bk. Isher Singh Chhibber, Justice (Retd.), (Ex-President of the sabha), r/o Kali Jani, Jammu and the late Prof. Janak Mohan wd/o the late Sh. Krishan Lal Mohan r/o Parade, Jammu.

Sh. S.N. Chhibber presented the Income and Expenditure Statement for the month of Jan. 09, which was passed by the house.

Sh. N.L. Bakshi had presided over the Mohyal family get-together, on 11.1.09 on the 117th anniversary of the Foundation Day (11th Jan. 1892) of the sabha. He had highlighted the sabha’s achievements as also the honour of holding three All India Mohyal Conferences in 1906, 1936 and 1977.

In the get-together, group discussions had also been held. One group (of gents) was led by Dr. S.P. Vaid, Vice-President and the other group (of ladies) was led by Dr. Kusum Mehta, Ladies Wing Incharge.

The recommendations of the groups were discussed in the meeting, one by one, and will be in the agenda of the next meeting also, before coming to a conclusion.

More than hundred members had participated in the get-together, which concluded in a delicious Preeti Bhoj enjoyed by all. The Ladies Wing also has decided to have monthly meetings every month on the last Sunday of the month.

Dr. S.P. Vaid proposed that on Sunday the 8th Feb. ‘09, an informal meeting be held at the residence of Sh. Narain Bali at Vikas Nagar, Jammu, which was approved. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair and to the members.

Bhim Sen Bali, Secretary


Date: 11th Jan. 2009
Venue: R/o Sh. Hari Sharan Datta, (C4C/115, Janakpuri), Executive Member.
Attendance: 14 members
In Chair: Sh. B.M Datta, President.

Confirmation of Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 14th Dec., 08 were read out and confirmed with some minor corrections:

On a suggestion from some members, it was decided to send the minutes for publication in the MM only after confirmation in the next meeting.

Good News: Shri R.K. Bali donated Rs.151/- on the happy occasion of his birthday falling on 5th Dec.

Sad News: Members observed two minutes’ silence in the memory of the late Smt. Asha Mohan w/o Sh. O.P. Mohan, President MS Rohini, and elder brother of Sh. K.N. Mohan (C2/319, Janakpuri), who expired on 24.12.08. Kriya ceremony held on 27th Dec., 08 in Aggarwal Bhavan, Prashant Vihar, was attended by Sh. B.M. Datta, Sh. Satish Chand Bakshi, Sh. Sandeep Datta and Sh. Hari Sharan Datta, on behalf of MS Janakpuri.

Prayer for Speedy Recovery: The members wished and prayed for the speedy recovery of Smt. Shakuntala Chhibber, Member Working Committee, who is still undergoing treatment at a Noida Hospital.

Greetings for New Year: The Secy. informed that, as discussed in the last meeting, the sabha has extended New Year Greetings to all its members. The members, who were meeting for the first time in the New Year, also exchanged New year greetings.

Istri Wing of the Sabha: The President apprised the members that, with a view to setting-up an Istri Wing of the sabha, a meeting of the Mohyal ladies of Janakpuri was convened on the 3rd Jan. 2009 at the residence of Smt. Sharda Datta at A-3/12, Janakpuri. The meeting was also attended by President Sh. B.M. Datta, Vice-President, Sh. K.K. Bali, Secretary Sh. Satish Chand Bakshi and PRO Sh. Sandeep Datta. It was noted that some of the Mohyal ladies of Janakpuri were already meeting once a month, for the past many years, by holding Kitty Party. It was emphasized that the members of the Kitty, who have joined in the fresh batch commencing from Jan. 09, be requested to actively collaborate in the activities of the sabha and suggest special programmes they would like to organise under the banner of MS Janakpuri as its Ladies Wing.

Mohyal Bhawan: Members discussed the question of having a separate Mohyal Bhavan Fund account which should be reflected separately in the Sabha’s accounts. It was emphasized by some members that, while efforts to acquire land from DDA may continue, the collection of funds for the Mohyal Bhavan should be taken up vigorously so that the sabha was in a position to have good amount at its disposal when the land issue takes final shape.

Monthly Accounts: It was decided that the Cashier may be requested to place the monthly statement of income/expenditure for the information of the members.

Bhoomi Pujan & Laying of Foundation Stone of Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan: The President Sh. B.M. Datta and Sh. Sandeep Datta, PRO, who had attended the GMS meeting on 11.01.09, i.e. on the same day of our meeting in the morning, informed that the GMS has decided to hold the Bhoomi Pujan and Foundation Stone laying ceremony of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan on 14.02.09 for which the GMS will send a communication to all the sabhas. Meanwhile, it was agreed to take steps to request members of the sabha to attend the ceremony in large numbers. It was also decided to request the members to contribute Rs. 400/- per person as transportation cost to Vrindavan.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair and to the hostesses Smt. Urmil Datta and Km. Manisha Datta for their kind hospitality. A bouquet was presented to the hosts by Sh. Sandeep Datta, PRO, on behalf of the sabha.

K.K. Bali, Vice-President
S.C. Bakshi, Secretary


Date: 31st Jan. 2009
Venue: R/o Sh. S.K. Bali, 11/26, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.
Attendance: No figure
In Chair: Sh. S.K Bali, President.

Two minutes’ silence was observed to condole the sudden death of Smt. Shakuntla Datta, a veteran Mohyal, and mother of Sh. Arun Dutta, Secy. of the sabha. Sh. Dutta donated Rs.500/- to the sabha.

It was agreed that efforts should be made to personally contact all the Mohyals living in Jaipur and to launch a membership drive. It was also decided that, since the school exams were approaching, the membership drive be started after the exams were over.
The meeting concluded with light refreshments and thanks to the Chair.

S.K. Bali, President
B.M. Bakshi, Secretary


Date: 9th Dec. 2008
Venue: Residence of Shri H.L. Vaid, N/45 Jai Prakash Nagar, Adhartal-Jabalpur.
Attendance: All members with families.
In Chair: Shri H.L. Vaid, President.

Shri K.G. Vaid, Secretary read out the minutes of the meeting held on the 8th Nov.,08 which were confirmed. Pages 307-308 of Mohyal History (Hindi by Sh. P.N. Bali) were read out by Shri B.K. Chhibber for knowledge and information.

Sports Activities: (a) The 31st Sub-Junior Volleyball Championship for boys and girls was held from 27 Nov. to 3rd Dec.08 at Maulana Azad Stadium, Jammu. 22 teams of boys and 20 teams of girls participated from different states. Teams of boys and girls from Karnataka won the finals defeating Manipur and Kerala Teams of boys and girls, respectively.

Shri Satish Bali, member of MS Khamaria, represented as Manager of Girls’ Team of M.P. State. He also took the team to the Vaishno Devi Shrine.

(b) The 14th DGQA (Deptt. of Defence Production) Inter Zonal Carrom and Table Tennis tournaments were held from 1-5 Dec.08 in GCF, Sr. Staff Club Jabalpur. Shri Manoj Bali of MS Khamaria won the Singles Title.

It was a matter of great pleasure to know that Kum. Nidhi Bali, daughter of Smt. and Shri Naresh Bali, and Kum. Divya Datta, daughter of Smt. & Sh. C.M. Datta have successfully completed MBA Course obtaining 74%, and 72% marks, respectively. Both the girls are extremely brilliant with exemplary manners and etiquette. In the very first shot, they had been selected and have joined in IDBI and TCS, respectively.

Their parents were once again congratulated by the members and their families. Members noted with great shock about the Terrorist Attack on 26 Nov.08 in Mumbai. Homage was paid to those who lost their lives in the attack. The Punctuality Award was won by Shri Satish Bali. The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair and the hosts after Shanti-Path. Hosts, Smt. & Shri H.L. Vaid, served lunch to the participants.

H.L. Vaid, President
K.G. Vaid, Secretary


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan Karnal.
Attendance: 13 members
In Chair: Gulshan Vaid, President.

Felicitations: The President Sh. Gulshan Vaid, congratulated the members of the Sub-Committee for the carrying out their assigned duties very well, which resulted in the grand success of the Mohyal Milan. He thanked the members for their co-operation and desired that it should be maintained at all times.

Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan: The President informed the house that the Bhoomi Pujan and the Foundation Stone laying ceremony would be held on 14.2.2009. He was of the view that 6 to 8 members should participate. All those, who wished to join, must give details to the Secretary by the 6th of Feb. 09, so that necessary arrangements for their conveyance could be made. The sabha will bear the travelling expenses.

Widow Pension: The President informed that the annual life verification for the continuance of assistance from GMS is due. Mehta Raj Kumar Mohan was requested to visit the houses of the widow sisters concerned and get the forms signed, so as to enable the sabha to send the forms to GMS well in time.

Accounts: The accounts for the month of Jan. 2009 were presented. The President informed the house that, after paying all the outstanding bills of Mohyal Milan, the sabha has bank balance to the tune of Rs.1,29,568.10 which was greeted with thunderous applause.

Presidents’ Tenure: The tenure of the sitting President was recommended to be extended by two years in the Mohyal Milan held on 25.1.09 (which is akin to a conference of the sabha) and the same was approved. Sh. Gulshan Vaid thanked the members for reposing confidence in him and assured that he would keep up the tempo and try to maintain the same to the best of his ability.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks and cup of tea.

Gulshan Vaid, President
Rajender Bali, Gen. Secy.


Date: 8th Feb. 2009
Venue: Matt Mandir
Attendance: 9 members
In Chair: Sh. Ajay Bali, President.

The minutes of the last meeting held on the 2nd Nov. 08 were read out by the Secretary and confirmed. The meeting of the sabha could not held during Dec., 08 and Jan.09, due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan: The President informed the house that it was a matter of great pleasure for the Mohyal Community that our Apex Body, the GMS is constructing Mohyal Ashram at “Shri Krishan Janma Bhoomi’’ Vrindavan. The Bhoomi Pujan and Foundation Stone laying ceremony will be performed by Rzd. B.D Bali, worthy President GMS, on the 14th Feb., 09. Members conveyed their felicitations and good wishes to the GMS for creating another milestone in the Mohyal History. Members requested Sh. Sardari Lal Dutta, Secretary to represent MS Kathua at the functions.

Happy News: The marriage of Deepak Vaid s/o Smt. & Shri Om Parkash Vaid with Ruchi d/o Smt. & Sh. Manju Bali of Chattha Jammu, was celebrated on the 29th Nov., 08. On this happy occasion, Sh. Om Parkash Vaid donated Rs. 201/- to MS Kathua.

The marriage of Saurab Dutta s/o the late Rajesh Dutta and Smt. Suman Dutta with Pooja d/o Smt. Darshana and Sh. Balu Ram Sharma of Budhi was celebrated on the 8th Dec., 2008. On this happy occasion, Smt. Suman Dutta donated Rs. 251/- to MS Kathua.

Congratulations to the newly wedded and their families from MS Kathua.

Sad News: Smt. Satya Bali w/o Sh. Krishan Lal Bali left for her heavenly abode on the 10th Dec., 08. Uthala was performed on the 22nd Dec., 08, attended by Biradari members, relatives and friends.

Two minutes’ silence was observed and it was prayed to the Almighty to grant peace to the departed soul and courage to the Bali family to bear this irreparable loss.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Sardar Lal Dutta, Secretary


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Pindi Dyal Dharmshala, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.
Attendance: 19 members
In Chair: Sh. Amolak Singh Dutta, President.

Letter received from the GMS regarding Bhoomi Pujan Ceremony for the construction of Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan on 14.02.2009 was read out.

The President requested the members to participate in the same. It was also decided to donate Rs. 11000/- for this purpose, by the Mohyal Sabha, Ludhiana.

Happy News: The birthday of Master Rahul Dutta s/o Sh. Sushil Kumar Dutta, H.No.73, New Aman Nagar, near Jalandhar Bye Pass, Ludhiana, was celebrated on 18.01.09. The house congratulated the happy parents. Shri Sushil Kumar Dutta donated Rs. 101/- each to GMS and MS Ludhiana.

The meeting concluded with the permission of the Chair and thanks to Sh. Balram Mehta for arranging tea and snacks.

Amolak Singh Dutta


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: B-64, Defence Colony, Meerut.
Attendance: No figure
In Chair: Col. S.K. Vaid (Retd.) President.

The members observed two minutes’ silence to pay homage to the following members of the biradari who passed away recently:-

(i) Smt. Sushila Devi w/o the late Mehta Uttam Chand Mohan, Fruit Merchant of Rawalpindi and Azadpur Mandi, Delhi, who left for her heavenly abode on the 27th Dec. 08. The kriya ceremony was performed on 6.1.09 at their residence at 5/10, Roop Nagar, Delhi. She was a pious and simple lady. She was the daughter of the late Rzd. Moti Ram Bali of Turkwal Distt. Rawalpindi, and is survived by two sons and four daughters, all married and well settled. May her soul rest in peace and family members be granted strength and fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. She was the mother-in-law of Sh. Bharat Bhushan Bali, a Sr. Member of the sabha.

(ii) Mehta Bhoj Raj Dutta (95) left for his heavenly abode on 27.10.08 at Hoshiarpur (Pb.) where he had settled after partition. He was the son of the late Mehta Gopi Chand Dutta of Khanpur Tehsil Chakwal Distt. Jhelum, and uncle (Chacha) of Sh. K.L. Mehta, Vice-President of the sabha. Sh. K.K. Mehta recalled his association with his uncle. He stated that Sh. Bhoj Raj Dutta had joined the Police of Sind province and served there up to 1947. Sh. K.L. Mehta had been posted to Karachi in March 1947 and joined duty there in those difficult days. He was living in Govt. Quarters at Drigh Road and Sh. Bhoj Raj, who was SHO, Karachi, used to visit him quite often.

He had been looked after very well by his uncle, who, with his wife, had showered paternal love and affection on him. He had high regard and respect for that great man and could not forget the five months he had spent in Karachi. Shri Bhoj Raj had been an active member of the team which founded the Mohyal Sabha, Karachi in 1935. He was an embodiment of Mohyaliat. He is survived by two sons, Sh. Subhash Chander Datta and Sh. Dinesh Chander Datta. May his soul rest in peace.

Col. S.K. Vaid President infomed the house about the proposed Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan and request the members to attend the foundation stone laying ceremony in large numbers. Transport arrangement will be made for the members desiring to go.

Election of the sabha was held and Lt. Col. R.K. Dutta (Retd.) r/o D-193, Pallavpuram, Meerut (Ph.: 0121-2575067) was elected President unanimously. The following Governing Body Members were re-elected:

Sr. Vice-President: Sh. K.L. Mehta, 0121-2556537, Jr. Vice-President: Maj. R.C. Dutta (Retd.), 0121-2620291,

Genl. Secretary: Capt. B.M. Bali (Retd.), 9410815082,

Auditor: Sh. Sagar Dutta, 0121-2763966,

Jt. Secy./Treasurer: Sh. I.P. Mehta, 0121-6547182.

Outgoing President Col. S.K. Vaid (Retd.) informed the house that the accounts of the sabha will be audited within a month and submitted.

There being no other point, the meeting was adjourned with thanks to the Chair and the host, Col. SK Vaid (Retd.) for serving nice tea and snacks.

Lt. Col. (Retd.) R.K. Dutta
Capt. (Retd.) Brij Mohan Bali
General Secretary


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Hall No.2, Arun Vihar Community Centre, Sector-37, Noida-201 303 (UP).
Attendance: 32 members
In Chair: Lt. Gen. (Retd.) G.L. Bakshi, PVSM, President.
Hostess: Smt. Sharda and Sh. Baldev Raj Dutta, Dutta Builders, Main Road, Vill. Nithari (Sector-31), Noida.

Confirmation of Minutes: The Secretary read out the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th Jan. 09, which were confirmed.

Condolence: The members condoled the death of Smt. Kanta, w/o Sh. Dharam Pal Dutta and mother of Sh. Sunil Kumar Dutta of Noida. She had, expired at Yamuna Nagar (Haryana) on the 16th Jan., 09.

Welcome to New Members: The President heartily greeted Smt. Anita and Capt. Manoj Kumar Dutta (Air India) on joining Noida Mohyal Sabha and also becoming life member of GMS.

Republic Day Celebration: Gen. Bakshi, President, MS Noida was invited by Sh. Kamal Datta and the management of the ‘Flora Farms and Builders’ to un-furl the National Flag on the Republic Day function, held at the premises of their Farm House situated on Noida-Greater Noida Road. There was a large gathering of elite citizens with their families from Delhi and NCR, including a good number of Mohyals from NMS. The function was well organised with games, competitions, and on-the-spot painting for children followed by a sumptuous lunch. All had thoroughly enjoyed the field day.

List of Eligible Boys and Girls for Matrimonial Purpose: The Secretary informed that the list sent by GMS was available with NMS for the benefit of community members.

Honouring the Senior Members: It was mentioned that Gp. Capt. (Retd.) B.S. Bakshi, former Secretary of NMS, had completed 75 years of age and was, therefore, eligible to be honoured by the NMS as per the norms fixed. It was pointed out that, though he was a paid member of NMS, but he had not been attending the meetings. It was decided that he would be honoured as a Senior Member of NMS, as and when he finds it convenient to attend the meeting of NMS.

Greetings: The members felicitated the following on their Birthdays/Wedding Anniversaries falling in the month.

(a) Birthdays: S/Shri V.K. Dutta (12 Feb.) and Sunil Kumar Dutta (9 Feb.) and Smt. Sharda Dutta (w/o Sh. B.R. Dutta) (2 Feb.).

(b) Wedding Anniversaries: Lt. Col. (Retd.) R.P. Bhai (21 Feb.), Smt. Neera and AVM (Retd.) R.K. Mohan (26 Feb.) and Smt. Kusum and Sh. Ram Avtar Chhibber, IPS (Retd.) (17 Feb.).

Benevolent Fund of NMS: Capt. Manoj Dutta suggested that NMS may create a ‘Benevolent Fund’ for supplementing the financial aid given by GMS to any needy Mohyal of Noida, as may be approved in the monthly meetings. The suggestion was welcomed.

Discussion on Monthly Topic: Lively discussion took place on the topic, “Can the Steps taken/initiated by the Indian Govt., so far, be considered to be an adequate response to the ‘Mumbai Terror Strike’, in terms of preventing/effectively meeting such contingencies in future.

The meeting concluded after Shanti Path, and with a vote of thanks to the Hostess and the Host for their kind hospitality and to the President for chairing the meeting, which was followed by a short game of Tambola.

B.K. Vaid, Secretary


Date: 12th Oct. 2008
Venue: R/o Smt. & Sh. S.P. Dutta H.No.716, Panchkula.
Attendance: 23 members including 10 ladies.
In Chair: Shri H.D. Bali, President.

The Secretary read out the minutes of the previous meeting which were confirmed.

The following biradari news was reported by the Secretary:-
1. Demise of Principal Sh. Ram Sarup Dutta at his Chandigarh residence. He was 85.
2. Smt. Anita Lau w/o Vice-President Sh. S.K. Lau was operated upon at PGI and is progressing well.
3. Mohyal Mitter subscription is falling due on 31.12.08 and has to be remitted to GMS.

It was suggested that bright Mohyal boys and girls should be honoured by the sabha at its meetings. It was readily accepted by all.

Shri H.D. Bali introduced the members for the benefit of all.

The meeting concluded with the Mohyal prayer and shouts of Jai Mohyal.

The hosts were thanked for their kind hospitality.

Date: Not indicated
Venue: H.No. 1057 Sec.-21, Panchkula, r/o Smt. Vijay Mohan, V-President Mahila.
Attendance: 45 members including 16 Mahila members.
In Chair: Shri H.D. Bali, President.

The Secretary read out minutes of the previous meeting held on the 12th Oct. 2008, which were confirmed.

An animated discussion followed on a suggestion that Mohyal community be broad-based to facilitate matrimonial alliances and strengthening of biradari. Lt. Gen. B.K.N. Chhibber, Sh. R.T. Mohan, Sh. K.G. Mohan and Sh. S.P. Chhibber actively participated in the discussion.

It is a fact that a large number of Mohyal boys and girls, after obtaining high professional degrees, get high profile jobs. It is but natural that they want equally qualified life partners because, for a successful marriage, it is essential that both the parties should be equally matched. Unfortunately, the parents do not advertise particulars of highly qualified boys and girls thinking that they will get married in any case, without any difficulty. As a result, a large number of such boys and girls ended up marrying outside the community. Parents keep complaining that it was difficult to find highly qualified boys and girls amongst Mohyals.

Gen. Chhibber wanted greater understanding with other Mohyal type communities such as Bhumihars, Tyagis, Chitpavans, who have been having matrimonial alliances with Mohyals in the past. In some quarters, efforts were already on to bring such communities together.

Shri R.T. Mohan dwelt upon the history of Mohyals and the cause of the present difficulties due to Muslim rule in India from 1192 onwards.

Smt. Vijay Mohan, Vice-President Mahila and hostess of the day, donated Rs.500/- to MS Panchkula, Rs.300/- MS Chandigarh, and Rs.200 to GMS in the memory of her late husband Sh. S.K. Mohan, who was himself a dedicated Mohyal.

Lt. Col. S.C. Bali donated Rs.1000/- to MS Panchkula Emergency Fund.

Smt. Vijay Mohan was thanked for her kind hospitality.

The meeting came to a close with the Mohyal prayer and shouts of Jai Mohyal.

H.D. Bali, President
Cdr. M.L. Mohan I.N. (Retd.)
General Secretary


Date: 11th Jan. 2009
Venue: 5 Navjeevan Vihar, New Delhi-17.
Attendance: 18 members
In Chair: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta
Hosts: Shri Man Mohan Mehta and Smt. Vira Mehta.

The members greeted each other and wished a happy 2009.

The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting which were confirmed. He also presented the accounts which too were passed.

The tributes to the late Shri B.D. Datta from the sabha and Prof. J.S. Bali, published in the Mohyal Mitter, were formally handed over to his daughter, Ms Protima Datta who received the same on behalf of the Datta family. Smt. Savitri Datta, our Emeritus Chairperson could not attend not having full recovered. Handing over the framed Tributes, our Senior Vice-President Maj. (Retd.) V.P. Datta stated that the services of Datta Sahib can never be forgotten and nothing can fill his void. Although printed Tribute was our desire to honour the great man, all this was being done with a heavy heart. The house wished speedy recovery to Smt. Savitri Datta so that we continue to get her blessings.

Happy News: The marriage of Rahul Dutta s/o Kapil and Kiron Dutta with Anuradha d/o Anil and Chandra Seth was solemnized at Delhi on the 8th Dec., 2008, attended by most of the members of the sabha and other community members. The house congratulated the parents and wished the newly married couple all the luck and happiness. Sh. Kapil Dutta and Smt. Kiron Dutta donated Rs. 1100/- to the sabha.

Shri Brij Mohan Mehta, who celebrated his 87th birthday on 18 Dec. 08, donated Rs.100/- to the sabha. The house congratulated him and wished him good luck and best of health.

Shri P.L. Mehta donated Rs.500/- on his birthday, celebrated on the 8th Dec. 08. The house congratulated him and wished him good luck and best of health.

Shri Man Mohan Mehta and Smt. Vira Mehta donated Rs. 2100/- on hosting this first meeting in their newly constructed house. The house congratulated them and wished them best of luck in the new house.

Sad News: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta informed all present of the sad, sudden & untimely demise of his elder brother Col. V.C. Mehta s/o the late Nardev Chander & Durgawati Mehta of Munde Mari, Chakwal. He is survived by his wife Smt. Nirmal Mehta (d/o late Advocate Motilal & Bhangwanti Mehta of Sargodha), daughters Dr. Bhavna Misra (w/o Mr. Vijay Misra), Dr. Kamna Bakshi (w/o Dr. Ashwani Bakshi) & Mrs. Sapna Pandit (w/o Mr. Ashish Pandit), grand children Tannushree Bakshi, Varonika Misra & Aryan Pandit. Col. Mehta being a 1965 War Veteran of 2nd Dogras was honoured by his Battalion, which is currently located in Delhi, by giving a Ceremonial Regimental Cremation at Brar Square, Delhi Cantt. In keeping with the true Regimental spirit, many senior ranking officers, both serving and retired, including Gen. N.C. Vij, former Chief of Army Staff, were present at the cremation. Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta donated Rs. 200/- to the sabha.

On hearing of the magnanimity depicted by the Dogras in honouring one of their War Heros, Maj. Datta, Sr. Vice-President of the sabha was moved and expressed his appreciation to the Dogras and commented that such an act can be expected only from the Army, wherein camarederie and espirit de corps are the very basis of their existence.

Other points: There were a number of social issues raised in an E-mail on female foeticide, caste, creed etc. Members felt that these issues needed detailed discussion and would be discussed in the next meeting when Bali Sahib was present. Members felt that this may form the basis for the first B.D. Dutta Memorial Lecture to be organised in Sept. 2009.

The meeting ended with the usual Urdu Poetry by Bhai K.N. Chhibber.

If was followed by a sumptuous lunch lovingly prepared by Mrs. Vira Mehta and served with utmost devotion by the family.

Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: Ma Durga Niwas B1/1321, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Attendance: 18 members
In Chair: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta
Hosts: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta & Mrs. Kamlesh Mehta.

The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting which were confirmed. He then presented the accounts which too were passed.

Happy News: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta and Smt. Kamlesh Mehta donated Rs.1000/- on having the first meeting in their new house. The house congratulated them and wished them best of luck in the new house.

Shri Brij Mohan Mehta, who celebrated his 52nd Marriage Anniversary on the 23 Jan. 09, donated Rs.100/- to the sabha. The house congratulated the couple and wished them good luck, best of health and many more anniversaries.

Other donations: Smt. Savitri Datta Emeritus President donated Rs.500/- to the sabha. Although she could not attend due to health problems, her son Anup Datta and daughter Pratima Datta attended the meeting. Shri Anup Datta informed the house that Smt. Datta was recovering. Members hoped that she may be able to be present at the next meeting.

Smt. Nirmal Mehta w/o the late Col. V.C. Mehta donated Rs.500/- to the sabha, besides other donations, in memory of her late husband Col. V.C. Mehta who expired on 06 Jan. 2009.

Other Points: The Secretary read out the letter from GMS regarding the Foundation Laying Ceremony of yet another Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan, on the 14th Feb. 09. The house was delighted to learn of this laudatory event and congratulated GMS for this. It was also decided that the sabha ought to be represented on such occasions and accordingly about 4 or 5 members would attend the function. The members were of the view that since Mohyal Ashrams are being constructed at holy places, it may be desireable for GMS to consider construction of an Ashram at Amritsar also as it is a very popular religious place close to the major hub of the Mohyal Community.

Bhai K.N. Chhibber suggested that the annual membership fee be raised from Rs.30/- to Rs.50/-. This was agreed to by the members. It was also felt that all members should opt for life membership. Accordingly the following members paid Rs.500/- for life membership:-

(a) Sh. K.N. Chhibber, (b) Sh. Ajai Datta, (c) Smt. Kamla Datta, (d) Sh. M.M. Mehta.

The meeting ended with the usual Urdu Poetry by Bhai K.N. Chhibber. It was followed by a very sumptuous lunch lovingly prepared by Mrs. Kamlesh Mehta & daughter-in-law Smt. Mamta Mehta and served with utmost devotion by the family.

M.M. Mehta
Hony. General Secretary


Date: 8th Feb. 2009
Venue: R/o Sh. A.N. Bali, A-I, Kashish Apts. Palace Road, Solan.
Attendance: 13 members
In Chair: Shri K.D. Bali, President.

Subscriptions 2009: This could not be collected due to the absence of members who have not paid. Membership renewal fee paid by 3 members, namely S/Sh. M.R. Bali, G.C. Gali and Dr. Sanjeev Dutt and Mohyal Mitter renewal fee also paid by Sh. M.R. Bali will be sent to GMS Delhi separately after completing the forms.

The point regarding venue for monthly meetings was discussed. Sh. A.N. Bali very kindly offered to bear all expenditure on tea and snacks. Members appreciated his gesture but decided that the option was also open if any member wanted to have the meeting at his residence. Wg. Cdr. I.K. Bali (Retd.) informed that he has donated Rs.11000/- for Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan.

Sh. Arun Bali, Vice-President handed over the requisite form duly filled in alongwith Rs.2100 for becoming a life member of GMS.

The meeting ended with Gayatri Mantra, after thanking the Chair and the host for the tea and snacks.

M.P. Mohan, Secretary


Date: 18th Jan. 2009
Venue: R/o Sh. Sukhdev Lau, 23 Tihar, New Delhi-18.
Attendance: 28 members and one guest from Australia.
In Chair: Sh. Sukhdev Lau, President.

Sad News: After the Mohyal prayer, two minutes’ silence was observed in tribute to the following members of the biradari who passed away recently.

1. Sh. J.C. Datta, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.
2. Smt. Chander Kanta Datta, Mahendra Park, New Delhi.
3. Sh. M.C. Bakshi, Hari Nagar, New Delhi.
4. Sh. Ramesh Datta, Fateh Nagar, New Delhi.
5. Sh. Vijay Datta brother of Smt. Madhu Bali of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Confirmation of minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were read out and confirmed. The house welcomed Sh. D.P. Bali from Australia for attending the meeting for the first time.

Shri O.P. Bakshi, Finance Secy. informed that affiliation fee has been remitted to the GMS for affiliation of the sabha for the year 2009.

The house applauded the efforts of the GMS under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali for launching another magnificent project “Mohyal Ashram at the holy city of Vrindavan.”

Renewal of annual GMS membership/Mohyal Mitter Subscription: All the members were requested to renew their annual membership of the GMS and subscription to the Mohyal Mitter for the year 2009. The members were also requested to become life members of the GMS. In this regard, application forms were distributed amongst them to facilitate the Mohyals of the area for becoming the members of the GMS. Six new members for subscription of Mohyal Mitter and GMS membership were enrolled.

Financial aid to Widows: Application forms were given to the members for distribution to the eligible needy Mohyals of the area for financial aid from GMS.

Matrimonial Services: It was decided that matrimonial services may be handled by some other members of the sabha, after consultation with Sh. C.L. Datta, who has not been keeping good health.

Wishes for speedy recovery: The house prayed for the good health and speedy recovery of Smt. Neeraj Mehta w/o Sh. V.S. Mehta, Genl. Secy., who has not been keeping good health for the last 2-3 months.

Donations: The following donations were thankfully received:
1. Rs.200/- from Sh. K.K. Datta, Vikrant Vihar on the occasion of his grandson’s birthday.
2. Rs.200/- from Sh. O.P. Bakshi on the occasion of his mother’s death anniversary.

Conclusion: The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and to the members followed by a nice lunch.

K.G. Mohan, Vice-President


Date: 1st Feb. 2009
Venue: R/o Shri M.K. Datta, Mayur Vihar, Phase-I,
Attendance: No figure
In Chair: Sh. B.K Bakshi, President.

Members remembered those who left for their heavenly abode during Jan. ‘09 and expressed solidarity with the bereaved families.

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and confirmed.

The Matrimonial list received from GMS was circulated amongst the members, who were requested to give a serious thought for alliance within the community.

The letter from GMS regarding financial aid to widows was read out and it was informed that there was no such case in our area.

The members expressed happiness to know about another Ashram coming up in Vrindavan. They were requested to attend the Bhumi Pujan, to be peformed by the Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali on 14.2.09. Mrs. Praveen Bakshi w/o Sh. B.M Bakshi President informed that she had personally seen the site and, stated that the beautiful main gate of the complex, the pathways inside, with an array of lights were a sight to be seen.

Shri M.K. Datta informed that his son, Ashwani Datta, has been promoted with a good salary increase. He also informed that the birthday of his grand son, Manav Mehta, s/o Komal & Ravi Mehta, falls on 14.2.09. The occasion was celebrated with sweets. All the members congratulated the family.

The meeting came to a happy close with the recitation of Shanti Path and vote of thanks to the Chair.

B.K. Bakshi, President
G.L. Chhibber, Genl. Secy.


The Annual Election of Mohyal Sabha Yamuna Paar, Jheel Kurenja, Delhi will be held on the 1st March, 2009 at 10.30 A.M. onwards at Sabha Bhawan, Jheel, Delhi-51.

The schedule of election is as follows:- Last date of filing nomination: 15.02.2009.

Scrutiny and withdrawal of nomination: 22.02.2009.

The filing of nominations and other information of election, will be with the Election Officer. Sh. Bansi Lal Chhibber, Presiding Officer, 115, Ram Nagar Extn., (near Krishna Nagar) Delhi-51, Ph.: 22542583, 20062678.

In case there are more than one contestant for any post, then election will be held through Secret Ballot. Otherwise election will be held by raising hands.

The election will be held for the following posts:-
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Bhawan Incharge
Bansi Lal Chhibber
Election Officer

Addition to Trusts

Ch. G.L. Datta ‘Josh’ s/o the late Ch. Manohar Lal Dutt and Smt. Vidya Vati Dutt of Kanjrur Dattan, solemnised his marriage to Sheela d/o Bakshi Girdhari Lal Chhibber and Smt. Ram Pyari Chhibber, Chief Inspector S.E. Rly. Kharagpur on 05.02.1952. ‘Josh’ Sahib was scheduled to celebrate his Golden Jubilee year of his Wedding on 5th February 2001, but strange are the ways of God. As righty said, “Man proposes, God disposes’’. The Uthala ceremony of Smt. Sheela Datta, beloved wife of Shri ‘Josh’ was performed on 5th Feb. 2001.

On this occasion of mixed ‘Joy-Sorrow’, Ch. ‘Josh’ Sahib has added Rs. 2000/- in the Trust “Ch. G.L. Datta ‘Josh’–Smt. Sheela Datta’’ and Rs. 1000/- in the Trust “Bakshi Girdhari Lal Chhibber–Smt. Ram Pyari Chhibber (Bombay)’’ and Rs. 1000/- in the Trust “Ch. Manohar Lal Dutt–Smt. Vidya Vati Dutt of Kanjrur Dattan.”

Happy Retirement

Shri Balbir Kumar Chhibber s/o the late Bhai Narinder Nath Chhibber of Kariyala (West Pakistan), settled in Joginder Nagar Distt. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, retired as Superintendent from the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board on the 30th June 2008. He had always been considered as one of the most hard working and honest employees of the department and had been a popular figure among his superiors as well as subordinates. He had been honoured a number of times by the department and Senior Officers for his devotion to duty.

This family, hailing from Kariyala, is well-known in Himachal Pradesh. His younger brother, Bhai Devender Chhibber, is XEN, National Thermal Power Corporation and another brother is S.D.O. P.W.D. National Highways in Mandi (Himachal Pradesh). His elder brother the late Bhai Rajinder Chhibber, was S.D.O. in HPSEB. His nephew is into hotel management and is Manager of a reputed hotel in Scotland.

On the retirement of her son, Balbir Chhibber, his happy mother, Smt. Soma Devi Chhibber w/o the late Narinder Nath Chhibber donated Rs.1100/- to GMS.


Mohyal Sabha Karnal celebrated its Annual Mohyal Milan at the Mohyal Bhawan on 25.1.2009 with gaiety and fervour.

Shri Gulshan Vaid, President as “Yajaman’’ performed Havan, attended by a large gathering of the fraternity.

After distribution of prasad light refreshments, Sh. O.P. Bakshi assisted by Miss Mahika, took over the stage, amid loud shouts of Jai Mohyal.

Bk. Kedar Nath Chhibber, the Chief Guest, was warmly welcomed on his arrival and garlanded by Sh. Gulshan Vaid, President and members of the Reception Committee. He was escorted to the flag post, where he hoisted the Mohyal flag.

Due to the inclement weather, the attendance in the morning was thin and, as the day progressed, the numbers increased considerably and reached more than 450 including guests.

The cultural items were performed by Mohyal children, which was the main attraction of the programme. The children gave colourful and inspiring performances including a dance recital by Ishita Vaid, which held the audience spell bound.

Shri Gulshan Vaid, President, in his welcome address, elaborated on the functioning of the sabha and particularly highlighted the success in bringing the sabha to a very sound footing and the progress made by the sabha, which could be achieved only with the co-operation of his team.

To make the community aware of the achievements of the GMS, he elaborated on the activities, and the programmes of GMS for the welfare of the community. He stated that the community should be proud about the purchase of prime land at Vrindavan by the GMS for construction of a Mohyal Ashram there, similar to the one at Haridwar, the Bhoomi Pujan of which is to be held on 14.2.2009. This was all due to the strenuous efforts of Rzd. B.D. Bali, under whose leadership the GMS has touched the sky and earned credibility all round. This landmark achievement was described by him as a Golden Chapter in the history of Mohyal Community.

The President stated that he has very high regards for Bk. Kedar Nath ji Chhibber. The Karnal biradari is impressed by his cool nature and simplicity. The President added that the Mohyal Sabha Karnal is indebted to him for his regular donations. Today also, he donated Rs.1200/- to MS Karnal.

The Chief Guest, Bk. Kedar Nath Chhibber in his address, expressed his satisfaction on the progress and the functioning of the sabha. He exhorted the Mohyals at Karnal to have positive thinking for helping the needy members. He mentioned that even though the biradari at Karnal was not rich, but we must contribute some for the noble cause. He himself donated Rs.1100/- for rendering help to such persons and stressed upon the importance of educating girls to face the world and meet any challenges boldly. He advised the creation of an atmosphere of love, and unity for the uplift of the community.

He appreciated the methodical approach in maintaining cordial relations within the community and lauded the services of the sitting President which resulted in considerable increase in the finances of the sabha. With this background, he expressed his desire for the continuance of the presidentship of Sh. Gulshan Vaid by two years, which was approved by the large gathering with loud applause.

Shri Gulshan Vaid thanked GMS for the Shagun of Rs. 5100/- to the sabha and also thanked the members and the outstation dignitaries for their participation in the Milan and expressed his gratitude for their donations as under:-

Bk. Kedar Nath Chhibber, Rs. 12000 + 1100, Anil Mehta (Prince Studio) Rs. 5100/-, Mrs. Bimla Chhibber (Mehta Studio) Rs. 3100, Joginder Vaid, KRK, Rs.1100/0 J.P. Mehta, Rs.1100/-, Mrs. Kamlesh Mohan 500/- Iqbal Chhibber Rs.500/- Ram Prakash Bali Delhi 500/-, Rit Mohan PNP 500/- MS Yamuna Nagar Rs. 250/-, MS Barara 250/-, MS Jagadhari Workshop 500/-, MS Ludhiana Rs.500/-, Miss Arti Chhibber Yamuna Nagar, 200/-.

Smriti insignias were presented to the outstation guests, after which all were requested for partaking in the Preeti Bhoj.
After Preeti Bhoj, the function concluded with shouts of Jai Mohyal.

—Gulshan Vaid, President

Historic Visit to the White House

Shri Mohan Dutta, President Mohyal Sabha Amritsar visited the White House at Washington (DC) USA along with his family members. Shri Mohan Dutta is the first ever Mohyal Sabha President in India to visit the White House.

—Anil Dutta, Secretary, Youth Affairs, Mohyal Sabha, Amritsar


Preeti Bhoj–cum–Mohyal Mela:
Sunday, 25th January 2009, was a landmark day in the young life of Mohyal Sabha Paschim Vihar. The Sabha celebrated its first anniversary by organising a Preeti Bhoj-cum-Mela for all the Mohyal families of the area. Around 150 members, including ladies and children gathered in the pandal in a festive mood.

The chief guest of the function was Shri N.D. Datta, Executive Editor of Mohyal Mitter. The proceedings of the functions were anchored by Shri B.L. Lau.

The function started at 11.15 A.M. with a Havan, followed by the welcoming of the chief guest Shri N.D. Datta. The executive members of the sabha and many others welcomed the chief guest by profusely garlanding him amidst a rousing clap by the gathering. Speaker after speaker thanked the chief guest for attening the function on behalf of the GMS. Everyone lauded his role and contribution in strengthening and nourishing the Mohyali movement throughout India and abroad.

Shri N.D. Datta in his address apprised the members about the aims and functioning of the GMS. He also called upon every one to become life members of the GMS and Mohyal Mitter. He also urged the members to contribute liberally to Langar Fund of the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar and also for the new project of the GMS of constructing another Ashram at Vrindavan.

The tireless efforts of Shri N.L. Bali– the President, Shri K.D. Mehta – the Secretary, Shri M.L. Datta- the Treasurer, Shri Shashi Chhibber, Shri V.K. Bali, Shri V.K. Mehta and others in organising this Mohyal Mela were appreciated and applauded by one and all. Every one assured the executive members of their full-hearted support in strengthening and helping the sabha in diversifying and multiplying its activities.

A number of members made liberal donations to the sabha including Rs.501/- by Shri N.D. Datta. Games for the children, ladies and gents were held and everyone participated enthusiastically.

It was followed by a simple but delicious lunch and presentation prizes for the winners of various events and games. The prizes were given away by the chief guest, Shri N.D. Datta.

A game of tambola was held in an atmosphere of fun and frolic. Every participant in the Mela enjoyed the day to its fullest and thanked the organisers for their initiative and efforts.

The day ended at about 4.30 P.M. with a cup of tea to all, and vote of thanks by Shri B.L. Lau, the Vice-President.

—K.D. Mehta, Secretary
A-4/180, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-63
Tel.: 011-45594354


Shri Swarn Lal Mehta (Chhibber) of 84B, Telephone Place, London SW6 1TH (UK), has donated Rs.11000/- towards Langar Fund in the everlasting memory of his younger sister the late Smt. Shakuntla Devi Mehta (Vaid) w/o Shri Bholla Nath Mehta (Vaid) of Ludhiana and d/o the late Mehta Chuni Lal Vidyawanti Chhibber of Hoshiarpur. Date of Langar: 24th December.

He has also donated Rs. 11000/- towards Langar Fund in the loving memory of his cousin (Buaji’s son), the late Shri Yoginder Lal Bali s/o the late Rzd. Chiman Lal & Smt. Menawanti Bali of Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Late Rzd. Chiman Lal Bali was Secretary of GMS in 1969-70. Date of Langar: 7th January.

Smt. Sudershan Devi Vaid, r/o 2/2D, Gali No.8, near Dwarkadish Temple, East Azad Nagar, Delhi-51, has donated Rs.11000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar in memory of her husband, the late Sh. Bal Ram Vaid, who had left this mortal world on the 30 Jan. 2008. Shri Bal Ram Metha was the son of the late Sh. Nathu Ram Vaid of Village Navasher now in Pak. Date of Langar: 30th Jan.

In the fond memory of their parents, the late Rzd. Nand Lal Bali and Smt. Kuldipika Devi Bali of Kariala/Rawalpindi, their sons Col. R.S.K. Bali, Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali, Sh. R.K.N. Bali and Brig. Vijay Bali, have donated Rs.11000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar. Date of Langar: 24th Jan.


On the third death anniversary of the late Major Ravinder Dutta, on the 12th March, 2009, his wife Mrs. Urmil Dutta and sons, Rahul and Rajat, have donated Rs.11,000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, in the fond and everlasting memory of the late Maj. R. Dutta.

Maj. Ravinder Dutta was the eldest son of Bk. N.D. Datta (of Mohyal Mitter) and the late Smt. Ved Datta. He was an Engineer Officer, Bengal Sappers. He opted for premature retirement in 1991 and established his own venture and earned laurels.

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Urmil Datta, sons & daughters-in-law, Rahul & Ruchi, Rajat & Supriya, grandsons Rohan and Youvi, sons of Rajat & Supriya, brothers Sudhir & Amita, Anil & Neeru, nephews Tarun & Karan and nieces Prerna, Kritika & Kanika.

Date of Langar: 24th Dec., birthday of the late Maj. R. Dutta.

It is pertinent to note that a similar donation had earlier been made for Langar Fund by Maj. R. Dutta on his marriage anniversary, which was later converted as donation on his birthday on 24th Dec., at the request of his wife Mrs. Urmil Dutta, after his demise.

The 23rd Jan. 2009 was the 91st birth anniversary of the late father, Shri Mohan Lal Chhibber, Advocate.

He was fond of visiting religious places and, during our childhood, he used to take us to the Mandirs at Mathura, Vrindavan, Haridwar and many other places like Birla Mandir, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Arya Samaj Diwan Hall etc in Delhi.

In his memory and his love for Lord Krishna at Vrindavan, we wish to open a Langar Fund at the coming-up “Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan” in the memory of Sh. Mohan Lal Chhibber and Smt. Shanno Devi Chhibber and hereby donate Rs.11000/- for the purpose. Date of Langar: 23rd Jan. birthday of Sh. Mohan Lal Chhibber.—Sushil Kumar Chhibber & Vijay Kr. Chhibber, C-80, Niti Bagh, New Delhi-49.

Respected Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali ji,
Jai Mohyal!
I take this opportunity to congratulate you & your dedicated team, whose untiring & unflinching selfless continuous efforts only could make it possible to lay foundation stones, one after another, for the Mohyal Ashram with the ever present blessings of the God Almighty, who, we were told by our elders helps only those who help themselves (both in spirit & deeds).

Not to take too much of your most precious time on this auspicious occasion, of laying yet another foundation stone for the community to feel previleged and be proud of, my dear wife Shyama Bali, daughters, Rupakshi Kapur, a Fashion Designer & Urvashi Bali Chopra (Solicitor for UK & Wales) currently employed by M/s Baker Hughes Limited (Aberdeen, Scotland) as their Operations Counsel for Russia, Europe, Africa and the Caspian Region, their husbands, Gautam and Naveen and, of course, my grand son, Master Rohan Kapur (USA), pray you accept and approve, serving of the first meal at the Bhoomi-Pujan & Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan in the memory of our dear parents, (late) Smt. Daisy (Damyanti) Bali & (late) Rzd. Gian Chand Bali, DIG, CID (J&K)-Cum-Asstt. Excise & Taxation Commissioner for Himachal Pradesh, who died on the 4th June 1983 and my mother who died on 5th Aug. 1985. Subsequently these days may please be considered for “the Langar serving day’’ when the Ashram is operational.

I am accordingly sending Rs. 11000/-, with fondest regards & wishes to you, Hon’ble elders.—Wg. Cdr. I.K. Bali Inder Bhaan, Sherwan Estates, V. & PO. Salogra, Distt. Solan (H.P.).

On the auspicious occasion of “Bhoomi Pujan” and Foundation laying ceremony of Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, we extend our best wishes, blessing and warm regards to honourable Bali jee and all the member of our community. Our heartiest congratulation may please be conveyed to them. We wish them the very best of luck & great success.

As stated earlier, Baliji is “Shah Jahan the great builder’’ of our community. Another feather in his cap. A remarkable achievement which is highly appreciated.

May God Almighty bless him with a long healthy life to enable him to continue to guide us.

Please accept Rs.11000/- on account of Langar Fund for Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan in memory of our late brother Sham Sher Bahadur Datt s/o the late Mehta Diwan Chand Datt of Tehi Dattan, who was killed in the second world war at Hely 3 Sept. 1944. A brave soldier. Date of Langar: 3rd Sept.

Donors Maj. Mast Bahadur Datt (Retd.), r/o 1, Defence Estate, Agra Cantt.
2. Maj. Sardar Bahadur Datt (Retd.).
3. Wg. Cdr. Mumtaz Bahadur Datt (Retd.).

In memory of his parents, Bhai Ram Laubhaya Chhibber and Smt. Ram Rakhi Chhibber (of Kariala, Teh. Chakwal, Pak.), his son, Bhai Prithvi Raj Chhibber, r/o B4/701-702, Raunak Park, Pokhran Road No.2, Thane (W)-400610, has donated Rs. 11000/- towards the Langar Fund at the proposed Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan. Date of Langar: 10th Dec.

Smt. Parkash Datta, w/o the late Shri Sita Ram Datta, r/o 6084/3 Tarbeni Road, Ambala City, has donated Rs. 11000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan through MS Ambala City. Date of Langar: 2nd Jan.

Smt. Parkash Datta is the mother of Sh. Manmohan Datta, Zonal Secretary MS Ambala City & mother-in-law of Mrs. Neeru Datta, Vice-President Women’s Wing, Ambala City.

Shri D.K. Mehta & Smt. Satya Mehta, r/o C4B-91, Janakpuri, New Delhi, have donated Rs. 11000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, on the occasion of their Marriage Anniversary on the 8th Dec. They got married on the 8th Dec., 1969.

Shri D.K. Mehta is the son of the late Mehta Daulat Ram Mohan and the late Smt. Lakhmi Devi of Village-Karyala (Distt. Chakwal). They had earlier made two Langar Fund donations at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in memory of their parents, the late Mehta Daulat Ram Mohan and the late Smt. Lakhmi Devi and another, with their brother and sister-in-law, Sh. I.M. Mehta & Smt. Sudesh Mehta, r/o 388, Satya Vihar, Dehradun, in memory of their sister the late Smt. Ramdulari Bali. Date of Langar: 8th Dec.

Jharna Bhushan Vaid, Aishvarya Kumar Vaid, Chandni Vaid, Bhushan Vaid and Aditya Vaid have donated Rs.11000 towards the Langar Fund at Vrindavan Ashram in memory of their grand parents, the late Smt. Shanti Devi & the late Sh. Hari Datta Vaid of Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), who left for their heavenly abode on 22 Feb. Date of Langar: 22nd Feb.


Ms. Anu Datta (Sharma), r/o WZ 62 F/2, Arya Samaj Road, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-59, (Ph.: 28561179, Mob.: 9868883945, 9212088874), has donated Rs.1100/- to GMS for the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, at the Bhoomi Pujan of the Ashram, on 14th Feb., 2009.


Respected Rzd. B.D. Bali ji
I write this in continuation of my letter dated 3rd Feb., 09 regarding Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan.
I send herewith Rs.25,000/- for use on this project.
With profound regards,
Yours affectionately
K.D. Bali
S-147, Panchshila Park, New Delhi-110017



The scriptures say that, as a man abandons an old house and goes to live in a new one, so the Atma in a body abandons it when it grows old, builds another and lives in it. One does not feel happy when leaving one’s old house, because of long association with it. Likewise, the soul is not happy leaving the body, even if legs are swollen, the body is emaciated into a mere skeleton, and man struggles for breath. Just as man forgets the old house when the new one is ready, the soul too, when it has a new dwelling, moves into the new abode. Such is the mystery of life and death. If this is so, what cause do we have for fear or grief?

G.M.S. expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prays to God to grant eternal peace to the departed souls and strength to their families to bear with fortitude their irreparable loss.

— D.V. Mohan, Secretary General

Bakshi Dev Raj Vaid (72) s/o the late Smt. Parvati Devi Vaid and the late Sh. Devi Dutta Mal Vaid of Jafrabad r/o H.No.81, Block J-2, Wazirpur JJ Colony, Delhi-52 left for his heavenly abode on the 26th Dec. 2008.

He was a religious and simple person. His Kriya was performed on the 5th Jan., 09 at the Community Centre, Nimri Colony, Delhi, attended by a large number of relatives, friends and biradari members. Shri Vinay Kumar Dutta, Secretary Mohyal Club Ashok Vihar conveyed condolences on behalf of the club.

Bk. Dev Raj is survived by wife, Smt. Harsh Vaid, three sons, Sh. Pritam Vaid, Shri Tony Bakshi and Sh. Ravi Vaid, and one daughter Smt. Prem Dutta.

On this sad occasion, Vaid parivar donated Rs.500/- each to GMS (through Shri Ashwani Bali, Secretary (PR) GMS) and Mohyal Club Ashok Vihar.

May God grant peace to the departed noble soul.

Shri Krishan Kumar Bali s/o the late Shri Shiv Ram Bali expired on 5.11.2008 at Najafgarh, New Delhi. On this sad occasion, Smt. Kamla Devi Bali donated Rs.200/- to GMS and Rs.100/- to MS Najafgarh.

(31 May 1982-2 Feb. 2009)

Capt. Varun Chhibber was born to Colonel Mohinder Pratap Chhibber and Sunita. We moved from Udhampur on leave to receive him at the Military Hospital Jhansi. It was a great day, we were all overjoyed and called the young Varun “Happy’’.

Soon after, Ashwin arrived and both the brothers made a good team. With their children, the parents kept moving from Cantonment to Cantonment across India. Their Nanaji was an Airforce officer and Mamaji an Air Cdr. On the father’s side, we are mostly military men. The children were, therefore, conditioned naturally to join the defence forces.

After completing B.Tech in Electronics, Varun opted for Corps of Signals at the IMA. Ashwin joined the Indian Navy through Technical Graduate entry. Both the brothers were doing extremely well in their respective Arms of Service.

Varun was posted to a Divisional Signal Regiment in the East, where he was appointed sparrow of a Brigade. He quickly learnt the nuances of field communication, so much so that in the first posting itself, he got the Chief of the Army Staff’s Commendation Card. Quite an achievement for a green horn Signaller. After which he was posted to Delta Force in J&K high attitude area in september 2008.

Both Varun and Ashwin planned to be with their parents in February. Ashwin came on part of Annual leave on the 1st Feb. and contacted Varun, who confirmed that he would be reaching Noida on the 4th Feb., leaving the Unit on the 3rd Feb. morning.

In the meantime, the Unit received an intelligence input and sent out a Patrol in the night under Capt. Varun. It was a snowbound hilly terrain with deep gorges and Khuds. As they were heading back after completing the task, Varun slipped on an icy surface and fell in a 200-300 feet deep gorge (Khud) hitting a boulder in the head. Retrieval was difficult and it took time.

The body was flown by helicopter and by air to Delhi and reached Noida on the 4th Feb. 09, exactly at the time Varun was to reach home on leave. The fate has no logic and the destiny pursues its own course, choosing the time, place ad space, leaving man bewildered and overawed in grief.

On the 4th Feb.,09, the body, wrapped in National Flag, Funeral Slow March by Fellow Warriors, at the Beat of Muffled Drums, Laying of Wreaths, Reversed Arms, 21-Gun Salute, Beating of Retreat, Sounding of the Last Post by the Buglers, and the ceremonials of Military Honours, made it a tearful affair.

The Signal Officer-in-Chief (SO-in-C), with his lady wife, came out to bid farewell to his young Signaller, the pride of Corps of Signals and the lady condoled and consoled the distraught mother Sunita, making it all the more poignant.

Slowly the time slipped by as the young Captain Varun had slipped, little realising that we have given away to the Indian Nation, the best of our stock and the most prized jewel of Bhai Khandan.

GMS provided a lot of emotional and moral support on 7th Feb. 09 when Rzd. B.D. Bali Sahib, J.C. Bali, P.L. Mehta and son Ashwini turned up at the Uthala. It displayed a rare brotherhood and community bonding. We remain grateful for the support.—Col. M.P. Chhibber, 571/28 Noida Tel.: 0120-2455675.

Smt. Pushpa Datta (76) w/o Shri Raj Kumar Datta (s/o the late Shri Brij Lal Datta of Kanjrur Dattan (West Pak.), r/o 726, Sector-40A, Chandigarh, left for her heavenly abode on the 7th Feb. 2009, after a prolonged illness. She was the daughter of the late Sh. Kashori Lal Mehta (Lau) of Jalandhar and her marriage was performed on the 6th Feb. 1953.

She is survived by two sons, Ajay Datta & Anil Datta and daughters-in-law Pushpa Datta & Anju Datta, three sisters, Renu Bali w/o Kuldeep Bali, Madhu Chhibber w/o Shakti Chhibber and Sneh Nanda w/o Ramesh Nanda.

She was a pious, religious, kind and cheerful lady. Her simplicity and discipline will continue to guide every one in the family. Even at odd moments her life, she had remained calm, cool and tolerant, qualities imbibed from her father and brothers. Her helpful and generous nature will be remembered by all. Her eyes were donated at PGI Chandigarh for a noble cause.

Her son Sh. Ajay Datta is at present National Secretary of Bharat Vikas Parishad as well as Director, Bharat Vikas Parishad Charitable Diagnostic Centre, Indira Holiday Home, Sector-24, Chandigarh, a position achieved by him by dint of hard work, determination and utmost sincerity.

Her Kriya & Uthala were performed on the 9th Feb. 09, at Sanatan Dharam Mandir near their residence, attended by relatives, friends, local people, members of the biradari and of the Bharat Vikas Parishad. On this sad occasion, members of the family donated Rs. 550/- to MS Chandigarh and Rs.550/- to GMS.

Smt. Prem Lata Chhibber w/o Sh. Dwarka Nath Chhibber (from Pishore in Pakistan), r/o 366, Double Storey, Bharat Nagar, Delhi-52, left for her heavenly abode on the 5th Feb., 2009.

Her Kriya was performed on 14th Feb., 2009 at the Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Bharat Nagar, attended by a large number of relatives, friends and biradari members.

She was a very simple, religious and staunch Mohyal. She is survived by husband, Sh. Dwarka Nath Chhibber, two sons, Sh. Om Prakash & Sh. Chander Prakash, daughters-in-law, Smt. Rachna & Smt. Jyoti, and two daughters, Smt. Usha & Smt. Neeta. On this sad occasion, the family donated Rs. 100/- to GMS besides donations to Mohyal Club, Ashok Vihar, and other organizations. We pray to Almighty to grant eternal peace to the noble soul.

We regret to report the sad demise of Miss Asha Mohan (60) d/o Shri Pishori Lal Mohan and Smt. Bhagwanti Mohan on 27.01.2009.

A noble lady, Miss Asha Mohan had devoted her entire life to religious activities.

May Almighty Parameshwar grant her a place in heaven and sufficient courage to Mohan Parivar to bear the loss. Her brother, Shri Ram Swaroop Mohan, r/o H.No. 1415, Sector-11, Panchkula donated Rs. 500/- to GMS Widow Fund, on this sad occasion.

Smt. Kuldipika Devi Bali (26th Nov. 1914- 24th Jan. 2009) left for her heavenly abode on the 24th Jan. 09 quite peacefully.

She was married to the late Rzd. Nand Lal Bali s/o Smt. Lakshmi Devi Bali and Rzd. Gulab Rai Bali (of Karyala/Rawalpindi). She was the daughter of Sh. N.L. Bakshi (Chhibber) and Smt. Chandrmukhi. She was brought up at Bombay where her father was stationed. Rzd. Hari Chand Vaid, the author of the famous book Gulshan-E-Mohyali, the history of Mohyals, was her grandfather (Nanaji). Her brother included the late Sh. Kulbhushan Bakshi (Chhibber), General Manager, Colgate & Palmolive Company, Sh. Ved Bhushan Bakshi, Col. Krishan Bakshi, and Shri Kailash Bakshi. Sh. Vishnu Datt Bakshi who is the only surviving brother is bed-ridden. Her sisters, quite younger to her, are Smt. Nirmal Mohan and Smt. Usha Datta.

She has left four sons, Col. R.S.K. Bali, Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali, Sh. R.K.N. Bali and Brig. Vijay Bali and two daughters, Smt. Kamal Datta and Smt. Kiran Chaitanya, all married, having children & grandchildren. Her daughter, Smt. Kamal Datta has penned a Shradhanjali to her mother in the form of a Hindi poem being separately published in the MM.

Her grandchildren are Arvind Bali s/o Col. RSK Bali, Col. Ravind Bali and Sh. Rashim Bali, sons of Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali; Amit Bali and Ashish Bali, sons of Sh. RKN Bali, Vinita Mohan d/o Col. RSK Bali and Pragati d/o Brig. Vijay Bali.

Smt. Bali was a devoted housewife and a good mother having high moral values. Her children had looked after her with all care and affection.

The Uthala of Smt. Bali was held on the 26th Jan. 09, at the residence of her second son, Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali, at Maya Enclave, New Delhi, attended by a large number of people including relatives Mohyal biradari and family friends.

On this occasion, the Bali Parivar donated Rs.11000/- to GMS towards the Langar Fund, in the memory of their parents, Rzd. Nand Lal Bali and Smt. Kuldipika Devi Bali (Date of Langar: 24th Jan.), Besides this, an amount of Rs. 1000/- has been donated to MS, Janakpuri. Her son, Sh. R.K.N. Bali is closely associated with MS Janakpuri as its Life Member for the last many years.

Shri Kishan Lal Vaid s/o the late Pt. Devakinandan Vaid, r/o 53/6, Balkeshwar Colony, Agra, breathed his last on the pious day of Poornamassi of Magh. Late Sh. Vaid had the family by his bed side, that fateful night. At 3.20 a.m. he bid good bye to the world, survived by sons, Vinod Vaid (wife Manoj) and Vijay Vaid (wife Laxmi).

Shri Vaid had served in the Defence Ministry (COD) and retired as Senior Chargeman.

A strict disciplinarian and a hard worker, he had always a smile on his face. He was respected by all near and dear, as Gurujee, in Balkeshwar area where he spent his whole life as a social worker. He was known as “Hanumanji’’, as he was an active Executive Member of the Ramlila Committee.

The family hailed from Dera Ismail Khan in Pak. Shri Vinod Vaid, elder son with his wife Manoj Sharma, are active members of MS Agra and were dedicated to Shri Kishan Vaid till his last day. Their daughters Archita and Kritika and son Ayush were always busy entertaining their grandpa when he was alive. Younger son, Vijay Vaid, with wife Laxmi and son Gaurav, were at his bed side when Sh. Kishan Vaid breathed his last.

The whole family is dedicated and ready to help anybody at the cost of their own comforts. This kind of family is a rare species in the present day world.

MS Agra prays to Almightly to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and strength to the Vaid family to bear this irreparable loss.On this sad occasion, Shri Vinod Vaid donated Rs.250 to GMS.

Smt. Nirmal Datta, w/o Sh. Tilak Raj Datta, r/o CA-42/2, Tagore Garden, New Delhi-27 passed away on the 9th Dec. 2008. Her Kriya was performed at Shiv Mandir, Titarpur on the 18th Dec. 08, attended by a large number of relatives, Mohyal biradari, friends and neighbours.

Smt. Nirmal Datta was the aunty of Kuldeep Raj Datta an active youth member of MS Janakpuri. She was soft-spoken, with religious bent of mind. She is survived by husband Sh. Tilak Raj Datta, sons Pardeep and Narinder Datta, daughters-in-law Neena & Jyoti Datta and grandson/daughters, Pushkar, Tukul, Deepali & Manka. On this sad occasion, the family has donated Rs. 400 to GMS Widow Fund.

Shri Amrit Lal Datta, was born on 03.09.1930 at Bajwala Datta, Distt. Jhelum (W.Pak.). He retired as Sub-Inspector, Haryana Railway Police. He breathed his last on 6.11.2008.

He was soft spoken and had love and affection for all. He left behind two sons and two daughters, all married and well-settled.
On this sad occasion, his son, Sh. Anil Datta, made a donation of Rs. 100/- to GMS. May God grant eternal peace to the departed soul.

Regretfully, with heavy heart, I inform that my dear wife Mrs. Sudesh Dutta left for her heavenly abode only a few days before the dawn of New Year 2009 on 28.12.2008. She felt mild pain in body which creeped all over limbs and became intolerable. Since it was a Christmas day, finding no other way, we had to call for an ambulance. Within minutes an ambulance arrived and took her to hospital. She went on her own feet to the ambulance as if she was going to embrace her own death.
Immediately on arrival at the hospital, she was put in ICU. The initial diagnosis revealed that it was a severe attack of Phenomonia. As the further critical examination proceeded, it came to light that her lungs, kidney and other vital organs were not responsive, despite best medical aid. She spent two nights there in a critical state and finally the end came when our daughter Monika and myself were watching her last breath diminishing slowly-slowly and then peter out altogether without showing the slightest jerk or movement worth the name and put a full stop to a long chapter of 75 years as a human being which started on the 6th Feburary 1933 in Rawal Pindi and ended on the 28th December 2008 in Dyar-E-Gair (foreign land). We both could do nothing except Monika sobbing and reciting “Om Namoh Shivay, Om Namoh Shivay” and myself murmuring with dry and blurred eyes “Be thy destiny prevail” (Teri ichha puran ho). Her destiny played its role and took her to its lap at the destined moment.

She was healthy and vigorous having only old age ailments which is a natural phenomenon at this declinig age but not imminent cause of sudden death within 2-3 days. It was only her strong will power on which she was actively existing.

Her funeral was attended by people of different religions and societies. Later, prayers were performed at our home on 13.01.2009 for the peace of the departed soul. She was religious minded and helpful to all needy persons. She was simple, pure, chaste and full of virtues and the nature she inherited from her parents.

She was the daughter of the late Smt.Savitri Devi and the late Sh. Mehta Salig Ram Chhibber of Rawalpindi (Pak.) and granddaughter of the late Smt. Bhagwanti w/o the late Sh. R.G.S. Vaid and the late Smt. Sone Devi Mehta w/o the late Sh. K.D. Mehta (maternal and paternal grand parents, respectively).

She is survived by her husband D.C. Dutta, s/o the late Smt. Ram Rakhi and the late Bakshi Lal Chand Dutta of Choha Bhagtan Distt. Rawalpindi (Pak.), her only daughter Mrs. Monika, son-in-law Mr. Sunil Kumar and two grand children Master Kartikay and Baby Parokshee.

In her sweet memory, a sum of Rs.11000/- is donated for Langar Fund Haridwar. Date of Langar: 28th Dec. –Dalip Chand Dutta, 21, Morse Street, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 5QR U.K, Ph.: 0044-1793422329.



SMT. SHAKUNTALA DATTA (15.8.1936 TO 11.2.2008): The first Barsi (Vareena) of the late Smt. Shakuntala Datta w/o Sh. Surender Kumar Datta was solemnly observed on the 15th Jan. 2009 at 5/268 SFS, Mansarovar (Agarwal Farm) Jaipur. Havan, Puja and religious rites were performed and prayers offered for the peace of the departed soul. This was followed by Brahm Bhoj and donations in her memory. The function was attended by all near and dear.

It was on Monday, the 11th Feb. 2008 (Basant Panchami), when she left the pains, pangs and shackles of her earthly body, in no time and became one with God. All those around her were left stunned, saddened and shocked.

Born on 15.8.1936 to the late Smt. Saraswati Devi and the late Mehta Dina Nath Vaid of Jalalpur Jattan (Pak.) she was the sister of the late Smt. Kaushalya Datta (w/o the late Dr. Jowinder Singh Datta of Viram/Sri Karanpur), Smt. Pushpa Datta (w/o the late Sh. Nand Lal Datta of Kanjrur/Gurdaspur) and the late Shri Inder Prakash Mehta (Vaid).

Married on 16.01.1959, she was the daughter-in-law of the late Smt. Kaushalya Devi Datta and the late Chaudhry Behari Lal Datta and grand daughter-in-law of the late Smt. Rali Devi and the late Ch. Sahib Dayal Datta of Kanjrur Dattan (Pak.).

A dignified personality, she was at the same time simple noble, smiling and straightforward. She was a caring and sacrificing person and wished well of all those around her, from the core of her heart. Above all, she was a devoted and dedicated wife and a source of inspiration and power. She was dear to all relatives and friends and earned their love, affection and respect.

May her noble departed soul be blessed with eternal peace and immortality. Though she is physically no more with us, her smiling face inspires us and she lives as a shining star on the firmament of our hearts. She is sadly missed and lovingly remembered.

On this sad occasion, a donation of Rs.500/- to GMS Widow Fund is made in her fond and everlasting memory. Earlier, Rs.11000/- were donated to Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar Langar Fund in April 2008 (Date of Langar: 11th Feb.) to perpetuate her memory.—Surender K. Datta, 5/268, SFS, Mansarovar Jaipur.

SMT. RAM PIARI DATTA: On the first death anniversary of the late Smt. Ram Piari Datta w/o Sh. Hans Raj Datta and d/o Shri Ralla Ram Vaid from Jol Chak Pakistan, her nephew, Shri Sunil Vaid (Gopi), donated Rs.250/- each to GMS and MS Khanna, towards Widow Fund.

SUB. MAJOR GURDASMAL BALI: Family members and fellow Mohyals at Nagpur observed the first death anniversary of Sub. Major Gurdasmal Bali on 21.11.2008, at their residence, 14/1, Hindustan Colony, Amravati Road, Nagpur-440033, when special puja and hawan were performed.

On this occasion, his son, Surinder Kumar Bali, IFS (Retd.), former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Maharashtra, and family members, donated Rs.11000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar. Date of Langar: 21st Dec.

MEHTA RAM LAL CHHIBBER & SMT. BHAGWANTI CHHIBBER: In loving memory of our father, Mehta Ram Lal Chhibber, and mother, Smt. Bhagwanti Chhibber, of village-Dalelpur (Pind- Kawanwala) P.O. Dalwal, Tehsil Pind-Dadan-Khan, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.) who left this world on the 4th Jan., 1967 and the 17th Jan., 1981, respectively.

My father was the son of Mehta Megh Raj Chhibber, who retired as Chief Superintendent, Forest Department, Lahore in 1916. My mother’s father, Malik Kanshi Ram Datt, was from Pind-Dafan-Khan, and he retired as Police Sub-Inspector in 1915.

Wishing today as we wished before, God would have saved you many years more. No one knows the grief we share when we all meet and you are not there. In our hearts your memories are kept, to love and to cherish and never forget.

Sadly missed and always remembered by your son, Mehta Madan Mohan Chhibber, and daugher-in-law Mohinder Kumari Chhibber, grandsons Subhash, Ramesh, Ravinder, Ashwani and great grand children settled in Waterloo (Ontario) Canada.

On this occasion, I send herewith Rs.1200/-, out of which Rs.1000/- be added in the Trust of “Mehta Ram Lal Chhibber & Smt. Bhagwanti Chhibber Trust’’ and Rs.200/- towards GMS Widow Fund.—Sh. Madan Mehta, 202-508 Beechwood Dr Waterloo ON N2T 1H3 Canada.

SHRI N.D. LAU (25.5.1910-29.01.2000): On 29th Jan. ‘09 was the 9th death anniversary of our revered father, Bk. Navsingh Das Lau, s/o the late Smt. Parvati Devi & the late Bk. Hukam Chand Lau of village-Gulyana, Distt. Rawalpindi (now in Pak.).

As in earlier years, a special ‘Satsang’ was arranged in the Park at Janakpuri at the same spot where Bakshi Ji used to conduct Satsangs for more than 15 years. The Satsang was conducted and ‘Pravachans’ delivered by the learned ‘Satsangis’ of Samta Yog Ashram of Mahatma Mangat Ram Ji.

Bakshi Ji was a true ‘Karamyogi’ and a seeker of spirituality through the ‘Gyan Yog’. His sojourn of ninety years, he spent on these two aims very sincerely and devotedly.

Having lost his father, when he was hardly 12 years old, he being the eldest amongst his siblings and there being no male earning member in the family, he started serving in the Defence Accounts Deptt. in 1928 at the young age of 18 years.

Throughout his life, he performed his duties towards his mother, brothers & sister to start with, then towards his 4 daughters and two sons and, subsequenty, towards his widowed elder daughter and her 3 young daughters. He himself was a simple person and did not have any requirements of his own and hence would not spend a single rupee on himself.

He achieved the ultimate on his spiritual path and spent his life providing guidance and help to anybody and everybody to progress on that path. He widely read literature on the subject and wrote explanations in a simple language to benefit others.

He wrote and got printed dozens of books, first in Urdu and then in Hindi, at his own expense, for free distribution. He kept on delivering ‘Pravachans’ at Dehradun and at Janakpuri for so long as his health allowed him.

We feel really fortunte and proud to have been his off-springs, having his guidance and blessings throughout. Our tributes to a true ‘Karamkandi’ and a Great Soul.

In his memory, we send Rs. 1000/- to GMS to be credited to the “Smt. Ran Rani & Bk. N.D. Lau Education Trust’’.—Manju & P.C. Lau, C-2C/2/48, Janakpuri, New Delhi-58 Ph.: 25616424.

MEHTA L.R. BHIMWAL (15.06.1905-21.01.1963) & SMT. KRISHNA WANTI MEHTA (12.03.1912-6.10.1973): Our revered father, Mehta Ladha Ram had served in the British East African Railways from 1923 to 1955 and was honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal in 1953 for his honesty, dedication to duty and meritorious service. Out of the four Asian awardees, he was the only Indian, who was selected for this honour.

He was the younger son of the late Sh. Hukum Chand Mehta and the late Smt. Parvati Mehta of village-Bhoun, Chakwal, Distt. Jhelum. He was an outstanding sportsman, who had earned a name in Hockery, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket and Swimming. He was God-fearing, religious and very kind at heart.

He got married to Smt. Krishna Wanti Mehta d/o the late Bhai Ganpat Rai Chhibber and the late Smt. Laxmi Devi of Chakwal, on 16th July 1925. They were the direct descendants of the great Martyrs Bhai Mati Dass and Bhai Sati Dass who were sawed alive at Chandi Chowk in Delhi by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb for refusing to embrace Islam.

Smt. Krishna Wanti Mehta was physically strong a good rider and swimmer. She had inborn qualities of a natural leader. Therefore, she was very popular wherever she lived.

She had strong will power and was worldly–wise. She did not believe in rituals but was God-fearing and religious. She insisted that every child should say his/her prayer before they were served meal. She left for her heavenly abode on the 6th Oct. 1973, at the age of 61.

They were blessed with 6 children, i.e. three sons and three daughters, Smt. Sheela Datta (15th Jan. 1932-2nd Aug. 2001) married to Mr. R.P. Datta (24th Dec. 1926-24th Jan. 2003) who retired as Joint Labour Commissioner, Delhi Administration; Mr. Suraj Parkash Mehta (9th May 1933-5th May 2005) an Engineer who had settled in U.K. 1994, married to Ms Santosh Kumari (18th May 1942-2nd July 1991) of Kabul; Ms Leela Mohan married to Mr. K.S. Mohan (8th June 1926-16th Oct. 1989), Advocate; Mr. Kailash Chander Mehta, Engineer, settled in U.S.A. married to Ms Rekha Mohan of Kabul; Col. K.K. Mehta (Retd.) settled at Delhi and married to Ms Sudha Mehta d/o the late Smt. Bimla Mehta and the late Capt. G.B. Mehta (1914-5th Dec. 1970), the legendary V.V.I.P. Squadron Pilot, who was known as the “Knight of the Sky’’; and Ms Preen Chhibber w/o the late Dewan Satinder Chhibber (15th March 1941-24th Oct. 1999), belonging to the illustrious family of Dewan Naranjan Dass Chhibber, Ex C-in-C & Finance Minister of King Zahir Shah of Kabul.

On the 35th death anniversary of our dear father, and the 25th death anniversary of our mother, we very humbly donate Rs.4000/- to be added to the “Mehta L.R. Bhimwal & Smt. Krishna Wanti Mehta Trust’’ and Rs. 11,000/- to the Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan Langar Fund. Date of Langar: 6th Oct. —Col. K.K. Mehta (son), 111-MIG Flats, Prasad Nagar, New Delhi-05 Ph.:25737047.

COL. BIRINDER SINGH MEHTA (10.8.1923-12.1.2008): The first death anniversary (Barsi) of Col. B.S. Mehta was observed on 31.12.08. On this occasion, his son, Manmohan Singh Mehta, performed Havan & Puja, served Brahm Bhoj, at Yamuna Nagar attended by family members, relatives, friends and Mohyal Biradari.

He is fondly remembered by Raj Rani Mehta wife, Manmohan Singh Mehta & Laxmi Mehta (son & daughter-in-law), and Sneh Mehta & Brig. R.P. Mehta, Saroj Mehta & Col. S.K. Mehta, Savita Dutta & J.K. Dutta (daughters & sons-in-law).

In the loving memory of her husband, Smt. Raj Rani Mehta has donated Rs.1000/- to Mohyal Education Fund.

Although he is not with us, we will always cherish his smiling face. He will always be with us in spirit and will continue to guide us in all our endeavours.

We remember him as a strong man, mentally and physically, but, at the same time, charismatic, sensitive, emotional and ever-loving. He was always a source of inspiration to all of us. He was a very positive man and his approach to life was rational and practical.

We thank him for teaching us how to live...–Manmohan Singh Mehta.

BK. ATAL PRATAP CHHIBBER:On the death anniversary of his father, the late Bk. Atal Pratap Chhibber, falling on the 11th Feb. 09. Shri Ramesh Pratap Chhibber, r/o A-2/62, Varun Apartment Plot No.12, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi-85 Tel.: 27567735, has donated Rs. 5000/- to GMS to be credited to the Capital Fund Trust in the name of “Bk. Atal Pratap Chhibber & Raj Kumari Chhibber Sabha Fund Trust.”

SHRI KEWAL KRISHAN VAID The 10th death anniversary of our respected father, the late Sh. Kewal Krishan Vaid (Ex-Dy Wool Controller, Punjab) s/o the late Sh. Mulkh Raj Vaid (the first Director of Sericulture, Punjab) and great grandson of the late Sh. Ghanshyam Dass (who was Revenue Officer during British Time) who left for his heavenly abode on the 23rd Feb. 1999 falls on the 23rd Feb. 2009.

He was fond of Urdu Poetry and used to give expression to his thoughts and inspirations in Urdu poems. He had a passion for astrology also and could make prophesies, which ultimately came out to be true. He was very humble, honest, sincere, and farsighted.

He is survived by two sons i.e. Kuldipak Bakshi (wife Neena Bakshi) and Sundeep Bakshi (wife Nirmala Bakshi), daughter, Rita Bakshi, and grandsons, Prashant Bakshi, Ishan Bakshi, and Kritin Bakshi.

Our mother, Smt. Shakuntala Vaid, d/o the late Dr. Radha Ram Chhibber had left for her heavenly abode on the 7th Feb. 1998. She was a pious and religious housewife. She was always sincere, straightforward and farsighted.

After her death, our father survived only for a year. He used to recite the following lines in Urdu:
Musibat aur Lambi Zindagani
Buzurgon ki dua ne maar daala.
Hasratein jate hue yeh keh gayi
Hum teri bigdi hui takdeer ke sathi nahi.
We all miss and remember both of our parents. We pray to the Almighty that their souls dwell in eternal peace.

On this occasion, son, Kuldipak Bakshi, has donated Rs.200/- to GMS towards the Widow Fund.—Kuldipak Bakshi, Flat No.117, Sector-13, Mahabhadrakali Apt. Plot No.6 Dwarka, New Delhi-75.

SMT. BISHAN DEVI: On the 20th death anniversary of Smt. Bishan Devi w/o the late Bk. Narain Das Datta, Superintendent of Police, Muzaffarabad, J&K (now Capital of so-called Azad Kashmir), Havan was performed by her only surviving son Bk. Avtar Krishan Datt, IPS (Retd.), r/o 530 Sector-8B, Chandigarh, alongwith his wife Smt. Mahinder and other family members on 01.02.2009.

Mataji had attained the ripe age of 95. She hailed from Village-Sainthal, Tehsil Kharian Distt. Gujrat Pakistan. The village had only five houses, all belonging to a single Parivar. Lt. Gen. (Retd.) BKN Chhibber, ex-Governor Punjab and Maj. JK Chhibber, President MS Jodhpur, hail from the same family.

She was a kind-hearted, pious and devoted lady, who looked after her grand children during the prolonged foreign assignments of her only son. She was very much admired by the entire biradari.

Besides the usual charities, with offerings for Bhandara at the local temple, Rs.500/- was donated towards GMS Benevolent Fund. May the noble soul enjoy eternal bliss.

SHRI UMESH KUMAR BALI (1954-2008): You left us shattered & heart-broken one year ago. Lots have changed since you passed away. We miss your presence & memories which you shared with us. May God grant your soul eternal peace.— Suman (wife), Silky & Kanika (daughters).

SHRI KEWAL DUTT MEHTA: The first death anniversary of Sh. Kewal Dutt Mehta s/o the late Sh. Jhang Bahadur Mehta, r/o 43 Kanshi Nagar Model Town Ambala City was observed on 27.01.2009, attended by all family members and relatives. Havan was performed on this occasion.

Shri Kewal Dutt Mehta hailed from Bhown Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.) He had his business of printing etc. He left behind son, Vishal Mehta, married to Ritu, d/o Sh. Dilbagh Singh Vaid of Jalandhar and having twins by Jyotirmay (Amay) and daughter Jagiriti. Sh. K.D. Mehta had three daughters, Rinku, married to Rajneesh Chhibber s/o the late Sh. Shiv Kumar Chhibber of Khanna, (daughter Parmisha Chhibber); Parul Mehta and Nidhi Mehta.

He was a Life Member of GMS. He had three brothers, Sh. Balbir Dutt Mehta, the late Shri Inder Dutt Mehta both of Ambala City, and Shiv Dutt Mehta HAS (Retd.) settled in Shimla.

He was a dedicated Mohyal and was known for his simplicity, honesty and humility. Being a good-hearted person, he commanded the love and respect of others. He was a disciplined person and a perfectionist. He was always cheerful with an efferverscent smile. He will always be fondly remembered as a God-fearing noble man.

May his soul rest in peace.
On this sad occasion, his family has donated Rs. 1100/- to GMS towards Widow Fund.
Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by wife Savita Mehta.

SHRI S.K. MOHAN: The first Barsi of the late Sh. S.K. Mohan, was solemnly observed on the 24th Dec., 08 at 1057/21 Panchkula. Havan, Pooja Brahman Bhoj etc were performed as per tradition and rituals.
Family members paid their respects and tributes to the noble sincere and dedicated Mohyal and devoted Sai Bhagat. May his soul rest in peace.

On this occasion, the family has donated Rs. 500/- to MS Panchkula, Rs. 300/- to MS Chandigarh and Rs. 200/- to GMS.
All family members, relatives and friends to Almighty God to keep Mohanji’s soul in His Kingdom.

SMT. LALITA MEHTA (27.01.1948-01.03.2003): On the solemn occasion of the 6th death anniversary of my wife, Smt. Lalita Mehta, on the coming 1st March 2009, I hereby donate Rs. 251/- to GMS, in her memory. She died six years back on the 1st March 2003.

Her grandson Master Rohan Mehta (Sunny) is specially missing her and remembers his Dadi Maa (Lalita Mehta) too much, on each and every occasion.

CH. MANOHAR SINGH DUTTA: On the 25th death anniversary on the 25th Dec., 08 of our father the late Sh. Manohar Singh Dutta, s/o the late Smt. and Sh. Natha Singh Dutta (of Zafarwal Dattan, Pak.). After partition, the family settled in Kachhuwa, Distt. Karnal and later shifted to 446, Jheel Kuranja, Delhi.

He was married to Smt. Vijay Dutta d/o the late Sh. Brij Lal Chhibber and sister of the late Dr. P.R. Chhibber and Sh. B.R. Chhibber of Nowshera, Distt. Peshawar. He was a very religious person and a staunch Mohyal and was associated with various social organisations, like Bhai Mati Dass Smarak Samiti (Regd.) and was the President of MS Yamuna Paar, Delhi.
He was an Agriculturist as well as an Industrialist.

On his death anniversary, he was fondly remembered. “Havan’’ was performed by his sons, Ajit Singh Dutta and Surinder Singh Dutta.

On this occasion, the family donated Rs. 501/- to GMS “Widow Fund Trust’’ and 201/- to the Widow Fund, MS Yamunapaar, Delhi.

DR. D.S. MEHTA & SMT. SATWANTI MEHTA: In loving memory of dear father, the late Dr. Dewan Singh Mehta and dear mother the late Smt. Satwanti Mehta of village-Penwal, Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, Distt. Jhelum (Pak.), later settled at Yamuna Nagar, who left this mortal world for heaven on the 26th Jan. 1974 and the 18 Oct. 1983, respectively.

Time may hide the sadness like a smile hides the tears. But precious memories can never be hidden despite the passing years.
Mata Ji-Babu Ji, you may not be present amidst us. But the memories are always with us. You will be our guiding force and your goodness will remain with us for ever. Deeply missed by sons, daughters, daughters-in-law and grand children.

On this sad occasion, Rs. 100 have been donated by the family to GMS Widow Fund.—Harbans Lal Mehta, H.No.88, Geeta Colony, Kansapur Road, Yamuna Nagar.

SMT. DURGAWATI MEHTA (DATTA): The second death anniversary of Smt. Durgawati Mehta (Datta), w/o the late Nardev Chander Metha (Datta) was observed on the 29th Jan., 2009.

Havan was performed at Ma Durga Niwas, B-1/1321, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, the residence of her son, Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta.

Brahm Bhoj followed the Havan attended by daughters Ms. Kanta & Suman, son-in-law, Shri O.P. Mehta (Vaid), daughters-in-law, Ms. Nirmal (w/o the late Col. V.C. Mehta) & Kamlesh, brother & bhabhi, Sh. P.S. Mehta (Vaid) & Ms. Usha, grandson & grand daughter-in-law,, Capt. Gaurav Dutt & Ms. Mamta Dutt & great grand daughter, Ms. Akshadha Dutt.

All children of the late Durgawati, present on this occasion, were sad, as this was the first ever anniversary of their parents being performed without their brother, Col. V.C. Mehta, who expired on the 6th Jan. this year. All present very much missed him.

The late Durgawati’s memories of having been a pious, noble and sacrificing lady will be the sole guiding spirit for her children. Her noble thoughts and love for all are bound to inspire them.

On this occasion, and in memory of his grand mother (Dadi), Capt. Gaurav Dutt, has donated Rs. 500/- to GMS.


Mr. Sameer Dutta, Assistant Professor at a University in USA, has donated US$ 1600/- to the GMS, New Delhi for establishing an Education Trust in the fond memory of his late mother, Smt. Savita Dutta, w/o the late Shri Sachidanand Dutta. Shri Sameer Dutta has attained this position by his hard and dedicated efforts in India & USA. Smt. Savita Dutta was the daughter of Mehta Pindi Dass Mohan, from a most respected Mohyal family of Rawalpindi (now in Pak.).

Shri Sachidanand Dutta was empolyed as a Scientist in the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. He unfortunately died at an early age after a brief illness, leaving behind his wife & three young children (two sons & a daughter). Smt. Savita Dutta had to take up employment in IARI, Pusa, New Delhi to bring up and educate the children. Late Sh. S.N. Dutta was the son of Raghu Nath Sahay Dutta, a Govt. employee, who had been posted to many places in India and abroad including Brighton in England.
She had married off her eldest children before she breathed her last on the 3rd Nov. 1993 after a brief illness.

Sameer’s elder brother, Shri Deep Dutta, who is a Senior Technical Officer in CSIR Delhi, is married to Smt. Kavita Dutta, an Officer in the Ministry of Railways. They have two loveable kids Devangana & Shivang.

Sameer’s elder sister, Smt. Leena Sharma, is happily married to Sh. Balbir Sharma. They have two educated and talented children, Shilpi & Rahul, who are well employed.

Sameer has also donated US $1600 to AEPAN trust in Bhimtal (Uttarakhand) through Smt. Jaya Gupta, Bhimtal, for education of the needy children of the area and protection of the environment.


Smt. Pushpa Bakshi, r/o 17, Sneh Sagar, Prabha Devi, Mumbai, has contributed Rs. 1000/- to the “Smt. Ram Rakhi Vaid and Shri Narain Dass Vaid Trust.’’ in memory her son, Sant Dass Vaid, on his 5th Punya Tithi. With this addition, the total balance in this trust is Rs.38,322.

On the seventh death anniversary of the late Shri Sunehari Lal Chhibber, Advocate on 21.1.2009, members of his family remembered him and felt his absence. May God give peace to his noble departed soul.

On this occasion, Rs.700/- was added to the existing Education Trust in the name of my grand father & grand mother the late “Shri Gujjar Mal Chhibber and the late Smt. Lajwanti Devi Chhibber of Tanda-Urmar, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab Education Trust”.—Sushil Kr. Chhibber, C-80, Niti Bagh, New Delhi-49.

On the 13th death anniversary of the late Smt. Pushpa Vati Bali, her son, Sunil Bali, daughter-in-law, Neeru Bali and grand sons Raghav & Rajan Bali, r/o Road No.43, House No.7, Punjab Bagh– West, New Delhi-26, Ph.: 011-42466659, have donated Rs.1000/- to the GMS, to be added in the “late Capt. K.L. Bali, INA & Smt. Pushpa Vati Bali Education Trust’’.

Life Is Death, Death Is Life

—Swami Sivananda
Death is separation of the soul from the physical body. Death becomes the starting point of a new life. Death merely opens the door to a higher and fuller form of life. Birth and death are jugglery of maya. He who is born begins to die. He who dies begins to live. Life is death and death is life. No one comes, no one goes. Brahmn or the eternal alone exists.

Just as you move from one house to another, the soul passes from one body to another to gain experience. Just as a man casting off worn-out garments takes new ones, so the dweller in this body, casting off worn-out bodies, enters into others which are new.

Life is a continuum. Death is necessary for further evolution. Dissolution of the body is no more than sleep. Birth is like waking up. Death brings new life. A man of discrimination is not afraid of death. Death unlocks the door to a wider existence. The soul is a circle whose circumference is nowhere but its centre is in the body. Death means the change of this centre from one body to another.

The supreme soul or paramatman is deathless, decayless, timeless, causeless and spaceless. It is the source and substratum for body, mind and world. There is death for the physical body, a compound of five elements. The eternal soul is beyond time, space and causation.

To free yourself from birth and death, you must become body-less. Body is the result of karmas or actions. If you free yourself from raga-dvesha, or likes and dislikes, you will be free from karma. If you annihilate ignorance through knowledge of the imperishable, you can annihilate the ego. The root cause for this body is ignorance. He, who realises the eternal soul, which is formless and attributeless, infinite and unchanging, frees himself from death.

The individual souls or jivas build various bodies to display their activities and gain experience from this world. They enter the bodies and leave them. The process goes on. This is known as transmigration of souls. The entrance of a soul into a body is called birth. The soul’s departure from the body is death.

Man has always tried to know what happens after the death of an individual. Science has been struggling to unravel the mystery of what lies beyond death Experiments have yielded many interesting facts. Natural death, it is said, is unknown to unicellular organisation. When life on earth consisted of these creatures, death was unknown. The phenomenon appeared only when from unicellular the multicellular evolved.

Laboratory experiments have shown that whole organs such as thyroid glands, the ovary, suprarenal gland, the spleen, heart and kidneys isolated from the body of a cat or a fowl, can be kept alive in vitro to show increase in size or weight due to the appearance of new cells or tissues.

It is also known that after the cessation of an individual parts of the organs can continue to function. The white corpuscles of the blood, if cared for, can live for months after the body from which they were withdrawn has been cremated. Death is not the end of life. It is merely cessation of an individuality. Life flows on to achieve the universal till it merges in the eternal.

Grieving–Body’s Need for Emotional Balance

HOW many times have we heard well-meaning friends urging us to “get over it quickly’’ when we experience the loss of someone or something? Any kind of loss–be it disappointment, setback, the ending of something, any kind of parting, break-up with a partner and death of someone close–warrants proper grieving. The truth is we need time to grieve and heal. We can’t get over something quickly, we can only move on progressively.

“Moving on does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean shutting out from memory what has happened. It is not the burying of the past and carrying on with life, because it is humanly impossible to forget significant occurrences in one’s life. What is significant for one need not be for another and one of the most damaging ways to ask a person to ‘move on’ is to dilute the significance of the occurrence.

But why do most of us do this? Because we are ill at ease with emotions and to most, grief has been defined as a bad and negative emotion. With these ideas, people become afraid to emote, and grief becomes something to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

Grief is not depression. It is sadness, which is healthy and appropriate. In sadness, people appraise their loss and comprehend the disadvantages that accrue. So a person, who brought pleasure to your life and who is now no more, may bring some barrenness for you. You will miss him, be sentimental about the good times and reminisce.

Grieving is the human being’s innate mechanism to restore emotional balance following separation of a loved one. As the emotional rheostat gets disturbed and is in turmoil, a natural process of weeping and sharing begins. This continues for at least a month. This tune of the mind, if blocked, can explode elsewhere in the body. As the wound heals, any method to accelerate or delay it, is harmful. Unexpected separation and death of loved ones, such as a child or a young adult, may take longer to recover. If grief lasts longer, look for depression, which may need treatment.

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