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New Year Greetings & Message from the President

The idea of publishing a Community Magazine precedes the birth of the General Mohyal Sabha on 24th May 1891. A period of renaissance in India with modernization of education in Punjab and north–western areas, traditionally inhabited by Mohyals, had begun in the latter half of the 19th century. Mohyals, who had been very active during the Mughal & Sikh rules, could not be left behind and they jumped in with full zeal and vigor to take advantage of the changed scenario. The elite amongst the Mohyals were well-versed in the languages of the day like Persian, Urdu and Gurmukhi. They learnt English and excelled in various fields such as medicine, law, army, police, civil services etc. They began publishing Community Magazines, either individually or jointly. This trend started in 1880 and a few Mohyali Magazines with Persian names like ‘Tarmim Mohyali’- Improvement of Mohyals, ‘Islah Mohyali’- Mohyali Reforms, ‘Maraqqa Mohyali’- Mohyali Album/Collections and ‘Miratul Mohyali’. The last one, which literally means Mohyal Times, was brought out, single-handedly, by the Mohyal stalwart, Munshi Bakshi Ram Dass Chhibber, who was a vernacular teacher to British Viceroys and their families.

All these magazines, which were the fore-runners of “Mohyal Mitter” did not last long, mainly because these did not have the backing of a powerful organization. This lacuna was removed when some of our forefathers sat together on Sunday, the 24th May 1891, pooled their individual strength & resources and established the Mohyal Mitter Sabha at Lahore, (now known as General Mohyal Sabha), and that in turn led to the birth of ‘Mohyal Mitter, ’ the first issue of which, in Urdu, was brought out in September 1891 (with 16 pages). It may be interesting to note that the modern Olympics had begun in the year 1896 only, five years later than the Mohyal Mitter. While the Olympic Games had been interrupted during the years of the World Wars, the Mohyal Mitter has continued uninterruptedly for 121 years and is still going strong.

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