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laudable effort by young

ms vasundhara enclave

Mohyal Sabha Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi (East), BH-202, Abhimanyu Apartments, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi-96, had their monthly meeting on 3rd Aug. 2008 at A-42, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, residence of their President Shri B.M. Bakshi. The meeting was chaired by Chief Guest, Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS and attended by Guest of Honour Mr. D.V. Mohan, Secretary General GMS, Mrs. D.V. Mohan, Mrs. Amba Bali, Convenor Matrimonial Committee GMS & Mrs. Pomela Bali Prasad- IRS.

The meeting commenced with Mohyal prayer followed by self-introduction and welcoming of guests, Rzd. B.D. Bali, Mr. D.V. Mohan, Mrs. Amba Bali & Mrs. Pomela Bali Prasad, by presentation of bouquets.

After confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting and paying homage to the members of the biradari who left for heavenly, abode recently (especially Brig. Ravi Datt Mehta for his supreme sacrifice in Kabul and for those killed in Bangalore and Ahmedabad blasts).

Mr. B.M. Bakshi-President, Mohyal Sabha, Vasundhara Enclave in his welcome address gave a brief account of the activities of the sabha. He stated that each member was working dedicatedly for the up-liftment of the biradari, under the guidance of GMS. Even though small in number, the members give of their best to give consistent results. He welcomed and thanked Mr. Ranjit Kumar, General Secy., Sr. Citizens Welfare Society for lending his help in facilitating the sabha to hold its monthly meetings at the Recreation Centre.

Mr. Bakshi also congratulated Rzd. B.D. Bali on his 78th birthday on 11th August, 2008.

All members of MS Vasundhara Enclave received a copy of the Mohyal History from the gracious hands of Rzd. B.D. Bali, so that the members of the sabha and their families, especially the coming generation, may know about the rich heritage of the community  and get motivated and inspired to involve themselves to enrich the community with their contribution and script a new chapter in our history.

Copies of Amrit Vaani by Swami Satya Nand ji were also distributed on this occasion.

Rzd. B.D. Bali- President GMS said that he had been associated with the activities of the GMS for the last 30 years. When he took over GMS, the sabha had meagre funds, limited means and many problems at organizational level. Quoting an Urdu Couplet– “Mein to akela chala tha janebe manzil magar– Log sath aate gaye karwan banta gaya’’. He added that thanks to the commitment and dedication of members, things have positively and greatly improved now, with active participation by Mohyal brethren, with no ego problem and there has been a sea change in all aspects. By and large, every Mohyal is a true Mohyal who is now thinking in terms of brotherhood with an attitude of helping each other, without any disparity of status, high or low. Generals, high ranking officers and Mohyals with no sufficient means sit together in the open session and engage in free and frank discussions over matters and problems facing the community. This has led to credibility of Mohyals at all levels.

Our vision has been to harness the wholehearted energy toward creating productive projects and institutions. We have achieved success after success, year after year, by strengthening gMS, not only at organizational level but also making it financially very sound. He said that today we have trusts worth Rs. 3 crores which are very well managed. Building Mohyal Ashram and creating corpus of Rs. 90 lacs for langar fund, Mohyal Foundation and Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, are symbols of our achievements.

On the education front also we are aggressively taking a big leap so that children of the biradari make most of it. Our efforts have been to help children whose parents economic condition is not good, by offering them financial help and stipends. We are looking after needy widows with regular financial aid.

Bali Sahib said that everyone amongst us should ask himself as to what he has done for the biradari. Though we are now self sufficient, well-organized, this is not enough. We have to climb another ladder of success. He exhorted the Mohyal youth to come forward with spirited zeal and dedication, as ultimately, they have to shoulder the responsibility of taking the Mohyal community to great heights of glory.

Bali Sahib was very impressed with performance and new initiatives being taken by Mohyal Sabha, Vasundhara Enclave, and wished the sabha all the best in its sincere endeavours to do something constructive for the community.

He blessed Master Abhinav, who is just 3 months old, grand son of Mr. B.M. Bakshi and son of Radhika & Vivek Bakshi, and wished him a bright future and long life.

Bali Sahib was sentimentally moved when he met Mrs. Krishna Mehta w/o the late Mr. J.R. Mehta- Founder Secretary MS Vasundhara Enclave and gave a healing touch to her feelings. He exhorted her to remain active in the affairs of the sabha, thus making the dreams of her husband a reality.

Shri D.V. Mohan- Secretary General GMS, in his brief speech, said that we should be well interconnected, as is the case with other communities. We should look after the needy persons. We are honouring our students with merit, especially girls with scholarship. He also referred to Mohyal Ashram at Haridwar with best stay facilities, and about the proposed Vridh Ashram, at Dehradun. He wanted each and every Mohyal youth, who is 18 years and above, to become GMS Life Member by contributing Rs.2100/-.

Mohyal Mitter, the official organ of the GMS, is more than 100 years old. Mr. Mohan added that efforts be made to enroll more subscribers so that biradari remains well connected and informed.

Mrs. Amba Bali-Convenor Matrimonial Committee GMS said that matrimonial get-togethers are regularly being held on quarterly basis and our community should take maximum advantage of this facility. The parents can visit Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri and interact with each other for positive results. She desired that they must bring photographs of eligible boys & girls as also horoscope, which will considerably help at the time of preliminary discussions and can lead to final decisions.

Mr. M.K. Datta (Dilbar Noorani) an active member of Mohyal Sabha, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi and an Urdu poet of repute, conducted the proceedings.

He also recited two of his poems befitting the occasion, which drew spontaneous applause and appreciation from the audience.

Mr. G.L. Chhibber- Gen. Secretary Mohyal Sabha, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi proposed a vote of thanks. He was extremely thankful to Rzd. Bali, Mohan Sahib, Amba Behenji for gracing the occasion and motivating the members to richly contribute for up-liftment of the biradari. He also recited a poem saluting Mohyals, Mohyaliat and GMS.

Specially prepared mementoes were presented to Rzd. B.D. Bali, Mohan Sahib, Amba Behenji & Mrs. Pomela.

The meeting came to a happy end after a delicious lunch, hosted by Mrs. Parveen Bakshi w/o Mr. B.M. Bakshi-President, MS Vasundhara Enclave and their daughter-in-law.

During the post lunch period, Rzd. B.D. Bali interacted with members freely and frankly and asked about their welfare. The matter concerning Mohyals and future steps to be taken for starting more developmental projects were also discussed.

B.M. Bakshi, President            G.L. Chhibber, Gen. Secy.

Mob.: 919313346412             Mob.: 9958984020

Ph.: 42402136            Ph.: 22629578


Facts To Make Every Indian Proud

l Indian never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history.

l India invented the Number system. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.

l The world’s first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The Unviersity of Nalanda built in the 4th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

l According to the Forbes magazine, Indian Language “Sanskrit’’ is the most suitable language for computer software.

l Ayurvedia is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

l Although western media portray modern images of India as poverty stricken and underdeveloped through political corruption, India was once the richest empire on earth and will be in year 2025.

l The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 5000 years ago. The very word “Navigation’’ is derived from the Sanskrit word Navgatih.

l The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars have officially published that Budhayan’s works dates to the 6th Century which is long before the European mathematicians.

l Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus came from India. Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 1053.

l According to the Gemmological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds to the world.

l USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

l The earliest reservoir and dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra.

l Chess was invented in India.

l Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted surgeries like cesareans, cataract, fractures and urinary stones. Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient India.

l When many cultures in the world were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilisation).

l The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.

(Courtesy: News of the week)


merit on the March

Publication of a book edited by Dr. Rattan K. Datta: A book entitled “Coastal Ecosystem Hazards, Management & Rehabilitation” edited by Dr. Rattan K. Datta has been published by NAM Science Centre. It has articles / papers from a large number of countries affected by Tsunami & hurricanes.

New domain id for MERIT: MERIT has procured a new domain-id in the name of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website for AAUI:  AAUI has entrusted the work related to their website to MERIT which is being undertaken by Mr. Dushyant Dutta and Mr. Sumeet Singh. As Mr. Sumeet Singh has since joined Tech Mahindra, this work is being completed by Mr. Dushyant Dutta.

COMPUTER OPERATOR AND PROGRAMMEING ASSISTANT (COPA) Course: COPA course duly affiliated by SCVT/NCVT has been started at MERIT from August 2008. Duration of the course is one year and eligibility is 10+2 or duly recognized 3 years diploma in Engg. from any Polytechnic after class 10th.  This course leads to career opportunities as Junior Programmer, EDP Assistant, Web Designer, Lab Assistant, Office Assistant etc.  Admission to the course is open.

Hardware and Networking Courses: MERIT has started Hardware and Networking Courses which could lead to international industry certifications.

Advertisements on website: It has been decided to put advertisements on the website “”. At present an advertisement of M/s Systopic is being displayed on the site. Other members of the community are welcome to advertise on the site.

Jobs through website: Community boys and girls are sending their details on website “” for job opportunities. These details are being sent to different employers. Employers have emphasized that there is potential for B.Sc. (Agriculture), B.Pharma and Civil Engineering candidates. Employers from the community are welcome to send us their requirement.

Vinay Kumar Dutta

A.O. & Centre Head, MERIT

euphoria, high praise on birthday of rzd. b.d. bali

Birthday of Rzd. B. D. Bali, President ( GMS ) on August 11, was celebrated spontaneously with gaiety and enthusiasm at the monthly Managing Committee of GMS held on Sunday the 10th August, 2008 at the Mohyal Foundation, New Delhi.

On this occasion Mr. D.V. Mohan, Secretary General, GMS, eulogised the dedication and devotion of Bali Sahib to the social causes and sparing so much of time from his multifarious business activities in service of the community. He expressed his pleasure to observe that under his able guidance the MOUNT SHIVALIK Group is making big strides in various spheres including hospitality sector.  His company has recently  been granted a License to establish a Brewery in Haryana for which the Bhumi Pujan was performed on July 25, 2008 at a family gathering at the Project site at SAHA near Ambala. While every body wished all success to his business ventures, Mr. D.V. Mohan, expressed that every successful entrepreneur in the community should emulate Rzd. B.D. Bali and spare some time for the welfare of the community. Mr. D.V. Mohan recited the following two Urdu  couplets applicable to Rzd. B.D. BALI:

      “Nahin muhtaj zewar ka jise khubi khuda ne di –

      ke, kya khushnama lagta hai chand bin gehne “

      “ quam ke maidan se bazi ko jo le jai jeet –

      kyon sana khwan hon na hum us shesware quam ke “

Shri M.K. Datta, Secretary, Vasundra Enclave Mohyal Sabha recited two poems that he had composed specially for the occasion in praise of the President (GMS). One of the poems was in the style of Punjabi ‘Tapay’ that was much enjoyed by the audience. Both the poems will be published in the Hindi section of Mohyal Mitter, Sept. 2008.

It was an open house thereafter. Rzd. B.D. Bali was garlanded and presented bouquets and carnation flowers, individually by all present. Bouquets were also given on behalf of Mohyals of the seven sub castes.

Shri Sandeep Dutta of Janakpuri had brought a huge cake that was ceremoniously cut by Rzd. Bali who also blew the lighted candles.  Portions of the cake  were  served to Rzd. B.D. Bali, and to all present.

ch. s.n. datta felicitated

The House also greeted and felicitated Ch: S.N. Dutta, a  veteran member of GMS  and President of Mohyal Educational Society (MES) on his birthday on 15th August. Shri Dutta hosted a sumptuous Lunch for all the members to celebrate his birthday.

In the end Shri B.L. Chhibber I.R.S. (Retd.) while highlighting the far-sightedness of the forefathers of the community, who had established the GMS 117 years back, in 1891, stated that the organization had seen many Presidents and Secretaries, during all these years, and had seen many ups and downs. It had survived all the vicissitudes and even the turmoil of partition. It had shifted from Lahore to Amritsar from Amritsar, it had moved to Delhi.

new star

In 1978, exactly 30 years back, a new star was born in the GMS horizon, viz., Rzd. B.D. Bali, due to the eternal good fortune of the community. Over all these years, he has steered the ship of GMS  extremely well and brought it to what it is today.  From the fledging institution, which it was in 1978, he had built it, brick by brick, and brought it to its present lofty heights. During this journey, he had successfully taken all the members of the community along. That is the unique quality of a good leader. The Mohyal community consists of literate, rich, militant and aggressive individuals and uniting them and leading them was no mean achievement.

Shri B.L. Chhibber concluded his speech with a Sanskrit sloka, in praise of Surya Deva, in which prayers are offered to the Sun God to bless us to live for 100 years, to also give us good eyesight, good hearing, and be healthy and active, be without want, for all these 100 years. While congratulating Rzd. B.D. Bali, on his birthday, Shri B.L. Chhibber wished that all the above may be granted by the Lord to Rzd. B.D. Bali, so that he may continue to lead the community for many more years to come.


nishkam service is true service of mankind

Be engaged always in the service of people. The human body is anyway impermanent, so it is better it wears out in service, Constant effort and hard work are absolutely essential. If ten rupees is earned by hard work, we must return a thousand rupees to society through more hard work.

Prayer and worship are not enough. There is no difference between the Creator and His creation. Do you need to show a candle to the sun? Similarly, you do not need to worship God. He is within you and in everybody around you. In service to His creation you establish contact with the Creator. Krishna, even though he was complete in himself, still worked relentlessly. Arjuna however wanted to run away from the scene. You cannot run away. You have to do your bit. Not always will the situation be to your liking. You may not be able to change it. You can only change your mind, your attitude. If your neighbour makes too much noise, you can complain to the police. If your street is noisy, you can move elsewhere, but if your mind is creating all the chaos, what do you do? Recognise those circumstances we can change and those we have to accept.

A king got pricked by a thorn when he was out hunting. He was furious and ordered that his entire kingdom be carpeted. His ministers were in a fix. Wherefrom would they get so many rolls of carpet? A senior minister offered the suggestion that the king wear shoes and thankfully the king appreciated him. Similarly, we too should be able to change our attitude, we cannot expect the world to change.

How can we change our attitude? For that, mind control is important. Our mind is like an old car that stops only after colliding against some object, for its brakes don’t work well. Modern cars come to a standstill the moment you apply the power brakes. The mind is like a supermarket with many thoughts. In a supermarket we do not buy everything and anything. We take only that which we want. Similarly, we should let only some thoughts develop and let the others disappear. The mind is like an elephant. An elephant, along its path, keeps plucking, tearing at any branch or leaves that come its way. But when the mahout keeps it on track, it is focused and walks a straight path. To still the mind and to have its remote control in our hands, we need meditation.

However, people meditate, do japa while their mind is travelling elsewhere. To steer the mind you need to be aware, to be mindful. If someone were pointing a gun at you, how conscious you would be of yourself! It is that kind of alertness or awareness that we should have all the time. If we are close to fire, how careful would we be! That is how careful we should be with every moment of our life. The mind is like water, it is always turning downwards weighed down by our many desires and wordly aspirations. Water always flows downwards. But look at fire, it always leaps upwards. If you put fire under water, it sends water also upwards in the form of steam. We should be like that. Our mind should be able to be light and alert.

partisht member

Maj. Gen. Kamal Kumar Bakshi, Vishisht Sewa Medal, is the grand son of the  late Shri Sardari Lal Dutt Bakshi (then a Jagirdar in Kashmir) and son of the late Smt. Pushpawanti Bakshi & the late Shri Ram Singh Bakshi (a landlord in Bakshiana, Tehsil Gujarkhan, Rawalpindi in undivided India), was commissioned in the India Army in 1971 and retired lost year as an Electronics and Mechanical Engineer Corps Officer, after a prestigious career of 36 years.

He had graduated in the first batch from the then Meerut University. He is a life member of the Computer Society of India, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from IMM Delhi and the only Mohyal officer, who was selected for doing M.Tech in Computers from Cranfield University in U.K, which he finished with outstanding grades in 1981. He was awarded VSM in 2003 during Operation Parakram the only such officer in the Corps. He also has the distinction of receiving the Chief of Army Staff Medal twice.

During his outstanding career, he was highly reputed for his impeacable integrity, commitment, loyalty, enterprising team leadership with a down- to-earth positive attitude and a thorough professionalism. His last three assignments were as Dy. Dir. Gen. Financial Planning at Army HQs., Dy Comdt. & Chief Instructor at Military College of Electronics & Mechanical Engg. Secunderabad, where he spearheaded Administration & Management of over 3000 students including 200 technical cadets undergoing various Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech programmes in Electronics, Mechanical Engineering & Aviation and, lately as Head of EME Fraternity in the Northern Command, J&K where he monitored, coordinated and motivated around 15000 persons including 400 officers to achieve organisational goals.

At present Maj. Gen. Bakshi, alongwith his wife, Mrs. Kumud Bakshi is staying with their three sons, Mudit Kumar Bakshi (recently married with Surabhi), Punkit Kumar Bakshi & Punav Kumar Bakshi (twins), all three working in the corporate sector.

Maj. Gen. K.K. Bakshi was nominated as a member of the GMS Managing Committee, against an existing vacancy, in November 2007. He had become a life member of GMS earlier in October 2007.

meritorious performance by Mohyal Students

Master Mohak Chhibber and Master Ujjwal Chhibber, sons of Shri Jagmohan Chhibber and Smt. Gaytri Chhibber, once again proved their mettle, by clearing their respective examinations with flying colours. Mohak cleared his CBSE 10th Board examination securing 93% aggregate. Ujjwal who has entered into the 10th standard, secured a remarkable 95% marks in the 9th class.

Both are very bright and intelligent children in their academic and other activities also. Mohak is a national level quizzer and has represented his school many a times at state level and national level. Younger brother Ujjwal is the head boy of his school and a very good orator too.

On their success, their father, Shri Jagmohan Chhibber, donated Rs.500/- each to GMS and MS Faridabad.

nAashish Dutta, s/o Shri Ashok Kumar Dutta & Smt. Suman Dutta, passed 12th standard (Non Medical) CBSE Exam-2008 securing 87.20%  marks. He has been admitted in Thapar University, Patiala, for the course B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering).

Jaya Bakshi runner –up in dance competition

Miss Jaya Bakshi d/o Shri Jagmohan Rai Bakshi and Smt. Suman Bakshi, r/o Flat No.208, LIG Vikaspuri, New Delhi, Ph.: 25375425, Mob.: 9818644227, participated in the Dance Competition “Miranda Nachle Yara’’, organised by E.T.C. Channel Punjabi. She was only one step away from winning the first position and the prize money of Rs. One lakh. Finally she won the second prize. A Trophy and a Certificate have been awarded to her.

She had already proved herself in the Miss Punjabi contest held six months back. She has brought honour to the entire Mohyal community.

On her achievement, her happy parents have donated Rs.501/- to GMS for the Education Fund.

anisha does it again

Miss Anisha Bali, daughter of Mrs. Gita & Rajiv Bali, and grand daughter of Mrs. Nita Bali and Rzd. B.D. Bali, has done a short-term course in Finance and Accounts Management sponsored by London School of Economics and has been placed in A + category.

Anisha is a very brilliant student. She was awarded Pratibhashalee Awards for obtaining 92% and 94% marks in the 10th and the 12th class examinations. She is currently in the final year of B.A. (Economics) of Lady Shri Ram College and her ultimate aim is to join the London School of Economics.

Rzd. B.D. Bali feels proud of his grand daughter and has donated Rs.1100/- to GMS Education Fund.

savar sweeps gold

Master Savar Bali s/o Mrs. Alka & Mr. Monish Bali, student of Class 9th of British School, New Delhi, has won Nine Gold Medals in the annual sports events of his school in athletics. Master Savar was also adjudged the best athlete thereby winning the Running Trophy for the year.

Master Savar is very energetic lad and excels both in academics and sports.

Savar is grand son of Mrs. Nita Bali and Rzd. B.D. Bali, who have donated Rs.1100/- to the GMS as a token of their blessings.

adiraj exceptionally brilliant

Mr. Adiraj Dutt s/o Mrs. Priya & Mr. Kamal Dutt and grand son of Mrs. Satya Dutt and late Shri Mulkh Raj Dutt of Chicago (U.S.A) has successfully completed his Master’s Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics, London, U.K.

Mr. Adiraj is an exceptionally brilliant young man and has done his family proud. Mrs. Satya Dutt is the sister of Rzd. B.D. Bali, President, GMS. Adiraj is very close to Rzd. B.D. Bali and calls Bali Sahib      Dada ji.

Rzd. B.D. Bali is immensely pleased at Adiraj’s achievement and, on this happy occasion, has donated to Rs.1100/- to the Education Fund of GMS.


While doing research for writing the History of General Mohyal Sabha, some very interesting facts have come to my notice.  Those days the transactions were in Rupees, Annas and Pies.  The basic unit of monetary transactions was the silver rupee cast from sterling silver and weighing one tola.  The present market value of the old silver coin is Rs. 325/- per piece.  The present value of some of the Mohyal Sabha transactions of those days, are as under:

Donations by the biggest donor Munshi Ram Das Chhibber:

                                                                        Old Rate        Present value

Donation to DAV Managing                               Rs.                         Rs.

Committee for Scholarships to                                  

Mohyal students:                                               30,000             97,50,000 

Donation for Mohyal Ashram, Lahore              18,000             58,50,000

GMS Membership

Life Member                                              250                    81,250

Permanent Member                                      50                   16,250

Ordinary Member                                           5                   1,625

(Note: In addition Permanent Members and Ordinary Members had to pay a monthly subscription of annas 4 and annas 2, respectively till they became Life Members who were exempt from the payment of monthly subscription. Present value of this monthly subscription works out to Rs. 81 and Rs. 40 respectively.  If a member did not pay his monthly subscription for one year, he was not entitled to vote at the time of elections.  If he did not pay for two years, his name was removed from the list of members).

Mohyal Mitter Subscription

Yearly, in advance                                          2                         650

From students and from those earning                 

less than Rs.20/- per month                           1                         325                               

Except for small rent from two shops at Mohyal Ashram, all the income of the GMS was only from voluntary donations and subscription.

Now, in reverse, let us see how much the fees prescribed by the GMS at present for permanent membership and subscription for Mohyal Mitter would have been equivalent to, value-wise, in those times. The table below is revealing:

                                                                            Current Rates             Old  Value

                                                                                       Rs.                          Rs.

Patron                                                                          21,000                        65

Pratisht Member                                                         11,000                         34

GMS Life Member                                                       2,100                         Rs. 6  and annas 8

Mohyal Mitter Annual Subscription                                 50  annas 2 and 5 pies

It is left to all our brothers and sisters to draw their own conclusion as to whether the fees being charged these days are high, taking into consideration the quantum of salaries and income people are earning. A clerk in olden times was getting a salary of around Rs. 20/- per month only.

Dharam Vir Mohan

high appreciation

Congrats to Shri Vishwa Mitter Mohan, founder of Mohan Auto Service, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad, who has been awarded certificate by Shri KMVS Raju, CRSM, APSO, of Indian Oil Corporation, Andhra Pradesh, for achieving the Highest Sale of MS (including xtra premium) of 4918 KL in the State of Andhra Pradesh during the year            2007-2008.

They were also awarded the same certificate during the last year 2006-07, and were also the first to introduce queue system which has been emulated by other petrol dealers of the State.

GMS President Rzd. B.D. Bali has conveyed his compliments to both Shri Vishwa Mitter Mohan and his son Vikrant Mohan for the success in their venture.


langar fund

Bk. Suraj Parkash Vaid adopted s/o Bk. Salig Ram Vaid of Lahore and Smt. Vimal Bakshi, r/o B-323, Karni Nagar, Lalgarh, Bikaner (Raj.) have donated Rs.11,000/- for Langar Fund in sweet memory of respected parents:

Bk. Salig Ram Vaid and Smt. Durga Devi.

Bk. Salig Ram Vaid of Lahore grandson of the late Rzd. Jog Dhian Bali of Ratifal, founder of “the Lahore Mohyal Ashram”, who paid the entire amount of the Lahore Mohyal Ashram (page 162 of Mohyal History) retired from an eminent position of Punjab Police, Shimla in 1953, and died on 14.01.1966. Soon after retirement Bk. Vaid became President Mohyal Sabha, having its office at Chabigang, Kashmire Gate, Delhi and worked hard for the upliftment of the Mohyal Community. Rzd. Jogdhian Bali died in 1934.

Bk. Salig Ram Vaid was a very pious person and had settled down at Malka Ganj, Delhi after his retirement. Date of Langar: 14th Jan.

Smt. Jiwan Devi Mohan wife of the late Mehta Punjab Singh Mohan and mother of Amar Singh Mohan had expired on the 14th Aug. 1998. In her memory a sum of Rs.11,000/- has been donated for Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram Haridwar by her son Amar Singh Mohan r/o H.No. 456, MIG (H) Jamalpur Colony, P.O. Focal Point Distt. Ludhiana-141010 Tel.: 0161-2676427. Date of Langar: 14th Aug.

Smt. Shanti Ahuja, r/o 264, Profesar Colony, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), Tel.: 0173-2235494, has donated Rs.11,000/- towards Langar Fund in memory of her father, the late Shri Bhagwan Das Chawla. Date of Langar: 6th Aug.

Shri Parmod Bali, r/o 402, Model Town, Yamuna Nagar, Village-Ghillaur, Haryana, has donated Rs.11,000/- towards Langar Fund in memory of his mother the late Smt. Bimla Bali w/o Sh. Pran Nath Bali. Date of Langar: 15th July.

Shri Vipin Bali s/o the late Kundan Lal Bali, G-106, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, has donated Rs.11,000/- for Langar Fund in the sweet memory of his late mother Smt. Amrit Bali (Ambi), who passed away on 29.07.2008. She was the mother of Miss Vinita Bali CEO of Britannia Industries who was honoured with the award of Mohyal Gaurav by the GMS. Date of Langar: 25th Aug. (Her Birth Anniversary).

The late Mehta Salig Ram Mohan hailed from Tehi Dattan Distt. Campbellpur (W. Pak.). He was the son of the late Mehta Birbal Mohan, a well-known Urdu & Persian scholar.

The late Mehta Salig Ram Mohan had three brothers, the late Mehta Kishan Chand Mohan, the late Mehta Ishar Dass Mohan and the late Mehta Gurdass Mal Mohan. Mehta Salig Ram Mohan was the youngest of the brothers.

He was married to the late Smt. Soma Wanti Mohan (Devki), daughter of the late Shri Dhanpat Rai Chhibbar of Rawalpindi (W. Pak.). Mehta Salig Ram Mohan & Smt. Soma Wanti Mohan left for their heavenly abode on 9.7.1979 and 16.1.1981, respectively. Sh. Salig Ram Mohan had served in the Indian Railways for almost 40 years and had honourably retired from Delhi (Shahdara).

He was very fair, more than 6 feet tall and had a very close resemblance to the Pathan of NWFP. He had a commanding  personality. He was simple, straight forward and led a disciplined life.

He was well-known among the Mohyal Biradari and had been associated with the local Mohyal Sabha as Senior Vice-President.

Smt. & Shri Salig Ram Mohan had been blessed with five sons, the late Sh. T.R. Mohan, Sh. C.P. Mohan, Sh. O.P. Mohan, Sh. N.P. Mohan and Sh. S.S. Mohan and one daughter, Smt. Sushila Vaid. All of them are well placed in life and settled in Delhi.

As a mark of respect and in everlasting memory of their revered parents, the Mohan Parivar has donated Rs.11000 towards Mohyal Ashram Langar Fund. Date of Langar: 9th July.Om Parkash Mohan, GP-11, Opp. Gopal Mandir, Maurya Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi-110034 Tel.: 27322217.

S/Shri Vedaditya Bakshi and Vivekaditya Bakshi have donated Rs.11000/- towards the Langar Fund in memory of their beloved parents, the late Shri Vikramaditya Bakshi and the late Smt. Rajrani Bakshi, their grand parents, the late Sh. Bhagwan Das Bakshi and Smt. Savitri Devi Bakshi of Karyala and also in the memory of all departed souls from the universe. Date of Langar: 24th July.

We are thankful to our uncle Sh. O.P. Mohan, who has done good work for the Biradari. He is the President of MS Rohini-Pitampura and Representative Member of the sabha on the Managing Committee of GMS.—Vedaditya Bakshi, B-64, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow, Tel.: 0522-2661655, Mob.: +919415028800.

The death anniversary of the late Smt. Prakash Wati Vaid      w/o the late Shri Badri Nath Vaid of Chawinda (Sialkot), Pakistan, falls on the 3rd Sept.

Both husband and wife were staunch Arya Samajists. They had led a very simple and pious life and left for their heavenly abode at the very ripe age of over 90 years.

In their fond memory, their dutiful sons, Shri Brahm Kumar Vaid (M/s Trade Links) and Commodore Vijay Vaid (Retd.) Indian Navy, r/o H-31, Jalvayu Vihar, Powai, Mumbai-400076, have donated Rs.11000/- towards Langar Fund at the Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar. Date of Langar: 3rd Sept.

Shri J.C. Bali, Member GMS Managing Committee, his wife Smt. Manorama Bali, son, Shri Nitin Bali, and daughter-in-law, Smt. Bhavana Bali, have donated Rs.11000/- each to the Mohyal Ashram Langar Fund, for free langar on their respective birthdays, as under:

1. Shri J.C. Bali, 7th Aug.

2. Smt. Manorama Bali,

    16th July.

3. Shri Nitin Bali, 12th Sept.

4. Smt. Bhavana Bali, 1st June.

don’t lock- up your child’s future

Becoming aware of the warning signs of learning disabilities and getting children the necessary help early can be the key to a child’s future.

Learning disabilities affect one in seven people, according to the National Institute of Health.

Therefore, there is a need to be familiar with the early signs of a learning disability, in order to get the right help as soon as possible.

A learning disabled child is one, whose level of academic achievement is lower than what would be expected on the basis of his or her intellectual potential.

These children have average, high average, even gifted intelligence, and look like any other children, but they have a hidden handicap.

They may have trouble in receiving information through listening or reading (dyslexia), or may struggle to express themselves verbally or in writing (dysgraphia). In addition, many may have difficulty in spelling and, probably in mathematics (dyscalculia). Many learning disablad children may exhibit these traits. At the same time, every child need not show every trait.

There are several early warnings or signs commonly associated with learning disabilities between the pre-school years and fourth grade.

Pre-School Symptoms

l   Late talking compared to other children

l   Pronunciation problem

l   Slow vocabulary growth, often unable to find the right words.

l   Trouble in learning numbers, alphabets and days of the weeks.

l   Extremely restless and easily distracted.

l   Trouble interacting with peers.

l   Poor ability to follow directions or routine.

fourth grade symptoms

l   Slow to learn the connection between letters and sound.

l   Confuses basic words (run, eat).

l   Makes consistent reading-and-spelling errors, including letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left), substitutions (home/house)

l   Transposes number sequences and confuses arithmetic signs (+,-,x,=).

l   Slow to learn new skills.

l   Lack of planning.

l   Great deal of trouble learning to tell time.

l   Cannot write his/her name, tie his/her shoes, button his/her shirt.

l   Unstable pencil grip.

If children display any of these symptoms, one shouldn’t be rude to them. Patience and understanding can facilitate their learning process.

Mrs. Amita Bakshi Chhibber

M.A B.Ed Remedial Educator

T-74 Rajouri Garden, N. Delhi

In memory of the late Mehta Madan Lal Mohan and the late Smt. Shanti Devi Mohan of Bazaar Sarafa, Rawalpindi, their daughter Smt. Urmil Dutta, C4C/115, Janakpuri, New Delhi, has donated Rs.11,000/- towards Mohyal Ashram Langar Fund. Date of Langar: 5th September.


nDevoted younger daughter Mrs. Urmil Datta, wife of the late Maj. R. Dutta, has donated Rs.11,000/- towards Langar Fund in the everlasting memory of her parents Capt. Bakshi Sardar Chand Lau and Mrs. Raj Kumari Bakshi, who passed away on 1st Jan. 1990 and 14th Aug., 2001, respectively. Date of Langar: 14th August.

Smt. Raj Kumari Bakshi aged 92, w/o the late Capt. Sardar Chand Bakshi, r/o Model Town, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana hailing from Guliana (Pak.) s/o the late Bakshi Fateh Chand (Lau) left for her heavenly abode on 14th Aug. 2001 at the residence of her youngest daughter, Smt. Urmil Datta. She was the daughter of the late Bakshi Birbal Issar and sister of Bakshi Tirath Ram Issar and Bakshi Pishori Lal Issar. Urmil Datta is the eldest daughter-in-law of Bk. N.D. Datta.

galloping away to glory

Aafreen Choudhary (9 years)    d/o Lt. Col. Sidharth Choudhary (Datta), r/o H.No. 225, Sector-12, Panchkula, started horseriding at the tender age of 5 years at the Udhampur Army Riding School. She is currently studying at the Army Public School in Class 5.

She had participated in the Chandigarh Horse Show in April 2006, and won a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal, as well. She was adjudged as the ‘Best Junior Rider’. In December 2006, she participated in the Kolkata Horse show and won two gold medals and one silver medal.

Her speciality is Dressage and Show Jumping.

She has also been trained under the famous Australian Olympian, Vicki Royeroft. The Australian Government has given her a scholarship, and she won two trophies there as well.

Aafreen Choudhary is the youngest member of the Equestrian Federation of Ambala and was awarded the Commendation Card by the Governor of Haryana.

Her eyes firmly set on her goal, the 2016 Olympics, Aafreen is at present undergoing training at the Shivalik Riding and Pony Club, Chandimandir.  We wish her good luck and all success in her life.


Greetings– gms wishes for His grace & bounty in abundance, good health & long life for all fraternity members whose birthdays are in the months of August & September 2008. D.V. Mohan Secretary General.

85th birthday

Narendra D. Datta, (N.D. Datta) turned 85 on Sept., 26th 2008.  Only child of his parents, he was born in Manshera, Tehsil Abbottabad, Hazara, NWFP, in Sept. 1926. He had his education in Anderson School in Ipoh, Malaysia and did his Senior Cambridge Exam conducted by Cambridge University, U.K.  

Came over to India on a short visit a few days before the Japanese overran Malaysia and could not return to be with his father who had joined the INA, due to non-availability of means of conveyance.

Joined the Statesman, New Delhi as proof reader in 1943, and then worked in the Times of India, and the Hindustan Times from where he retired in Aug., 1985. Had a short stint as Press Manager in National Herald. And since 1989 he is in harness in the service of the community doing the Mohyal Mitter. He has brought out three souvenirs-1948 Conference, 1999 Conference and 2003 50th Conference (Bhopal).

Was instrumental in doing the citations of all the persons who were awarded Mohyal Gaurav, including other awards, besides the Mohyal Ratna citation in respect of Rzd. B.D. Bali, and Lt. Gen. M.L. Chhibber, President 50th Conference (Bhopal). He was GMS Secretary for approximately 14 years.

Was married to Mrs. Ved Datta on 30th January, 1948 the day Mahatma Gandhi was assasinated. Has three sons all married and well settled, the late Maj. R. Dutta-Urmil, Sudhir-Amita, Anil-Neeru, grandsons Rahul-Ruchi, Rajat-Supriya, Tarun, Karan, grand daughters Prerena, Kritika & Kanika, and great grandsons Rohan & Yuvraj. Sons Sudihr & Anil and grandson Rahul are all GMS Life Members.

He was conferred Mohyal Gaurav Award at the 50th All India Mohyal Conference Jan., 18-19, 2003 at Bhopal (M.P.).


Bk. N.D. Datta was honoured as the Seniormost Citizen of Krishna Park where he lives. He was presented a bouquet and a shawl by the area M.L.A. Shri O.P. Babar, at a grand function on 15th August, Independence Day.

nShri Prem Parkash Mehta,       r/o H.No. 5, New Colony, Opp. Old Una Bus Stand, Una Road, Hoshiarpur-146001 (Ph.: 01882-221696, Mob.: 09417174545), has donated Rs.101/- each to the GMS on the 15th birthday of his grandson, Shivam Mehta, on the 18th July 2008, and the 45th birthday of his son, Rajiv Mehta on the 29th August 2008.

nThe fifth birthday of Master Lakshit Dutta s/o Shri Rajesh Dutta & Neena Dutta and grandson of Shri Sardari Lal Dutta, Secretary MS Kathua (J&K) and Satya Wanti Dutta was celebrated on the 14th of June, 2008.  

On this happy occasion, Shri Sardari Lal Dutta donated Rs.101/- each to GMS and MS Kathua (J&K).

nThe fifteenth birthday of Km. Vaishali, daughter of Smt. Vimmi Mohan and Shri Balbir Mohan, r/o 2/1667, Behind “V’’ Block, Hakikat Nagar, Saharanpur, falls on the 9th Sept. 2008.  

On this happy occasion, Shri Balbir Mohan has donated Rs.100/- to GMS Education Fund.

70th birthday

nOn the 70th birthday of Shri Hari Sharan Datta, C4C/115, Janakpuri, New Delhi on 21st Sept. 2008, his wife Smt. Urmil Datta has donated Rs.251/- each to GMS and MS Janakpuri, New Delhi.  

Shri Datta is the son of the late Smt. Shanta Devi Datta and the late Chaudhry Ram Dass Datta of Kheri Vehra Lahore. He belongs to the same family to which the late Ch. Ganesh Dass Dutt, one of the founders of GMS, belongs. Sh. Hari Sharan is Founder Secretary of MS Janakpuri and the life member. He is also the sabha’s Representative Member in the Managing Committee of GMS.

nOn the 1st birthday on 12th Sept. 2008 of Master Parthiv Chhibber s/o Shri Lokesh Chhibber & Smt. Amita Chhibber, grandparents Shri Ram Pal Chhibber & Smt. Neeta Chhibber (of T-74, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027), have donated Rs. 251/- to GMS towards the Sabha Fund.  

Best Wishes from the whole Chhibber Parivar to little Parthiv Chhibber.

54th birthday

nOn 54th birthday of Anil Datta on Aug. 11, 2008, his wife Mrs. Neeru Datta has contributed Rs.500/- to GMS to be credited to the existing family trust in the names of grandparents Bk. Khushwaqt Rai & Smt. Kunti Datta & Ved Datta (mother) Trust. They are blessed with three daughters- Prerana, Kritika & Kanika.  

Anil is the youngest son of Bk. N.D. Datta, Editor MM.

nch. g.l. datta ‘Josh’, GMS Vice-President’s 79th birthday falls on 4th Sept. 08. Josh Sahib is a liberal donor and has contributed to half a dozen trusts with the GMS. He is a Patron of the Apex Body, the Convenor of the GMS-Local Sabhas Interaction Committee, and an Urdu poet par excellence. We wish him a long and healthy life in the service of the Community.  

wedding anniversary

nThe Wedding Anniversary of Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan) and Smt. Sudesh Kumari Mehta (Mohan) was celebrated on the 10th August 2008.

On this occasion, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta, r/o H.No. 5, New Colony, Opp. Old Una Bus Stand, Una Road, Hoshiarpur-146001, donated Rs.101/- to GMS.

silver jubilee marriage  anniversary

nOn his Silver Jubilee (25th) Marriage Anniversary, Shri Robin Bali, has donated Rs.500/- towards GMS Education Fund.


multi– talented teenager anandita (16 years)

Daughter of Col. Rajesh Punj (Currently posted as Joint Director, Logistics, NCC Directorate, Chandigarh) and Mrs. Anjali (Vaid) Punj, TGT Science, Vivek High School, Sector-38, Chandigarh and granddaugther of Lt. Col. (Retd.) Dr. D.K. Vaid AMC and Capt. Dr. (Mrs.) Abha Vaid (Retd.) Regional Director Family Welfare, Southern Command, Pune, is a student of Class XI (Non-Medical), Carmel Convent School, Sector-9, Chandigarh. She had secured 91.8% in the Class-X CBSE Board Exam-2008.  

She represented her school in the Inter Carmel Basket Ball Championship and was a member of the Winning Team.

She was in the Basket Ball team of Chandigarh and respresented the UT three years in a row, in the under-14 and under-17 Basket Ball National School Championships in 2005-2007.

She received Silver Medal in Javelin Throw in the Inter School Games in 2006.

Anandita is a very energetic, sensible and responsible teenager. She has has a finger in many pies. She juggles her academics, along with sports efficiently. She is an ardent animal lover and radical environmentalist. She plans to someday open a free shelter for homeless animals.


grateful thanks for birth–day/wedding anniversary greetings

Respected Shri D.V. Mohan ji

I am very very grateful to you for sending us Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Greetings. This gesture of love and affection from our Mohyal family strengthen our emotional bonds.

I wish I could do some constructive service for my own community.

May the fragrance of our traditional characteristics of self-respect, boldness and spirit of unity among biradari spread among younger generations and Mohyals come closer & closer to each other.

I am sure that, in coming years, your dedication, leadership of Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali ji and the co-operation of members of GMS will enable the Mohyal Community to attain new heights of development and advancement.

Mohyal community will retain its unique name and fame in the history of India.

With best wishes to all Mohyals.

Thank you once again,

Yours Sincerely

Smt. Swarn Kanta Vaid

27, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi

P.S: I am enclosing a cheque for Rs.1100/- a humble contribution to Sabha Fund of GMS.


I gratefully acknowledge the receipt of ‘Birthday Greetings Card’, conveying the kind sentiments and good wishes of our esteemed President Rzd. B.D. Bali ji and all the member of the Managing Committee of the General Mohyal Sabha.

I deeply appreciate this gracious gesture and convey my sincere thanks to you all for the same.

With my warm regards,

Yours Sincerely

Guru Bakshi


Thank you very much indeed for the best wishes & greetings on our Wedding Anniversary. We are grateful, please convey our blessings & best wishes to Hon’ble Bali ji and the Managing Committee. Thanks a lot.

I am enclosing a Bank Draft for Rs.1000/- (on my birthday 83rd) Rs.500/- and on our 61st Wedding Anniversary Rs.500.

Please credit this amount to our respected parents’ “Smt. Diwan Devi & Mehta Diwan Chand Datt Trust’’ Tehi Dattan. With best wishes & deep regards,

Your brotherly,

Major M.B. Datt

1, Defence Estate, Gwalior Road, Agra Cantt



We the Mohyals, the sword arm of the nation, are proud of Abhinav Bindra for his spectacular achievement in bringing the Olymic Gold Medal to the motherland.  

A billion dreams come true!




Date: July 13, 2008

Venue: Mohyal Foundation, A-9, Qutab Institutional Area, U.S.O Road New Delhi-110067.

In Chair: Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS                                                                      


MC Members: Rzd. B.D. Bali, Shri O.P. Mohan, Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’, Shri B.L. Chhibber, IRS, Shri D.V. Mohan, Shri J.P. Mehta, Rzd. Ashwani Bali, Shri Yogesh Mehta, Shri Ashwani Bakshi, Bk. N.D. Datta, Dr. Ashok Lav,      Shri Atam Sarup Datta Shri. C.K. Bhai, Shri Darshan Lal Bali, Capt. Gulshan Vaid,  Rzd. J.C. Bali, Maj. Gen. K.K. Bakshi, Shri Ramesh Datta,  Shri Rit Mohan, Dr. Rattan K. Datta, Shri S.N. Datta, Smt. Amba Bali, Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Smt. Surinder Datta, Smt. Sunita Mehta, Smt. Vandana Vaid.                                         

Representative Members:  Shri S.K. Mehta, Shri O.P. Mohan, Shri G.L. Mehta, Shri Vijay Chhibber, Shri Santosh Vaid. Shri Surjit Singh Mehta.                                                                                                   

Patrons/Parthisht/GMSLM:  Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber, Shri Hardip Singh, Shri Ravinder Chhibber, Shri Rajiv Chhibber, Shri Hari Om Mehta,  Shri Sandeep Datta,  Rajni Datta,  Shri K.S. Bali, Shri  O.P. Datta, Shri Navdeep Datta, M.S. Bali, Shri Vikas Bali, Shri Pawan K. Bakshi.                                                                                                 

Guests: Shri S.K. Datta, Shri Bal Dev Datta, Shri Varinder Pal Singh Bali, Shri Jog Dhyan Mehta, Shri Sandeep Mehta,  Shri Rishabh Mehta, Shri R.K. Bali, Shri Ajay Bali, Shri B.R. Bhandari.                                                                                                                                                          

Sad News: After the Mohyal prayer, the members observed two minutes’ silence in tribute to the following members of the biradari, who had expired recently:

1. Shri Natha Singh Datta s/o Late Mehta Ram Bhaj Datta of Karnal, expired on 20th May 2008.

2. Rzd. Ascharaj Lal Bali s/o Late Rzd. Hans Raj Bali of Jalandhar, expired on 25th May 2008.

3. Shri O.P. Bali of Karnal, expired in April 2008.

4. Smt. Chander Kanta Datta w/o Shri Chuni Lal Datta of Dehradun, expired on 15th June 2008.

5. Smt. Durga Devi Datt w/o the late Shri  Krishan Lal Datta, expired on 10th May 2008.

6. Smt. Indrawati Chhibber      w/o the late Shri Ved Pal Chhibber, expired on 4th March 2008 at USA at 92 years of age.

7. Dr. Lav Datta s/o Late Shri Pran Krishan Datta of Sonipat, expired on 24th April 2008.

8. Shri Pran Nath Bakshi s/o Late Bk. Baldev Nath Datt of Mumbai, expired on 4th May 2008.

9. Brig. Ravi Dutt Mehta (Datta), expired on 7th July 2008 at Kabul due to extremist attack at Indian Embassy.

With regard to the sad demise of Brig. Ravi Dutt Mehta, who was martyred on the 7th July 2008, in a suicide bomb attack on the Indian Embassy at Kabul, the Secretary General informed the house that Brig. Mehta’s funeral was held with military honours, at Brar Square, Delhi Cantonment, on the 8th July 2008, which was attended by the top brass of the Indian Army, led by Gen. Deepak Kapoor, Chief of the Army Staff. GMS had been represented by, besides himself, Rzd. Ashwani Bali, Secretary Public Relations, Shri Yogesh Mehta, Secretary Youth Wing and Cultural Affairs, Shri N.D. Datta, Executive Editor, Mohyal Mitter, Maj. Gen. (Retd.) K.K. Bakshi, Shri S.N. Datta, Major S.S. Datta Members GMS Managing Committee, Shri B.M. Datta, President, Mohyal Sabha, Janakpuri, Shri Sandeep Datta and many other prominent members of the Biradari. Rzd. B.D. Bali could not be present at the ceremony, being out of Delhi, but he had sent a letter of condolence to the bereaved family. The Secretary General added that the late Brig. Mehta’s ashes were immersed in the Ganga at Haridwar, on the 10th July 2008.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, and the Chief of the Army Staff, Gen. Deepak Kapoor, with their respective spouses, had later called on the family, at their residence, to condole them personally. A Condolence Resolution had been forwarded to the family, on behalf of the GMS Managing Committee, and the entire Mohyal biradari. 

Introduction of New-comers: The following members of the community, who were attending the meeting for the first time, introduced themselves:

Shri S.K. Dutta, Barara

Shri Baldev Datta, Barara

Shri Varinder Pal Singh Bali, Barara.

Shri Jogadhya Mehta, Barara.

Shri Sandeep Mehta (s/o Shri J.P. Mehta, Secretary GMS) Hong Kong.

Master Rishabh Mehta (Grandson of Shri J.P. Mehta) Hong Kong.

Shri R.K. Bali Advocate Delhi.

Shri Ajay Bali of Delhi Police Delhi.                                                                                                                       

Confirmation of Minutes: The Secretary General read out the minutes of the meeting held on the 8th June 2008, which were confirmed, with a few minor amendments.

Speaking about the minutes, Shri Ashwani Bali mentioned that his suggestion regarding study by a GMS Team, of the occupation pattern in the Mohyal Ashram, between Mohyals and non-Mohyals, related to the months of June and July only, which were the peak periods of occupancy there.

Shri S.N. Datta stated that 7-8 rooms in the Ashram were normally kept reserved by the GMS for allotment to Mohyals, but these have to be booked at least a day in advance, otherwise these could be allotted to non-Mohyals, who request for accommodation, as it is not in the interest of the GMS to keep the rooms vacant. Shri S.N. Datta added that instructions have also been issued to the Manager of the Mohyal Ashram, that allotment of more than three rooms to a single party should be done only with the prior approval of the GMS.

With regard to prior booking of rooms in the Ashram, a complaint was voiced that the landlines at the Ashram remained either out of order, or the staff there were not responding to telephone calls. While it was agreed that the staff would be warned for deliberately not answering telephone calls, it was felt that there was the genuine problem of the landlines remaining out of order, due to bad weather. It was, therefore, decided that a cordless telephone of either Tata Indicom or Reliance, could be procured for the Ashram, which will not be affected by the weather. (A Tata Indicom telephone has since been purchased for the Ashram.and the Number is 9219441137.)                                                                                             

Employment Data in the GMS Website: Arising out of the minutes, Dr. Rattan Datta informed that there was quite a good response from the youth of the community to this initiative and that 15 applications had so far been received on the website, in the proforma published, seeking suitable employment, some of them even from abroad– Philippines.

Presentation of Accounts: The Secretary General presented the statement of accounts for the month of May 2008 and highlighted the main items of expenditure and income under the different heads of account. The accounts were approved by the house.

Quarterly Matrimonial Get-together: Smt. Amba Bali informed that the Quarterly Matrimonial Get-together at the Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, had evoked a very good response, with a large number of people from far-off places also – some even from abroad - participating in the same. A few alliances were reportedly finalised therein. The general reaction of the participants was very positive.

Elaborating further on this, Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber stated that about 100 persons had participated in the get-together, leading to many alliances being finalized. The Secretary General, GMS, attended the Get-together along with his wife, as an Observer. The parents/guardians of boys and girls had praised the GMS for providing such a platform, which has so far resulted in 31 alliances, including those of three divorcees, being finalized. She, however, lamented the fact GMS was not being informed of the alliances being finalized, as a result of the GMS initiatives, including matrimonial advertisements in the Mohyal Mitter and the get-togethers. She requested the parents/guardians concerned to invariably inform the GMS of these, so that the records could be updated. Even a simple post card would do, even if a formal invitation could not be sent.

She also exhorted the local sabhas to extend their co-operation for the proposed new initiative of the GMS, viz., ‘Samuhik Vivah’ and give wide publicity to the same in their respective jurisdiction(s).

Picnic by Mohyal Sabha Toronto: The Secretary General informed that the newly formed Mohyal Sabha at Toronto (Canada), was organizing a picnic on the 30th August 2008 and had extended an invitation to all Mohyals, through the pages of the Mohyal Mitter. He added that GMS will be represented at the picnic by its Senior Vice President, Shri O.P. Mohan, who is planning to leave for Canada on the 3rd August 2008.

According to Shri Gaurav Mohan, who is the Chief Organiser, and the brain behind the picnic, about 100 Mohyals had participated in a similar picnic last year and the expectation this year was that this number would swell to 200.  

Prayer for Speedy Recovery: The house prayed for the speedy recovery of Shri Dalip Singh Datta, President, MS Yamunapaar, who had recently undergone Angioplasty, and Shri B.D. Datta, who had played a crucial role in the construction of Phase I of the Mohyal Foundation Building and his wife, Smt. Savitri Datta, who used to collect large donations for the GMS. Both of them have not been keeping well for quite some time. Prayers were also offered for the speedy recovery of Shri Mohinder Dutt Chaudhury of Toronto.

Langar Fund Donations: 15 donations were received during the month, as per details below:

1. Smt. Savitri Datta & her sons Mr. Ashok and Girish Datta, donated in memory of Shri S.L Datta. Date of Langar 27th July

2. Kumar Dayal Kanal of Mumbai, donated in memory of his father Shri Dayal Dass. Date of Langar 4th May.

3. Shri Gopal Das G. Lalla of Mumbai, donated in memory of his mother Smt. Jamuna Bai G. Lalla. Date of Langar 17th August.

4. Shri Ashok Mehta and Shivam Mehta of Kurukshetra, donated in memory of their father Shri Inder Raj Chhibber. Date of Langar 8th June.

5. Shri Jeevan Kumar Mohan  & Sandeep Mohan, donated in memory of their father Shri Shadi Ram Mohan. Date of Langar 9th May.

6. Shri Tek Chand Chhibber of Delhi, donated in memory of his mother Smt. Raj Tapasya Devi Chhibber and Tai Ji, Smt. Somawanti Chhibber. Date of Langar, 15th June.

7. Smt. Kamini Mohan of Model Town Delhi, donated in memory of her husband Shri Som Dutt Mohan, Date of Langar 23rd December.

8. Shri Sumit Nayar of Dwarka Delhi, donated in memory of his father Lt. Col. SK Nayar. Date of Langar 17th June.

9. Dr. A.K. Bakshi of Ludhiana donated, on birthday of his father Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bakshi. Date of Langar 3rd July.

10. Smt. Kamlesh Datta mother of Shri Ramesh Datta of Faridabad, donated on birthday of her grandson Mr. Dhruv Datta. Date of Langar 21st June.

11. Shri Naresh Datta of Faridabad, donated in memory of his father Shri Baldev Krishan Datta. Date of Langar 21st June.

12. Shri Rakesh Datta of Rohini Delhi, donated in memory of his father Shri Jatinder Kumar Datta. Date of Langar 8th January.

13. Shri Sudarshan Kumar Datta & Shri Surinder Kumar Datta of Delhi, donated, in memory of their mother Smt. Durga Devi. Date of Langar    10th May.

14. Smt. Satyawati Mehta of Yamuna Nagar donated, in memory of her husband Mehta Darshan Lal Chhibber. Date of Langar 31st May.

15. Shri Iqbal Krishna  Hans of Gurgaon, donated in memory of his wife Smt. Kanta Hans, on ist birthday of his grandson Master Vijay. Date of Langar   5th February.

Progressive Total of Langar Fund Donations:

Number reported last month    807

Received during the month        15                                                           

Progressive Total                    822                                                        

Additions to Trust: 1. Bhai Kewal Krishan Chhibber, Bhai Sarv Prakash Chhibber, Bhai Dharam Vir Chhibber and Smt. Sheel, donated Rs. 5000 to be credited in the name of their parents “Bhai Kundan Lal Chhibber and Smt. Somawanti Chhibber Trust” raising the balance in trust to Rs. 85,000/-.

2. Smt. Damyanti Datta of Bhojpur Sunder Nagar, H.P, donated Rs. 5000/- for crediting in Damyanti-Baijnath Trust, raising the balance to Rs. 21000/-.

3. Smt. Surendra Datta of Gurgaon, donated Rs.11000 for crediting in Bk. Rajendra Kumar Datta of Education Trust, raising the balance to Rs.  91200/-.

4. Shri S.N. Datta and his brothers made the following donations to be credited to Ch. Harnam Dass Datt and Smt.  Preetam Dei Trust:

a) Shri S.N Datta 2500/-

b) Brig B.N Datt & Sh. Jagdish Datt 5000/-

c) Wg. Cdr KN Datt 2500/-            

d) Shri Rakesh Datt s/o Sh. S.N Datt 2500/-

                                      Total    Rs. 12,500/-

Parthisht Member: Shri Pradeep Datta of Dehradun was admitted as a new Parthisht member of the GMS. 

GMSLM: The following were admitted as Life Members of the GMS:

1.   Shri Mohinder Singh Bali New Delhi

2.   Shri Ramesh Vaid Barara

3.   Shri Mukesh Kumar Datta, Barara

4.   Shri Jaswant Rai Vaid Barara

5.   Shri Naveen Kumar Vaid, Barara

6.   Shri Mohinder K. Mehta, New Delhi

7.   Shri Radhika Chhibber, New Delhi

8.   Shri Surendra Kumar Lau, Barara

9.   Bhai Yudhvir Chhibber, Chandigarh

10. Capt. M.S Datta, Udaipur

11. Mrs. Meena Datta New Delhi.

12. Mrs. Rajni Datta, New Delhi-75

13. Ms. Ritika Bali, New Delh.

14. Shri Uma Kant Mohan, New Delhi-91.

15. Shri Sunil Madan Lal Bali,  Nagpur.

16. Shri Ramesh Chaudhary, New Delhi-70.

17. Shri Sanjeev Vaid, Rajouri-J&K.

The Secretary General informed that, with these additions, the number of permanent members of GMS has gone up to around 1000. He further said that it is planned to put the names of all Permanent Members in the GMS website. Rzd. B.D. Bali desired that, with the momentum that has been generated, the target should be 5000 permanent members to be achieved by the 31 March 2009.

On-the-spot Donations: A total amount of Rs. 24,255/- was received as on-the-spot donations, for which individual receipts, for donations above Rs. 100/-, will be sent to the donors concerned.

Birthdays/Wedding Anni-versaries: The following members of the Managing Committee were greeted on their birthdays/wedding anniversaries falling in the month of July:

Birthdays: 1. Mrs. Krishan Lata Chhibber-1st July.

2. Lt. Col BKL Chhibber-1st July

3. Shri Pawan Bali- 5th July.

4. Maj. Gen KK Bakshi-15th July

5. Sh. Mahinder S. Datta-16th July.

Marriage Anniversaries: 1. Mrs. Krishan Lata Chhibber/Sh. SK Chhibber  3rd July.

2. Mrs. Vinod Bala/Sh. VM Mohan-13th July.

They Made the Community Proud:

(1) Shri Gaurav Mohan: This young man, hailing from Lambra, Jalandhar, is keeping the Mohyal flag flying high in far-away Canada. He, single-handedly, had brought together the Mohyals of Canada and recently formed the Mohyal Sabha at Toronto, which has been affiliated to the GMS. He had successfully organized a picnic of Mohyals in Canada last year and proposes to do so again this year also, on the 30th August 2008. According to him, his inspiration has been Shri Pushap Bali of Jalandhar, Mohyal Gaurav and GMS MC Member, who needs no introduction. Shri Gaurav Mohan is getting married in early October this year, in India, and, being a staunch Mohyal, his future partner will also be a Mohyal. The marriage has been arranged through the Matrimonial Mela organized by the GMS last year. 

(2) Dr. Ashok Lav, Hindi Editor (MM) and GMS MC Member, has been honoured by the American Biographical Institute, by nominating him to receive the prestigious World Medal of Freedom, a global distinction, which is awarded to only 50 persons from around the world, in a year.

(3) Bhai Mangal Sain Chhibber of Meerut was honoured at the All India Tyagi Samman Samaroh on the 20th April 2008, for his co-operation with the Brahmarishi Mahasangh. 

(4) Ku. Sonali Datt and Shri Sahil Datt, daughter and son of Shri Rajneesh Datt and Smt. Rupali Datt of JCT Hoshiarpur, received Black Belts in Taek-won-do from Seoul (South Korea). Ku. Sonali Datt also stood first in the state-level competition in Mental Mathematics (ABACUS), held at Jalandhar, on the 25th  May 2008.

(5) On his retirement as JE, Department of Microwave Communication, Northern Railways, on the 30th June 2008, Shri Vinay Bali of Janakpuri was awarded a Gold Medal by the Chief Engineer, Northern Railways, in recognition of his 37 years’ meritorious service.

Major KR Bali Mohyal Nursery School, Dehradun: The Secretary General informed that the school has become popular and the student strength during the coming academic year was likely to be around 100. Since the building housing the school was in a bad shape, it had to be repaired and renovated, for which the estimated expenditure was Rs. 2 lakhs. The work was being got done by procuring material, and hiring labour.

Get-together by MS Panipat: MS Panipat had turned the visit of the GMS Interaction Committee led by Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’ on the 6th July 2008, as a Mohyal Get-together, which was attended by Shri Ashwani Bali, Shri Yogesh Mehta, Dr Ashok Lav, Shri J.P. Mehta, Shri Aswani Bakshi, Shri S.N. Datta. It was the brainchild of Shri Rit Mohan, Workind President MS Panipat.

Dr. Ashok Lav described the function as well-organised and hugely successful, attended by over 150 Mohyals. Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’ had given a brief speech about the activities of GMS. Dr. Ashok Lav gave the credit for the success of the function to Shri Rit Mohan.

Shri Rit Mohan stated his aim was to strengthen the GMS, and that he had been inspired in this regard by Shri Gaurav Mohan of Canada. He proposed to visit Toronto during Diwali time and would invite a delegation from there to visit the GMS. They can easily donate Rs. 10 lakhs each to the GMS and, if 10 persons do so, it will mean a sizeable addition to the GMS funds.

Speaking about the organizing ability of Shri Rit Mohan, Shri C.K. Bhai informed that the Haryana State Badminton Association had conducted a programme in Panipat on the 12th July 2008 and, the very next day, i.e., the 13th July 2008, morning, Shri Rit Mohan had managed the inauguration of the Panipat District Badminton Association.

Financial Aid for Shri Narinder Bakshi: Shri S.N. Datta regretted that, despite the Appeal for donations for the medical treatment of Shri Narinder Bakshi, suffering from kidney ailment, having been published in the Mohyal Mitter of July 2008, not a single donation had been received by the GMS so far. He himself donated Rs. 5000/- for the purpose and appealed to all Mohyals to donate whatever was within their means.

The Secretary General informed that there had been good response for such appeals in the past and he had no doubt that, in this case also, donations will be forthcoming. The Appeal had been published in the MM of July 2008, which would have reached the subscribers only recently and it was too early to expect the donations to come in so quickly.

However, there was immediate response from those present to Shri S.N. Datta’s appeal and many came forward with their donations. (These, together with the donation of Rs. 5000 from Shri S.N. Datta, totaling Rs. 11,000/-, was sent to the family by the GMS.)

The meeting came to an end thereafter, after Shanti Path, led by Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, with a vote of thanks to the Chair. 

Letter of Thanks for Condolence Message

Respected Rzd. Bali Sahib,

I am grateful for the kind words expressed by you on the Martyrdom of my beloved son Brig. Ravi Dutt Mehta in Kabul. May you live long and continue guiding the destiny of Mohyals.

I also beg to enclose a cheque on ICICI Bank towards my humble contribution for Widow Fund.

With best of regards,

S.D. Mehta, H.A.S. (Retd.)

Mehta Niwas, Kelston, Shimla Tel.: 0177-2657770,

Mob.: 9418376530


Community News Capsule

ambala cantt

nDate: 08 June 2008

Venue: 2, Shiv Pratapnagar

Attendance:  14 members

In Chair: Sh. M.S. Vaid.

The minutes of the last meeting were read out by Secretary HFO M.L. Dutta and approved by the house.

The President regretted the low attendance of members and that too, without prior intimation.

He raised the matter regarding the plot purchased by the sabha and construction of boundary wall with the available funds. However, the point was again deferred.

The President requested the members to furnish the particulars of their wards scoring 75% or more marks in 10th and 10+2 Board Exams, in order to forward the same to GMS for the award of the Pratibhashali Vidhyarathi Samman 2008. Only one eligible candidate approached, i.e. Ms. Swati Mehta d/o Shri Naresh Vaid, whose form had been filled up fulfilling all requisite formalities.

The meeting concluded with the permission of the Chair.

nDate: 06 July 2008

Venue: 134, Vashisht Nagar

Attendance:  10 members

In Chair: Sh. P.V. Vaid (Vice-President).

The minutes of the last meeting were read out by HFO M.L. Dutta Secy. and approved by the house.

All the members were shocked and grieved to learn that Shri Jatinder Dutta s/o Shri Ved Prakash Dutta of Mukerian, and nephew of M.L. Dutta Secy. had sustained severe head injuries in a road accident near Sugar Mills Mukerian, on the 2nd July 2008. Presently he is in coma in the ICU at “Satyam’’ Hospital Jalandhar City. The house prayed the Almighty for his speedy recovery and safe return home.

Smt. Usha Chhibber, active member of the sabha, had attended the Mohyal Mela at Kurukshetra on the 22nd June 2008 and donated Rs.201/- from the sabha. All members appreciated her participation at the function. The details of the function were read out to the members.

Shri P.V. Vaid, Vice-President again reminded the house that, in case any student was eligible for Pratibhashali Vidhyarathi Samman award 2008, the names be forwarded to GMS before 15 July 2008.

The house adjourned with the permission of the Chair.

HFO M.L. Dutta, Secretary

Tel.: 9896102843, 2660368

ambala city

nDate: 03 August 2008

Venue: Residence of Sh. Brij Mohan Mehta, V-President.

Attendance:  29 members

In Chair: Sh. J.P. Mehta President.

Proceedings of the monthly meeting of July 08 were read out and were confirmed.

Welcome to Sh. Upinder Singh Datta & others: Sh. Upinder Singh Datta of Village-Panjlasa Teh. Naraingarh Distt. Ambala was warmly welcomed as he had specially come to the residence of his brother-in-law Sh. Brij Mohan Mehta (host) to attend the meeting of the sabha.

President Sh. J.P. Mehta & Istri Wing President Smt. Savita Dutt reminded Sh. Upinder Singh Datta that the team of office-bearers of Mohyal Sabha Ambala City had visited him and other Mohyals of Naraingarh Teh. to form the Mohyal Sabha at  Naraingarh. In fact, the MS Naraingarh was formed but it could not be continued because of some reasons. Sh. J.P. Mehta requested him to again form the MS Naraingarh for which the Inter-action Committee of GMS will fully support the efforts of local Mohyals.

Shri Upinder Singh Datta assured that he shall try his best for the formation of MS at Naraingarh.

Shri Dinesh Mehta, Smt. Suraksha Mehta, Sh. Sunil Mehta, Veenu Mehta & Karan Mehta were also welcomed at the meeting.

Sad News: The house mourned of death of the following Mohyals and prayed to Almighty God to grant peace to the departed souls:

1. Brig. Ravi Datt Mehta (Dutt) Military Attache in Indian Embassy in Kabul. He was nephew of the late Sh. Kanwal Mehta (Dutt) of Kanshi Nagar. Brig. Mehta was killed in recent blast in Indian Embassy Kabul.

2. Smt. Shanti Devi Mehta w/o the late Sh. Jawahar Singh of H.No. 81, Kabir Nagar Ambala City.

3. Smt. Shakuntla Datta w/o Sh. Baldev Raj Datta of H.No.81, Kabir Nagar Ambala City.

4. Smt. Bimla Mohan w/o the late Mehta Ranbir Mohan of Chhachhrauli.

5. Shri Rajinder Parkash Chhibber of Prem Nagar Ambala City who expired on 22nd July 08. He was the uncle of Sh. Venod Chhibber Manager S.B.I. and maternal grand father of Sh. Navdeep Datta President Mohyal Youth Wing Ambala.

Happy News

Birthday of Rzd. B.D. Bali: The house was enthusiatic about the forthcoming birthday of the darling of the community and their national President Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D Bali, whose 78th birthday falls on 11th Aug. 08. They all wished a very very happy birthday to Rzd. B.D Bali and desired that Sh. J.P. Mehta President & Sh. Ashwani Bakshi Gen. Secy. should convey the greetings of the house to Bali Sahib when they go to Delhi to attend the GMS meeting.

Birthday of Ch. S.N. Dutta President MES: The house wished happy birthday to Ch. S.N. Dutta who will be 83 yrs. young on the Independence Day. The house appreciated the services of Ch. S.N. Dutta for the betterment of Mohyal Education School & Mohyal Ashram Haridwar.

Smt. Raj Dulari Mehta w/o the late Sh. Jagdish Chander Mehta, mother of our Vice-President Brij Mohan Mehta, celebrated her 78th birthday on 2nd Aug. 08. She was present at the meeting and the house wished a very happy birthday to her Sh. Brij Mohan Mehta donated Rs.151/- to MS Ambala City on the birthday of his mother.

The house wished a very happy birthday to Nalini Datta d/o Sh. Manmohan Datta Zonal Secy. & Smt. Neeru Datta Vice-President Istri Wing, on her forthcoming birthday on 14th Aug., 08 She is pursuing her MBA at Pune. Smt. Neeru Datta donated Rs.101/- to MS Ambala City.

The house wished Rakhi Mehta d/o Advocate Dinesh Mehta a very happy birthday on her forthcoming birthday on 8th Aug. 08. She was born on Rakhi day and that is why she is called ‘Rakhi’. Shri Dinesh Mehta donated Rs.101/- to MS Ambala City.

Other Donations: 1. Shri Sardari Lal Datta had celebrated his marriage anniversary on the eve his birthday on 24.06.08 at 675 New Model Colony Ambala City. He had celebrated his 50th marriage anniversary on 24th June 1998. He donated Rs.2000/- for the construction of Mohyal Bhawan Ambala City & Rs.150/- each to GMS and MS Ambala City.

2. Sh. Upinder Singh Datta of Vill.-Panjlasa Teh. Naraingarh the special guest at the meeting donated Rs.201/- to MS Ambala City. The house appreciated the gesture of Sh. Upinder Singh Datta.

Pratibhashali Vidyarathee Samman: Shri Ashwani Bakshi Gen. Secy. informed the house that the function to award the Pratibhalsali Vidyarathee Samman will be held at GMS in Oct. 2008 and appealed to parents and students to attend the function in full strength.

Mohyal Divas: Sh. Ashwani Bakshi also informed that the Mohyal Divas will be celebrated by GMS on 9th Nov. 08 at New Delhi. President Sh. J.P. Mehta appealed to members to attend the function in large number.

Grand Matrimonial Mela: The Gen. Secy. further informed that the Grand Matrimonial Mela will be held by GMS on 14th Dec. 2008. Sh. J.P. Mehta President appreciated the efforts of Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Secy. Istri Wing GMS & Convenor Matrimonial Mela, for working for Community Wedding (Samuhik Vivah). In fact all the members of the Chhibber family were giving selfless service to the Mohyal Community for materimonial services, as a mission. The house was requested to make the Matrimonial Mela a great success by sending particulars of marriageable boys and girls to Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber.

Mohyal Youth Camp: It was decided that GMS may be approached to allow MS Ambala City to hold the next Mohyal Youth Camp at Ambala City. Sh. J.P. Mehta and Sh. Ashwani Bakshi were authorised to approach the GMS in this regard.

Smt. Savita Dutt President Istri Wing MS Ambala City thanked the host Smt. Raj Dulari Mehta, Sh. Brij Mohan Mehta, Smt. Suraksha Mehta, Sh. Dinesh Mehta, Sh. Sunil Mehta & Veenu Mehta for their hospitality.

The meeting ended with Shanti Path by the evergreen & ever present baby Vani Datta.

J.P. Mehta, President

Ashwani Bakshi, Gen. Secy.


nDate: 03 Aug. 2008

Venue: Bali Photographer, Hall Bazar.

Attendance:  No figure

In Chair: Not indicated.

The agenda of the meeting was to increase the presence of the biradari members at the meetings. It was decided that there should be Havan performed at every monthly meeting. The purpose behind the havan is Welfare of the Society. All biradari members are being requested to come along with their family members and put the Ahuti in the havan.

The next agenda is to make the Mohyal Directory of Amritsar.

Thereafter, the members dispersed.

Puneet Dutta, Gen. Secy.


nDate: 13 July 2008

Venue: Maj. K.R. Bali Mohyal Nursery School Mohyal Bhawan Karanpur.

Attendance:  16 members

In Chair: Sh. N.K. Dutta, President.

Sh. S.K. Chhibber, Secy. read out the minutes of the last meeting for approval.

Mohyal Milan 2008: A detailed discussion was held on the subject. The house decided to nominate Shri Parmod Mehta, a young advocate, to be Convenor of the Mela. He will be assisted by S/Shri Rajesh Mohan and L.P. Mehta. It was one of the encourging moments that young Mohyals accepted the responsibilities to organise the Mela. The house applauded their acceptance. The Secretary requested all to contribute liberally to make the function a success.

Sad News: Secretary informed the house of the demise of Sh. A.P. Dutta, father of Sh. Rajiv Dutta. He also informed of the untimely demise of Akshye Chhibber s/o Sh. Vipin Chhibber at the young age of 24 years. For the parents, the death of the young son was a too-shocking, heart-rending and calamitous tragedy. The house observed two minutes’ silence and prayed to God to grant peace to the departed souls and courage to the families to bear the loss.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

S.K. Chhibber , Secretary

Mob.: 9412988319

P.S.:- While writing the minutes of the meeting, the Secretary got a call from Prof. Kamal Rattan Vaid that his father-in-law, Maj. K.L. Bakshi, had expired and that cremation will take place on 16.7.2008 at Haridwar. The members of the Biradari assembeld at his residence and the President Sh. N.K. Dutta placed a wreath on behalf of the community. Secretary, Sh. S.K. Chhibber, attended the funeral at Haridwar.

 —S.K. Chhibber

faridabad (s/e)

nDate: 8th June 2008

Venue: H.No. 372, Sector-6, Faridabad.

Attendance:  No figure

In Chair: Sh. Raj Kumar Dutta, President.

Coincidentally, the Barsi of the late Smt. Indira Mohan, who was the sabha’s Patron, also fell on the same day.

President Shri Raj Kumar Dutta narrated a few incidents of Mohyali spirit and love for the Biradari of Smt. Indira Mohan after which all members paid rich and floral tributes in the memory of Smt. Mohan. Havan and Braham Bhoj had been arranged by her children.

The meeting the ended with the permission of Chair and a vote of thanks to members who attended the meeting in large numbers.

Harish Mohan Mehta, Secy.


nDate: 6th July 2008

Venue: Residence of Sh. P.K. Dutta, H-133, Residency Green, Sector-46, Gurgaon.

Attendance:  No figure

In Chair: Col. B.N. Bali, President and Chief Patron.

President informed the house about the passing away of Smt. Subhadra Mehta, w/o the late Bakshi Tej Bhan Mehta and mother of Sh. Ravinder Mehta (Bhimwal), New Colony, Gurgaon, on 1st July 2008. The members stood in silence for two minutes to pay their respectful homage. (Later at the Kriya ceremony on 11th July 08, attended by Col. B.N. Bali and members of the sabha, a Condolence Resolution, on behalf of the sabha, was handed over to the bereaved family, who donated Rs.1100/- to the sabha).

The President then conveyed the happy news of the engagement of Vinit Bali, son of Shri L.R. Bali (who could not attend the meeting due to personal reasons).

The members were also informed about the sudden ailment of Col. S.K. Dutt, Chairperson North Zone and Sh. S.P. Mohan, Secretary Gen. due to which they could not be present at the meeting. All present wished them well and prayed for their speedy recovery.

The minutes of the last meeting held on the 4th May 2008 were deemed to be read and were confirmed unanimously.

The accounts for the quarter ending 30th June 08 could not be presented as the Secy. Fin. was out of station. The same will now be presented at the next monthly meeting.

The President recalled that, at the last meeting presided over by Shri Kailash Chhibber, the Senior Vice-President, an important decision had been taken to close the long pending case with regard to deputing a representative member of our choice in the Managing Committee of GMS. He proposed that Sh. P.K. Dutta, already a member of GMS Managing Committee, may be deputed to represent the sabha in the GMS Managing Committee. After detailed discussion, the proposal was unanimously approved. Sh. P.K. Dutta thanked the house for this honour.

To ensure better representation of members from various parts of Gurgaon at the meetings of the sabha, the following decisions were unanimously taken:-

(a) All future formal meetings each month will be held at a central place with sufficient space for accommodating at least 50 members at a time. The Hall of the School at Mohyal Colony, Jharsa, Gurgaon was proposed in this regard. Shri Kamal Chhibber, President and Sh. I.P. Dutta, Secretary of Mohyal Colony, gave their consent to the proposal.

(b) The meetings of the sabha will be sponsored, in rotation, by each zone of the sabha and be organized by the respective Zonal Chairperson.

(c) Each Zone will organize door-to-door contact with Mohyal families residing in their respective zones. In addition, the Zonal Chairpersons will organize exclusive monthly meetings for the Mohyal residents of their respective zones to discuss any matter of general interest and share each other’s happy and sad news/occasions.

(d) To ensure circulation of important communications among the Mohyal families of Gurgaon, a detailed list of all such families should be updated through Zonal Chairpersons and other office-bearers/representatives and widely distributed among each and every Mohyal family of Gurgaon. Till then, on the basis of the current list of Mohyal families, the communications will be sent to them, through courier, which would also enable the sabha to update the list.

(e) It was very gratifying that Sh. P.K. Dutta volunteered, not only to bear the expenses, but also arrange, through his good offices, to prepare and despatch all such communications to the Mohyal families of Gurgaon every month.

On the above happy note, the meeting concluded with thanks to the Chair. The hosts Sh. P.K. Dutta, Smt. Prabha Dutta and other family members were thanked for their kind hospitality.

Col. B.N. Bali (Retd.)



nDate: 27 July 2008

Venue: Residence of Shri Dharam Paul Dutta, President

Attendance:  About 15-16 ladies and gents.

In Chair: Shri Dharam Paul Dutta.

Some members enquired about the status of the flooring in the Hall and galleries attached to the Samadhi of Baba Thakker Ji Maharaj. The President informed them that the marble flooring of the Hall and galleries has been completed in all respects.

All the members went to the site and, after seeing the flooring work, were very happy. The renovation work of the holy Samadhi of Baba Thakker ji Maharaj remained which will be completed after the coming Basant Panchami.

The house paid homage to Sh. Narinder Dutta s/o the late Diwan Abinashi Ram Dutta of Village-Sidhwan, on his sad demise, and conveyed its condolences to his wife, Smt. Saroj Dutta, r/o Rulia Ram Colony, Gurdaspur.

Dharam Paul Dutta



nDate: 20 July 2008

Venue: 1326, UE-II, Hisar.

Attendance:  24 members

In Chair: Dr. O.P. Bali, President

The meeting was being held after the gap of many months.

Everybody was enthusiastic to increase the number of members. Some families had failed to turn up though contacted several times.

It was decided to hold the meetings at the residence of the families who do not attend the meetings regularly. It was also decided to contact Shri Parbodh Bakshi and to hold the next meeting at his residence.

It was resolved that re-creational activities may be introduced in the meetings so as to attract the young ones and small children. Prizes may be given to encourage singers, dancers etc.

It was decided that the preparations be made to celebrate the Mohyal Divas in the month of Sept. 2008.

Shri Sai Dass Vaid informed that he and his wife celebrated the Golden Jublee of their marriage on the 6th May 2008. Everybody congratulated them and wished them a long, happy and prosperous married life. Shri Sai Dass Vaid donated Rs.251 to the local sabha, on this occasion.

The meeting ended with happy and lively interaction among the members. Dr. K.K. Mohan gave suggestions to rejuvenate the sabha.

Sumptuous refreshments were served by the host.

O.P. Bali, President

Madhu Bakshi, Secretary


nDate: 22 June 2008

Venue: Residence of Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.) 7, Pusp Kunj Colony, Gorakpur, Jabalpur.

Attendance:  18 members

In Chair: Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.) President.

Confirmation of minutes: The minutes of the last meeting held on 16 March 2008 were read out and confirmed.

The house welcomed new member, Sh. Rajeev Mehta and his wife Smt. Rupald Mehta, who were currently posted at Jabalpur from Indore. Shri Rajeev Mehta is working with Phosphate Ltd. (Birla Group Co.) as Asstt. Manager (Marketing).

Tambola: A game of Tambola was played and enjoyed by all.

Conclusion: After recilation of Shanti Path, the meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the host for their warm hospitality, and to the Chair.

Col. T.N. Mehta (Retd.)


S.K. Chhibber, Secretary


nDate: 20 July 2008

Venue: Residence of Smt. Neelam Bali.

Attendance:  45 members

In Chair: Maj. J.K. Chhibber-President.

Proceedings of the last meeting held in June, 08 were read out and confirmed.

President drew the attention of members towards the appeal for financial help to Smt. Meena Bakshi for treatment of her husband in MM July issue and requested for donations. A sum of Rs.1200/- was collected and it was decided to remit Rs.2500/- to GMS by adding Rs.1300/- from sabha funds.

Donations: Sh. K.L. Bakshi presented Rs.101/- each to GMS and MS Jodhpur on his grandsons- Master Gaurav Bakshi    s/o Shri Anil Bakshi having passed BE Exam in July 08 and Master Jayant Bakshi s/o Shri Gopal Bakshi having passed the CPT Test and got admission in the Chartered Accountancy Exam.

A game of Tambola was played  & Kitty Draw was taken. A sum of Rs.2200/- each was presented to lucky winners, Kumari Neha Bakshi and Kirti Bali.

The meeting ended with Shanti Path with loud shouts of Jai Mohyal and thanks to the Chair and the hoste Smt. Neelam Bali.

Maj. J.K. Chhibber (Retd.)



nDate: 20 July 2008

Venue: Gaurav Restaurant Vaishali Nagar hosted by Mr. & Mrs. B.M. Bakshi (Vice-President of MS Jaipur).

Attendance:  No figure

In Chair: Not incidated.

After the Mohyal prayer, led by Mrs. Sharda Bakshi, two minutes’ silence was observed to mourn the sudden demise of Mrs. Sushila Bali w/o Capt. H.P. Bali.

The matter regarding attendance of members was discussed and it was decided that Executive Members may contact the biradari areawise and request for their participation. The Executive Members will be informed of the areas that will be allotted to each in the next meeting.

It was decided that the General Body Meeting will be held quarterly, instead of monthly and that all biradari members will be requested to attend the functions of the sabha. The Executive Committee meeting will be held monthly.

Identity Cards: It was also decided to issue Identity Cards to all members every year.

Donation: Mr. B.M. Bakshi donated Rs.250/- to the sabha, on the occasion of the birth of his grandson, Rishit.

Everybody thanked the hosts for their hospitality.

S.K. Bali, President

B.M. Bakshi, Vice-President


nMeeting held on the 3rd Aug., 2008, at the r/o Mohyal Gaurav Maj. S.S. Datta (A1/257), Janakpuri, presided over by Shri B.M. Datta, President, attended by 13 members.

Mohyal Prarthana was recited by Maj. S.S. Datta and Mrs. Sudesh Datta w/o Maj. S.S. Datta was presented a bouquet of flowers by the sabha on her gaining health after prolonged illness and also as the hostess of the day.

The minutes of the last meeting were confirmed.

Speedy Recovery: Maj. S.P. Bali, Executive Member informed that Sh. Anil Bali s/o Sh. J.L. Bali of D1C-71B, who had been in coma has recovered and is under the care of doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. The sabha prays for speedy recovery.

Good News: Shri Sandeep Datta, Convenor, PR and Youth Wing informed about birthday of his uncle Sh. G.S. Bali, former Minister & MLA Kangra District, on 27th Oct., 2008, attended by him along with his family members. On this happy occasion, Smt. Sharda Datta, mother of Sandeep Datta, donated Rs.501/- to the sabha to be credited in Jagat Datta Trust.

Shri S.P. Chhibber of Ashok Vihar has recovered from his prolonged illness. He is elder brother of Col. Yudhvir Bakshi, C-2/355 and is retired Under Secretary of GOI.

Members extended their heartiest congratulations to all the above members.

In Memoriam: Sh. R.K. Bali, ex-Treasurer of the sabha has donated Rs.250/- on the 6th death anniversary of Dr. (Mrs.) Kamini Bali on 12 Aug. 08. She was former Joint Secretary of the sabha and also an active member of GMS Managing Committee.

Janakpuri Mohyal Get-together: Shri K.K. Bali, Convenor of the above Committee placed the following points before the house which were unanimously agreed upon:

i) The Community Hall has been booked in A5B, Janakpuri for the above get-together. The timings as decided is 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

ii) An intimation with details of get-together shall be sent to all members in Janakpuri. A Group of Executive Members shall visit all the families as far as possible to establish personal contacts.

iii) It has been decided to contribute Rs.100/- per family to meet the necessary expenditure including working supper. The members could offer donations voluntarily.

iv) The date of get-together was postponed to 12th Oct. 08 (Sunday) considering inconvenience to members on 5th Oct. being Navratras.

Action Plan–Youth Wing/Istri Wing: It was decided to discuss the details of formation and function of the Youth Wing & Istri Wing at the forthcoming get-together on 12th Oct., 2008.

Pan No.: The members were informed that the sabha has been allotted PAN No. AABAM05544R by Income Tax PAN Service Unit, Mumbai. The sabha’s banker has already been intimated to this effect.

Change of Signature: On appointment of Sh. Rajesh Mohan as Treasurer, the change of signature in the Bank Account is in progress.

Opening of Website: The Working Committee discussed and approved the proposal by Shri Sandeep Datta that the sabha have its own website covering the brief history and achievements it has had so far.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hostess Mrs. Sudesh Datta along with her son Col. R. Datta and granddaughter for hi-tea served by them.

B.M. Datta, President

Satish Chand Bakshi, Secy.


nDate: 01 June 2008

Venue: Residence of Shri D.D. Bali

Attendance:  Most of the members with their families and children.

In Chair: Sh. D.D. Bali, Vice-President.

Shri Ashish Joshi, brother of Smt. Kiran Bali, and Smt. Swati Joshi (Bhabi ji) attended the meeting. They were welcomed.

Shri K.G. Vaid, Secy. read out the minutes of the meeting held on 8th March 2008 which were confirmed.

Ku. Swati Bali, grand daughter of Smt. & Shri D.D. Bali and daughter of Smt. & Shri Naresh Bali, had passed B.B.A III Semester, obtaining 80.30% marks and got first position in her college. Members wished her a bright future and career in the days to come. Shri D.D. Bali donated Rs.51/- to the sabha, on her grand success.

Competitions amongst the children were conducted by Ku. Ritka Bali; and Smt. Kiran Bali and Ekta Bali acted as judges. Master Krishna Bali, Ayush Bali, Gaurav Sharma and Ku. Nidhi Bali topped in their respective groups and got prizes.

The members prayed for the early recovery of Shri H.L. Vaid, who had undergone an eye operation on 16 May 2008.

Shri Naresh Bali conducted a game of Tambola and it was enjoyed by all, especially the children.

Smt. Kiran Bali, w/o Shri Naresh Bali got the Punctuality Award.

Smt. & Shri D.D. Bali served very delicious dinner. The meeting ended with thanks to the hosts and the Chair, after Shanti Path.

D.D. Bali, Vice-President

K.G. Vaid, Secretary


nDate: 03 August 2008

Venue: Mohyal Bhawan Karnal

Attendance:  19 members including ladies.

In Chair: Sh. Gulshan Vaid, President.

The minutes of the last meeting held on 6.7.2008 were  read out and confirmed.

GMS Membership: The President appealed to the members for enrolling themselves as life members of GMS by paying Rs.2100/-. This would entitle them the right to vote, in addition to one free copy of Mohyal Mitter for life. If any member can not afford this, he/she can enroll as GMS annual member by paying Rs.50/- p.a.

Panipat Get-together: On the invitation of MS Panipat, the President alongwith two members, attended the function on 6.7.2008. Keeping in view the tradition, a sum of Rs.500/- was given as shagun to MS Panipat. The President praised the hospitality extended by MS Panipat in looking after the guests. It was a very well  organised function for which the Organisating Committee deserved appreciation.

GMS Inter-Action Committee:  The President informed the house that on 6.7.2008, while at Panipat, he had a chance to interact with the members of the GMS Interaction Committee, when it was suggested to hold a meeting of the interaction Committee at Karnal for highlighting the achievements and the projects of the gMS.

Members present at the meeting felt that we should wait for some time and the meeting could be arranged during the winter season, after as certaining the convenience of the team. The matter will be discussed in detail in the meeting of Sept., 2008.

Accounts: The accounts for the month of July, 2008 were read out and approved.

Donation: Sh. N.R. Vaid r/o 1515 Sector-6, UE Karnal donated Rs.100/- and will be donating Rs.100/- p.m., regularly, for the Mohyal Charitable Dispensary. The President thanked him for this gesture.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and a cup of tea.

Gulshan Vaid, President

Rajinder Bali, Gen. Secy.


nDate: 27 July 2008

Venue: 275, Secondary Road, Ludhiana.

Attendance:  35 members including ladies.

In Chair: S. Amolak Singh Dutta, President.

S. Amar Singh Mohan had donated Rs.11000/- to GMS as Langar Fund directly in memory of his mother, the late Smt. Jeewan Devi Mohan w/o the late Mehta Punjab Singh Mohan. Date of Langar: 14th Aug.

Ms. Bandana Bali d/o Sh. Vinod Bali got appointment as Lecturer at S.D. College Chandigarh even before her result of post graduation was declared. She expects to top the Punjab University results. Congratulations to Bandana Bali & her parents.

It was decided that MS Ludhiana will expedite the efforts towards construction of Mohyal Bhawan.

Shri Ravi Bali donated Rs.200 to MS Ludhiana on the very good results of his son & daughter.

Shri Ashok Kumar Dutta’s son, Aashish Dutta, got admission in B.Tech, (Mechanical Engineering) in Thapar University, Patiala. He has secured 82nd position in CET Punjab & 386th position in AIEEE State Rank Punjab. Well done Aashish Dutta.

The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair and all present. The President paid special thanks to the host Sh. Ravi Bali & his family for the hot & tasty snacks.


Condolence Meeting

nA Condolence Meeting to pay homage to the late Brigadier Ravi Dutt Mehta, who laid down his life in a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, was held at B-64, Defence Colony, Meerut on 12.07.2008. Shri S.N. Bakshi, uncle (fufaji) of Brigadier Mehta, threw light on his life and family.

Brig. Mehta was commissioned in the Indian Army in June 1976. He was posted in Kabul as Military Attache, a few months ago. The Military Attache’s post in Kabul is one of the top three or four Indian Military postings abroad and Brig. Mehta was selected for the post after a careful selection. He was a bright, dynamic, confident and well-informed officer. The tragic incident came at a time when Brig. Mehta’s wife Sunita, son Udit and daughter Bhavya were in Kabul. The children were there to visit their parents for a short holiday.

A two-minute silence was observed to pay homage to the departed soul and members prayed to Almighty to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.

Col. S.K. Vaid (Retd.)


Capt. Brij Mohan (Retd.)

Genl. Secretary


nDate: 29th June 2008

Venue: Mohyal Bhawan, Mehrauli, New Delhi-30.

In Chair: Sh. Ashwani K. Bali, President.

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and approved unanimously.

General Secretary informed that the monthly meeting has been delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances and in future, the meetings will be held as usual.

The members present were informed about the death of the  following members of biradari:

1. Smt. Krishna Chhibber  w/o the late Dr. Jagan Nath Chhibber.

2. Smt. Manorama Mohan w/o the late Sh. Sri Ram Mohan.

3. Sh. Ashwani Bali s/o the late Sh. Bihari Chand Bali.

4. Sh. Vimal Bali s/o Sh. Ashwani Bali.

5. Smt. Santosh Chhibber w/o the late Sh. Yog Raj Chhibber.

6. Sh. Sanjeev Dutta s/o the late Sh. Madan Mohan Dutta.

Members observed two minutes’ silence to pay homage to their souls.

The General Secy. informed about the donations received as under:-

1. Shri Ashok K. Chhibber donated Rs.250/- on the Kriya ceremony of his mother, Smt. Santosh Chhibber.

2. Smt. Urmilla Bali wife of the late Sh. Ram Nath Bali, donated Rs.2000/- on the kriya ceremony of her husband.

3. Sh. Servejit Bali donated Rs.500/- on the kriya ceremony of his wife, Smt. Chanderwati.

4. Sh. Rajesh Mohan donated Rs.500/- on the Uthala Ceremony of his mother, Smt. Manorama Mohan.

5. Sh. Ashwani Bali donated Rs.1000/- to MS Mehrauli & Rs.1000/- to GMS on the kriya ceremony of his son, Vimal Bali.

6. Smt. Hem Dutta donated Rs.1100/- to MS Mehrauli & Rs.1100/- to GMS on the kriya ceremony of her husband the late Sh. Sanjeev Datta.

The Gen. Secy. stated that so far the following MC members have made donations towards the cost of bedding @ Rs.1250/- each:-

1. Sh. Suriender Bakshi.

2. Sh. Ashwani Kumar Bali.

3. Sh. Ashok K. Chhibber.

4. Ms. Veena Bakshi

5. Sh. Surinder K. Chhibber.

6. Sh. Mahender K. Mehta.

It was decided that every member of the Managing Committee of the sabha be requested to donate towards the cost of one bedding and other members of the biradari also may requested to donate towards the same.

The Gen. Secy. informed that an application for financial aid has been received from Smt. Meena Bakshi w/o Sh. Narender Bakshi of Tonda Ujjain Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar Uttarakhand. Her husband Sh. Narender Bakshi has been ill for about a year due to damaged kidney. She is a poor lady and unable to bear the expenses of the medical treatment which come to Rs.15000 per month. Her application has been forwarded to GMS on 11.6.08 for financial aid.

He added that he had personally donated Rs.1000/- to the family and requested other members present to donate for the good cause. The Gen. Secy. further suggested that Rs.5000/- be paid as financial assistance through MS Mehrauli a few members of the Managing Committee had a different view and said that such help may not be given. But it was resolved with majority vote to grant a sum of Rs.5000 to the needy family immediately.

As regards the accounts the Treasurer pointed out that due to the absence of Sh. Mahender K. Mehta and the death of Sh. Sanjeev Dutta, the accounts could not be prepared and that it will be presented at the next meeting.

The house was informed that an application had been received through Merit from the mother of Ms. Gayatri, a student of Ludhiana, to stay at MS Mehrauli for a period of one month. The matter had been discussed by the President and Gen. Secy. and she had been provided the necessary accommodation. Members appreciated the gesture.

It was further informed that a P.A system had been purchased for use by the Kirtan Mandli through Sh. Surender Bakshi, Treasurer, for a sum of Rs.10165/- on 13.6.2008. Sh. B.R. Datta objected to the manner in which the purchase was made by not involving him. The Gen. Secy. informed that he had requested the Treasurer to purchase these items as the Istri Wing of the sabha had been requesting a number of times, for the same. The Managing Committee approved the expenses incurred on it. Thanks were given to Shri Surinder Bakshi for making the purchase at a competitive rate.

Ashwani K. Bali, President

Ashok K. Chhibber

Gen. Secretary

mehrauli istri wings

nA meeting of the Istri Wing of MS Mehrauli was held on  9th Aug. 08 under Smt. Veena Mehta, Convenor.

The following decisions were taken by them unanimously:

1. Any member/peson who wants Dholki & other material i.e. portraits of God Goddess shall have to pay a sum of Rs.101/- as unsage charges for a day.

2. Any member/person seeking use of P.A system for kirtan  at their residence will also have to pay a sum of Rs.201/-.

One key of the upper hall of MS Mehrauli was handed over to Smt. Veena Mehta, Convenor, besides to Shri Nand Kishan Datta, Store incharge, for issue of Dholki, P.A system & other material.

In both the cases, the member/person has to make a request to Smt. Veena Mehta, Convenor and the material will be issued on the above said terms & conditions.

Smt. Veena Bakshi requested the members to bring more members of the biradari for the kirtan next time, which is held on every 2nd Saturday evening at the Bhawan Building.

Veena Bakshi, Convenor


nDate: 03 August 2008

Venue: Arun Vihar Community Centre, Sec.-37, Noida.

Host: Smt. Asha & Col. (Dr.) R.K. Datta (Retd.)

Attendance:  35 members including ladies and two Guests.

In Chair: Lt. Gen. G.L Bakshi, PVSM (Rtd.) President.

Regrets: Wg. Comdr. M.M. Bakshi (Retd.) and Mrs. & Mr. Satish K. Sharma due to personal reasons.

The minutes of the meeting held on July 06, 2008, were read out by the Secretary and confirmed.

The President, Lt. Gen. Bakshi, welcomed Shri Ram Avtar Chhibber, IPS (Retd.), Vice-President, after recovery from major surgery of Parotid tumor. Sh. Chhibber thanked the President, Secretary and all other members for their best wishes and for visiting him in the hospital and residence.

The President and members conveyed their felicitations and best wishes to Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS on his 78th birthday falling on 11th Aug. 08. All wished him a very very happy, healthy and prosperous life. May he continue to guide the affairs of the community for years to come.

The President informed the members about the supreme sacrifice of Brig. Ravi Datta, who was killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul on 7th July 08. All members conveyed their heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family. May the Almighty grant peace to the departed soul and give strength to the family members to bear this unbearable loss. Our country and the Mohyal community have lost a brilliant officer.

The President invited the attention of the members towards the Appeal of Secretary Gen., GMS published in Mohyal Mitter of Aug. 08 issue, regarding curtailment of extra copies of Mohyal Mitter being received by some members in different capacities. Such members were requested to respond to this Appeal immediately.

The next quarterly Match-making get-together will be held on 28th Sept. 08. Members were requested to provide the necessary information to the Convenor, Matrimonial Committee and also attend the get-together in large numbers.

The GMS Telephone Directory 2008 is being updated. The Vice-President will send the desired list with mobile numbers, e-mail addresses etc. to the GMS before by 31st Aug., 2008.

Discussion on monthly Topic: The topic “Inflation and Economic slow down-its causes & remedies’’ was discussed in great detail. The President and most of the members expressed their views, which evinced keen interest amongst all.

Conclusion: The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and to the host for his kind hospitality, which was followed by recitation of Shanti Path. A brief game of Tambola was enjoyed by the members before dispersal.

B.K. Vaid, Secretary


nDate: 20th July 2008

Venue: H.No. 336, Sector-11, Panchkula, r/o Sh. & Smt. R.P. Bakshi (Chhibber).

Attendance:  30 members including 9 ladies, and Lt. Gen. B.K.N. Chhibber, despite heavy rainfall just before the meeting.

Secretary read out the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved by the house.

Swami Prithvi Nathji, a great devotee of Lord Hanuman, who has vowed to do 1,25,000 recitations of Sunderkand, was specially invited to the meeting. He spoke about several little- known facts about Hanumanji. This was appreciated by all present.

Lt. Col. B.N. Bali spoke about the virtues of eye donation. He, along with Gen. Chhibber, explained the procedure for donating eyes.

Shri S.C. Dutta, Jt. Secy. of MS Panchkula, was presented with a shawl and memento in recognition of his several years of selfless and dedicated service to the Mohyal community.

Two minute’s silence was observed to mourn the untimely demise of Sh. Chander Mohan Vaid, son-in-law of Sh. R.P. Bakshi’s sister, Smt. Kanta Vaid.

Lt. Col. (Dr.) D.K. Vaid had been hospitalized with a heart problem. Everyone prayed for his speedy recovery.

Meeting concluded with the Mohyal prarthana and vote of thanks to the hosts for their  hospitality.

Cdr. M.L. Mohan I.N. (Retd.)

General Secretary

rohini —pitampura

nDate: 10 August 2008

Venue: Residence of Shri Sushil K. Datta

Attendance:  60 members

In Chair: Sh. O.P. Mohan.

The house warmly welcomed Shri J.P. Mehta, Secretary, GMS and President, MS Ambala City who attended the meeting as a special invitee. The President and the Secy. of the sabha, specially thanked him for attending the meeting and giving the benefit of his advice.

Shri Mehta, while thanking the members for giving such a warm welcome, stated that he was very much impressed by the large number of members present-perhaps the best attendance of a local sabha.

Shri Pramod Bakshi, Budh Vihar, Delhi, who had enrolled himself as a GMS life member, was also welcomed, as he was attending the meeting for the first time.

Sad News: 1. Brig. Ravi Dutt Mehta, Military Attache, Indian Embassy at Kabul died in a bomb blast on 7th July 08 and kriya was held on 8th July, 08. Sh. P.L. Mehta, Sh. Yogesh Mehta and Smt. Chander Prabha Mohan had joined the cremation ceremony at Brar Square, Delhi Cantt on the 8th July, 2008.

2. Shri Vipin Mehta son of Shri V.P. Mehta and Smt. Yash Mehta, Patel Nagar, expired on 10th Aug. 2008. He was the nephew of Sh. K.K. Dutta, Rani Bagh, Delhi.

3. Wife of Shri Pratap Chhibber, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.

Members observed two minutes’ silence to pay homage to the departed souls.

Good News: 1. Sh. O.P. Mohan, Rohini donated Rs.151/- on his 73rd birthday on 10th Aug. 2008. At the GMS meeting, Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali had garlanded him and wished him happy birthday. Other members present also wished him.

2. 78th Birthday of Mohyal Ratna Rzd. B.D. Bali on 11th Aug. 2008: The members present at GMS Managing Committee meeting on 10th Aug. 08 celebrated his birthday by presenting bouquet and garlanding him. Cake-cutting ceremony was performed by Bali Sahib. The house echoed with clapping wishing him a long life.

3. Shri S.K. Datta donated Rs.251/- on the birthday of his wife, Inder Mohini Datta, on 26th Aug. 2008.

GMS Life Membership: Ten members of the sabha and others enrolled themselves as GMS life members by paying Rs.2100/- each. (1) Shri Sudarshan K. Dutta, Rohini (2) Pramod Kr. Bakshi, Budh Vihar (3) Sumeet Bakshi, Palam Vihar (son-in-law of Sushil K. Datta) (4) Atul Bali, Faridabad (son-in-law of Sushil K. Datta) (5) Vedaditya Bakshi, Lucknow (nephew of O.P. Mohan, Rohini) (6) Vijay Datta, Janakpuri (nephew of G.L. Mehta) (7) Nischal Mohan, Shalimar Bagh (son of Kulbir Mohan) (8) Sanjay Datta, Rani Bagh (son of Ashok Datta) (9) Hardik Bali, Ahmedabad (10) Sadic Dutt (son of Kapil Dutt, Pitampura).

Langar Fund: Shri Vedaditya Bakshi and his brother, Sh. Vivekaditya Bakshi, Lucknow, donated Rs.11000/- for Langar Fund of Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in memory of their parents, the late Shri Vikramaditya Bakshi and the late Rajrani Bakshi and their grandparents the late Bhai Bhagwan Dass Bakshi and late Smt. Savitri Devi Bakshi of Karyala (father-in-law and mother-in-law of Sh. O.P. Mohan, Rohini).

G.P. Mehta’s Observations: On noticing the GMS life membership drive of the sabha, i.e. ten in July/Aug. 2008 (till date 61 members), and the huge gathering, specially of ladies, Sh. G.P. Mehta remarked that the sabha deserves special award from GMS.

In Memoriam: The 7th death anniversary of Sh. P.S. Bali, father of Smt. Neelam Datta w/o Shri Ashok Datta, Rani Bagh, was on 15th July 2008. On this occasion, the family donated Rs.500/- to GMS.

Community News: Sh. Yogesh Mehta apprised the members about community news, highlighting the schedule of social functions being organized by GMS i.e. (1) Award giving ceremony for Pratibhashalee meritorious Mohyal students on 12th Oct. 2008. (2) Mohyal Divas on 9th Nov. 2008 (3) Matrimonial Mela on 14th Dec. 08.

Tambola: A game of tambola was played and enjoyed.

Lady Kitty Party: Money collected for lady kitty party was given to Smt. Inder Mohini Datta w/o Shri Sushil K. Datta, the host.

Gift (Wall Clock): It was given to Master Harshil Datta s/o Manish Datta by draw.

To celebrate the birthday of Sh. O.P. Mohan, his brother, Sh. Sushil K. Datta, arranged cake for Cake-cutting ceremony. The members present wished him Happy Birthday.

The host donated Rs.251/- to the sabha.

The meeting adjourned with thanks to the host for serving cake, snacks and tea.

O.P. Mohan, President

Yogesh Mehta, Secretary


nDate: 03 August 2008

Venue: Residence of Shri Pankaj Bakshi near NCC Office Rajgarh Road, Solan.

Attendance:  9 members

In Chair: Sh. K.P. Bali, President.

Shri K.D. Bali, in a brief speech, stated that no meeting could be held last month due to certain unavoidable circumstances and that since the attendance of members at this meeting was very thin, no proposal could be finalized. He requested all the members to attend the sabha meetings regularly and work for the welfare of the community and our young generation.

The meeting ended with Gayatri Mantra and thanks to the Chair.

J.R. Bakshi, Secretary

south zone (new delhi)

nDate: 03 August 2008

Venue: A/C 168, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, r/o Smt. Usha Chhibber and family.

Attendance:  15 members

In Chair: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta

The Secretary read out the minutes of the last meeting which were passed. He then presented the accounts which too were passed.

Sad News: The house mourned the very sad and untimely demise in July 2008 of Brig. Ravi Dutt Mehta s/o Sh. S.D. Mehta of Shimla in a terrorist attack on our Embassy at Kabul where he was our Military Attache. A brave and dedicated Officer, whose life and deeds are well covered in Indian and International media and most of all in our own Mohyal Mitter. We salute this great son of India.

The house also mourned the sad demise of Smt. Sarita Bali w/o Prof. J.S. Bali on 30th July 2008 at Dehradun. A pioneer of our sabha, who was a very kind, dignified and learned lady with forthright views, she had not been well for quite some time.

The house observed silence in the memory of these departed souls and prayed for their peace. The house also conveyed its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta donated Rs.100/- on the 45th death anniversary of his father, the late Sh. Nardev Chander Mehta         s/o the late Mehta Ramchander Shastry of Chakwal. The death anniversary was observed on 24th July 08 by conducting a havan at his residence.

Other Proceedings: Maj. V.P. Dutta brought out that, due to reasons of space and other personal reasons, it may not be possible for some members to arrange the monthly meetings at their residences and suggested that other options also be kept open for suitable outside venues as may be convenient. He also stated that a meeting fund be also created for this purpose and volunteered to contribute Rs.10000 to this fund. While appreciating his very generous offer, it was felt that this was a big amount but he insisted that it be accepted. It may be mentioned that he has been a big contributor to the sabha in the past also.

Other contributions followed  as under:-

M.M Mehta Rs.1000/-, Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta Rs.1000/-, Smt. Kamla Dutta Rs.1000/-, Sh. P.L. Mehta Rs.1000/-.

It was decided to keep this money in a separate Fund.

Sh. Ajay Dutta donated Rs.100 for his birthday, on 8th Aug. 08. The house congratulated him and wished him many more happy occasions to come, good health and happiness.

The house thanked the hosts, Smt. Usha Chhibber and daughters, Ms. Rashmee and Gunjan Chhibber, for the sumptuous lunch served with utmost devotion.

M.M Mehta,

Hony. Gen. Secy. 

toronto (canada)

nDate: 27 July 2008

Venue: Residence of Sh. Vijay Mohan and Smt. Vandana Mohan Cashier of the sabha at 9 Georgian Road in Brampton, Ontario.

Attendance:  20 members

Shri Gaurav Mohan, Gen. Secy., read out minutes of the last meeting which were confirmed.

He stated that the sabha should get itself registered in Canada, as soon as possible. A decision was made in the Feb. 08 meeting about getting the sabha registered, but 6 months have passed and it was not done. Members present also shared their concern in this regard. On request of Sh. Yash Dutta and Sh. Subhash Chhibber, Sh. Kapil Vaid volunteered for this task and promised that papers for registration will be sent within two days. On the insistence of Sh. Gaurav Mohan, Mr. Kapil Vaid prepared the papers right away in the meeting and got signed from 7 founding members of the sabha, who were requested to be official Directors of the registered sabha.

Shri Yash Dutta requested reconsideration of the option of catering the food from outside as we are not sure about the number of members attending the picnic and suggested that everybody should bring their own food which was approved by the Executive Committee. Sh. J.C. Dutta requested that members should provide information about the estimated number of persons coming with them to Sh. Gaurav Mohan by 22nd Aug. 2008.

Abha Mohan, Vandana Mohan and Gaurav Mohan will call the Mohyals from the Directory of Mohyals living in Greater Toronto area and inform them about the formation of the Mohyal Sabha and encourage them to be members and also attend the meetings.

Smt. Abha Mohan will be in charge of the games to be conducted and would select and lead a team of volunteers during the Picnic. She insisted that the exact number and types of games should be decided in the next meeting as we will have better idea of the number children coming to the Picnic. Prizes arrangements would be made by Recreational Coordinator, Sh. Yash Dutta, with the help of Sh. Gaurav Mohan and Sh. Guru Dutt Vaid.

Smt. Abha Mohan suggested that we should collect $ 5 each from the participating families so that some income could be raised for the sabha.

Membership forms of the sabha were filled and $50 each paid by the following members:

1. Shri Guru Dutt Vaid, 2. Shri Vikram Dutta, 3. Shri Sushim Mohan, 4. Shri Mahendra Chhibber, (Form filled and $25 paid by Sh. Ajay Dutta).

Donations: 1. Shri Yash Dutta $101 on becoming “Nanaji’’.

2. Sh. Subhash Chhibber and Smt. Mamta Chhibber $51, on their marriage anniversary.

Sh. Gaurav Mohan informed that information and membership fees had been sent to GMS for life membership of the following members:

1. Sh. Sushim Mohan, 2. Sh. Vijay Mohan, 3. Sh. J.C. Dutta, 4. Sh. Vikram Dutta, 5. Sh. Neeraj Bali.

The following members paid subscription in this meeting for GMS Life-Membership which will be sent this week:

1. Sh. Kapil Vaid, 2. Sh. Ajay Dutta, 3. Sh. Manu Datta, 4. Sh. Mahendra Chhibber.

Shri Gaurav Mohan shared the news that Mehta O.P. Mohan Sr. Vice-Presidnet GMS will be visiting Toronto during Aug. 08, and has been deputed to attend the Picnic as GMS representive (as informed by Sh. Yogesh Mehta Secy. Youth and Cultural Affairs GMS).

GMS has applied to Limca Book of Records to list Mohyal Mitter as the “Oldest Continuous Published Magazine of India’’, which will be a matter of great pride for the Mohyal Community around the world.

The meeting was adjourned after thanking Sh. Vijay and Vandana Mohan for the nice lunch.

Jagdish C. Dutta, President

Gaurav Mohan (Lambra)

Gen. Secretary

yamuna nagar

nDate: 20th July 2008

Venue: Mohyal Bhawan

Attendance:  22 members

In Chair: Shri Vipin Mohan President.

Shri J.K. Mehta (Lau) an office-bearer of MS Jagadhri Workshop was welcomed.

The members introduced themselves with each other.

Two minutes’ silence was observed to pay homage to the following departed souls:

1. Shri Vimal Bali s/o Sh. Ashwani Kumar Bali Secy. Public Relations GMS.

2. Col. B.S. Mehta 140-A, Model Town Yamuna Nagar.

3. Smt. Soma Wanti Mohan       w/o the late Mehta Ralla Ram Mohan, 223 Model Town Yamuna Nagar.

4. Mehta Darshan Lal Chhibber 73-A, Model Town Yamuna Nagar.

5. Sh. Vinod Kumar Datta, Vice-President MS Yamuna Nagar (who died at Gurgaon).

6. Smt. Bimla Mohan w/o Mehta Randhir Mohan V.P.O. Chhachhrauli Distt. Yamuna Nagar.

7. Smt. Sheela Wanti Datta       w/o the late Bk. Om Parkash Datta Retd. Inspector of Police.

The members noted the letter dated 07.07.08 from the Secy. General GMS regarding publication of monthly meeting minutes in Mohyal Mitter of Istri Sabha Yamuna Nagar duly signed by the President or Secretary of MS Yamuna Nagar, addressed to Smt. Parveen Bali Secretary Istri Sabha with copy of to the Secretary MS Yamuna Nagar.

Shri Vipin Mohan President stressed the need for involvement of young blood and children of Mohyals in the monthly meetings of the sabha. Sh. J.K. Mehta from MS Jagadhri Workshop suggested that children of Mohyals should be asked to participate and a mela for children organized. They should be encouraged by giving them small prizes. Sh. Rakesh Chhibber, a senior Congress Leader from village-Jagdholi and Sh. O.P. Chhibber endorsed the suggestion of Sh. J.K. Mehta.

Donations: (a) Shri Sanjay Mehta (Vaid) s/o Sh. Kulbhushan Vaid donated Rs.200/- on their H.No.83-A, Model Town Yamuna Nagar, which was on rent for the last 10 years, being vacated.

(b) Shri Raghu Bhushan Datta of Sarojini Colony paid Rs.200 for membership and as donation.

(c) Shri J.K. Mehta (Lau) of Harbanspura Jagadhri Workshop paid Rs.200/- on account of Membership and donation.

(d) Shri Rakesh Chhibber of Village-Jagdholi Distt. Yamuna Nagar donated Rs.500/-.

Shri Vipin Mohan requested for the donations of a set of double bedsheets, with pillow covers, for the double beds in the rooms in the Mohyal Bhawan. The following announced donations for the same:

(a) Shri Vipin Mohan (b) Sh. Ram Parkash Datta (c) Capt. (Retd.) Vishwa Nath Mehta.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks and with Shanti Path.

Vinod Mehta

General Secretary

kathua (J&K)

nDate: 13th July 2008

Venue: Matt Mandir

Attendance:  38 members

In Chair: Sh. Ajay Bali, President.

Celebration of Annual Function on 13th July, 08: The first annual function of Mohyal Sabha Kathua was celebrated under the Presidentship of Shri Ajay Bali in which 38 Biradari members participated.

Rzd. M.L. Bali accorded a warm welome to the participants and thanked the Biradari members for their co-operation.

The Secretary, Sh. Sardari Lal Dutta, highlighted the achievements of the sabha during the last one year.

The income and expenditure details were also explained.

The President, Sh. Ajay Bali, appreciated the work of the two youths S/Sh. Devinder Vaid and Rohit Dutta, who had been, associated with the sabha for the last one year and advised the other youths to follow their example.

The members appreciated the achievements of the sabha with cheers and adopted the following resolutions unanimously:

“1. The term of the executive body of the sabha was extended by one more year i.e. 2008-09.

2. The members appreciated and thanked GMS for providing financial aid to two deserving members and one student of the community”.

Life Membership of GMS: The member were requested to become life members of GMS by donating Rs.2100/-. Some members showed their willingness. The Secy. was requested to pursue the matter with the members.

Birthday: The 5th birthday of Lakshit Dutta s/o Mr. Rajesh Dutta and Neera Dutta and grandson of Shri Sardari Lal Dutta, Secy. and Satya Wanti Dutt was celebrated on 14th June, 08. On this happy occasion, Sh. Sardari Lal Dutta donated Rs.101/- to GMS and Rs.101/- to MS Kathua.

Sad News: Two minutes’ silence was observed to pay homage to the departed souls of the following members of the community. It was prayed to the Almighty to grant peace to the departed souls and courage to the bereaved families to bear their irreparable loss:

1. Mehta Bhim Sen Dutt s/o Sh. Naranjan Dass Dutt of Danna (Pok) of Muzaffarbad expired on 11th June, 08. Shri Dutt was the seniormost member of the biradari. He remained President of the sabha for some time. His son Sh. Ajay Dutta donated Rs.100/- to MS Kathua on the occasion of the kriya performed on 23rd June, 2008.

The untimely and sad demise of Shri Vimal Bali s/o Sh. Ashwani Bali Secretary PR GMS who expired on 25th April, 08 at the prime of his life.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair. Tea and snacks were served to the participants.

Sardari Lal Dutta



deep dutta promoted

Deep Dutta, working as Technical Officer-C (Under Secretary Scale) in the CSIR, has been promoted as a Senior Group ‘A’ Officer.

He was born on 18th August, 1960 to Shri Sachinda Nand Dutta and Mrs. Savita Dutta. Shri Sachinda Nand Dutta was the son of Shri Raghunath Sahai Dutta of Rawalpindi, who was in a Govt. job and had been posted in various places, including Brighton in England, during his service. He retired from Peshawar a few years before partition.

Mrs. Savita Dutta was the daughter of Mehta Pindi Dass Mohan of Rawalpindi, who was the elder brother of Mohan Babu (father of the late Mrs. Nargis Dutt) and son of Lala Dalbir Chand Mohan, an entrepreneur of Rawalpindi.

Deep Dutta completed his graduation from Delhi University in 1982 and joined CSIR in 1983. He had great interest in Information Technology from the very beginning and joined a number of Computer Courses and, later, completed M.Sc. in Information Technology in the first Division (78.2% aggregate). He is a specialist in Visual, Relational and Multi-user Database Application.

Deep Dutta joined the Election Commission of India on deputation, in 1996 during the time of T.N. Seshan as Chief Election Commissioner and played a significant role in the computerization of the Commission. He also worked under Dr. M.S. Gill CEC (now Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs). Former Chief Secretary Delhi Govt. Mr. Omesh Saigal had lauded and appreciated his work and, even now, is in touch with Deep Dutta.

Dr. A.P. Mitra Ex-Director General, CSIR had given him testimonials for designing an unprecedented Computer-aided Software for presentation to the Prime Minister in 1988.

Deep Dutta had a number of earned Outstanding Reports and been promoted just in three years’ time because of his outstanding work and of his acquiring higher qualifications during his service.

Deep Dutta’s wife Mrs. Kavita Dutta is an officer in the Ministry of Railways. She is the daughter of Sh. Kulbir Mohan (young brother of Sh. D.V. Mohan, Secretary General GMS).

Deep Dutta has also served as Vice-President, Youth Mohyal Wing, MS Rohini/Pitampura in 1993. His younger brother, Sameer Dutta, is a Professor of MIS and Business Administration in Millersville University, Pennsylvania, USA, and his cousin, Dr. Pradeep Chhibber is a Professor of Political Science in the University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco, USA.

Deep Dutta has travelled in many countries including Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Nepal. He has one daughter and one son studying in the DPS, New Delhi.

He has enrolled himself as a Life Member of the GMS.


prestigious promotions

Nidhi Chhibber, i.a.s. (1994 Batch) Life Member of GMS and daughter of Bk. B.L. Chhibber, I.R.S. (Retd.), Vice-President of GMS and Smt. Janak Chhibber Life Member of GMS, has been promoted to the rank of Secretary to the Government of Chhattisgarh and posted as Commissioner Public Instructions for the State at Raipur. Similarly her husband, Vikas Sheel, I.A.S of the same batch has also been promoted and posted as Secretary Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries for the state at Raipur.

These prestigious appointments have done the biradari proud and our hearty congratulations to the proud parents.

On this happy occsion, while wishing Nidhi and Vikas all success and godspeed in their new important assignments, the Chhibbers have contributed a sum of Rs.2,000/- towards the Corpus of “Bakshi Hari Chand Sundri Devi Chhibber (Shamsabadwale) Trust’’ taking the total of the Corpus to Rs.28,000/-.



The particulars of boys and girls for matrimonial alliance are as furnished by the parties concerned. Parents/guardians are advised to satisfy themselves regarding the correctness of the same. GMS or the Publisher or the Printer or the Editor of the Mohyal Mitter are not responsible for the veracity of the particulars of the boys or girls, in any manner whatsoever.


(List  from 16-07-08 to 15-08-08)


254. Bali (Manglik). 17.11.81, 5’-10", only son, settled in Australia. Contact: Ph: 01732-231175, Mob: 9896531164.

255. Bali (Manglik). 20.08.82, 5’-11", B.Com, salary Rs.8000/- in Chandigarh. Contact: Shri Vinod  Dutta  Mob: 9211391142 (Delhi)..

256. Bali (Divorcee). 24.09.76, 5’-7", B.Tech (Mech. Engg.), working as a Senior Project Manager at Pune. Previous marriage, performed in Nov. 2005, was not consummated                 and was dissolved in May 2008, by mutual consent. Suitable, homely, decent and educated match from a respected Mohyal family desired. Early simple marriage. Contact: Ph: 01732-266365.

257. Bali. 31.12.79, 5’-7", fair, handsome, 10+2, 2-year Course in Textiles, one-year Computer Course, working with a reputed Export House as Production In-charge at Panipat, earning Rs. 13,000/- + p.m., teetotaler. Educated match, preferably teacher, desired. No demand/no dowry; simple marriage. Contact:      Mr. Bali, Panipat. Ph: 95180-2689693, 09813380089.

258. Bali. 18.09.80, 5’-5", undergraduate, fair, handsome, only son, well-established business, income Rs.4 lakhs p.a., own house in Delhi. Contact: Mr. Bali, Mob: 9810188637.

259. Bali. 12.10.82, 5’-11", B.Com, pursuing MBA, working in a five-star hotel (Finance Deptt.),                 salary in five figures. Educated girl, within Delhi/NCR, desired. Contact: Shri V.K. Bali, Phone: 09910392990. 

260. Chhibber (Divorcee). 29.11.75, 5’-6", B.A, own big house, working in a reputed company, salary in four figures, no child, no liabilities. Contact: Mob: 9815572757, 9887724006.

261. Chhibber. 27.08.80, 5’-

5", graduate, Diploma in Hotel Management, working in reputed hotel as  Front Office Executive, salary Rs. 10, 000/- to Rs. 12,000/- p.m., has immovable property at Panchkula and agricultural land in Ambala District. Contact: #1275 (New) 285 (Old), Vill-Burail, Sec-45B, Chandigarh. Phone: 0172-2622490.

262. Chhibber (Manglik). 27.10.80, 6’-0’’, B.Com (DU), Diploma in Computer, 2- month Project training in UK, working in British MNC in Gurgaon. Fair, tall, Manglik working girl, from Delhi & NCR desired. Contact: Mob: 9810661505. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      

263. Chhibber (Manglik). 30.04.79, 5’-9", B.E, working in MNC as Project Manager in Mumbai. income 6 lakhs p.a.  Professionally qualified, slim, beautiful girl desired. Contact: Mob: 09303274535, 09300614468.

264. Chhibber. 20.12.73, 6’-2", smart, Senior Secondary, running a Call Centre, income above Rs.20,000/- p.m. Tall educated girl desired. Early marriage. Contact: Shri I.J. Chhibber, RZ-141, Gali No-11, East Sagar Pur, New Delhi-46. Phone: 011-25390309, 25398660, Mob: 9868289566. 

265. Dutta (Anshik Manglik). 20.04.80, 5’-9", B.Com, MCA, working as  Software Engineer with an IT MNC, salary Rs. 4.85 lakhs p.a. Beautiful professionally qualified Govt./MNC/Bank Employee match from NCR desired. Contact: Smt. Promila Datta, SG-61, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad. Phone: 09899307890.

266. Dutta. 17.12.75, 5’-9", graduate, own Paints and Chemical Factory in Dehradun. Educated homely girl desired. Contact: Mob: 09410105298.

267. Datt.  05.12.81, 5’-11", fair, good looking, B.Com, Computer Software Diploma  from NIIT Nagpur, working in MNC at Noida, salary  Rs.31,800/- p.m. Contact: Mob: 09717215575 (Delhi), 09975047249 (Nagpur).

268. Dutta (Divorcee). 03.06.75, 5’-7", 10+2, Service at Gurgaon, salary Rs.10,000 p.m. Contact: Mob: +91-9816655691.

269. Lau (Manglik). 01.09.79, 6’-0’’, handsome, M.A, PGDCA, pursuing MBA, working at NBHC at Noida, salary 3 lakhs +perks p.a., only son. Professionally qualified, slim, working girl desired. Contact: Shri Narendra Lau, Street-15, Goverdhan Colony, Shahdara, Delhi-110032. Ph: 011-22305940, 9911564481.     

270. Mohan. 18.08.79, 5’-8", slim, fair, handsome, BE, MBA, working in MNC at Gurgaon, package 10 lakhs p.a. Professionally qualified match from reputed family desired. Contact: Mr. BB Mohan. Mob: 09911069967.

271. Mohan (Manglik). 10.08.79, 5’-8", handsome, B.A, working as Assistant Manager in Maruti Udyog, handsome salary, only son. Contact: 0171-2556874.

272. Mohan. 12.03.85, 5’-11", Intermediate, salary 8,000/- p.m. Contact: Phone: 0129-2236135.

273. Vaid. 11.04.81, 5’-7", handsome, B.A, own business, simple good family.    Homely beautiful girl desired. No dowry, early marriage. Contact: Mob: 09828454354, 09783247166.

274. Vaid (Manglik). 21.05.79, 5’-10", M.Sc, B.Ed, fair, smart, working as Territory Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company at Dehradun. Slim, homely girl desired. Contact: Mob:09997430508.

275. Vaid. 01.08.81, 5’-5", slim, smart, handsome, graduate, one-year Computer Course, two-year Punjabi Steno Course, working as Sales Supervisor in Coca Cola company, salary Rs. 10,000/- p.m. + incentive. Contact: Shri S.C. Vaid,  #3051/B, Rajpura Town, Punjab. Ph:  01762-229640.

276. Vaid. 30.12.82, 5’-10", slim, 10+2, one-year Electrical Diploma Course, working in Paper Mill at Yamuna Nagar, salary Rs. 10,000/- p.m.  Contact: Shri Rajinder Vaid, E-48, Paper Mill Colony, Yamuna Nagar. Ph: 01732-253394.

277. Vaid.  10.12.75, 5’-6", fair, handsome, B.Sc (Non-medical), PGDBM, 2-year Diploma in Computer Software, PGDCA, Business Management & Equivalent Course of Share-marketing, running own Share Market Office at Bari Brahmna (Jammu) as Sub-broker to Moti Lal Oswal Securities Ltd. Mumbai, income in five figures p.m.  Contact: Bk. Prem Swroop Vaid, Ward No. 10, Parliwand, Kathua (J&K). Ph: 01922-234391, Mob: 09858289160.

278. Vaid. 02.08.73, 5’-6", B.E (Electronics Engg.), did graduation & SAP Computer Course & many others, fair, handsome, working in ICICI Bank as Manager at New Delhi, salary Rs. 4 lakhs p.a. Beautiful educated match, preferably teacher, from Delhi/NCR desired. Early marriage. Contact: Mr. Bali Mob:  09813380089.

279. Vaid. 07.09.74, 5’-8", B.A. (D.U), Computer & Secretarial Course, own business. Attractive, good-natured, creative, educated, homely girl from cultured status family desired. Contact: Shri Surinder Mohan, 59, Akriti Apartments, Patparganj, Delhi. Ph.: 011-22242212, Mob: 9810902294.

280. Vaid (Divorcee). 10.06.69, 5’-9", graduate, Sales Manager, Retail Chain U-Mart, Sanjoli (Shimla). Contact: Mrs. Nirlmal Vaid, H.No. 447, Phase-3 BI, Mohali. Ph: 0172-4618472.

281. Vaid (Non-Manglik). 25.01.81, 5’-8", four-year Degree Course in Hotel Management, pursuing MBA, working as Assistant Manager, in Five-Star Luxury Hotel at New Delhi, teetotaler, belongs to a very well-settled status family. Contact: Bakshi Mob: 9871067676, 9871564646.

282. Vaid. 01.07.82, 5’-8", Electronics Engineer, salary 18,000/-. Contact: Shri Suraj Prakash Vaid Mob. 09815199460. (Amritsar).

283. Vaid. 29.07.79, 5’-8½”, fair, handsome, PG Diploma in Business Management, working as Senior Trading Executive in a leading Share Trading House in GK, New Delhi, salary Rs. 30,000/- p.m. Contact: 364-B, Regal, Shipra Sun City, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201010. Ph:  0120-6458742, Mob: 9818034471.


284. Bali. 04.04.82, 5’-4", Double M.A, working as teacher. Contact at Sirsa: Mob: 09416413237.

285. Bali.  07.11.82, 5’-5", 10+2, NTT, Teacher in a private school. Contact: Shri Subhash Chander Bali, Shivam Colony, St. No. 3, Telephone Exchange Street, Sangrur. Mob: 9814230037.

286. Bali (Non-Manglik). 20.03.87, 5’-4", B.Com, doing M.Com. Contact: Mob.: 09810971834.

287. Bali (Manglik). 05.10.84, 5’-6", MA (Hindi), NTT, working in a private school. Contact: Ph: 01732-231175, Mob: 09896531164.

288. Bali.  11.11.78, 5’-2", fair, good-looking, Regular Commissioned MNS Army Officer, serving as Captain. Defence match desired. Contact: Shri R.M. Bali. Mob: 09318794365.

289. Chhibber. 20.01.80, graduate, NTT, working as Music Teacher in CBSE School. Contact:                  Ph.: 01732-255290.

290. Chhibber. 06.06.83, 5’-3", B.Com (D.U), Computer-educated, serving in a reputed firm. Contact: Shri Vijay Chhibber, Delhi. Mob: 9211292033.

291. Chhibber (Manglik). 13.07.79, M.A, B.Ed, Teacher in a private school. Contact:  Mrs. Asha Mehta  Ph: 011-28716125, Mob:  9310758788

292. Chhibber (Manglik). 21.07.80, B.Com, MBA, working in a private limited company as HR Executive. Contact: Mrs. Asha Mehta Ph: 011-28716125, 9310758788.

293. Chhibber. 03.09.76, 5’-1", fair, Ph.D in Musical Instrument, working in Kurukshetra. Contact: Mr. O.P Chhibber, Mob: 09255437321.

294. Chhibber (Manglik). 29.10.81, 5’-3", BE, MBA (IIM), working in MNC in Mumbai. Professionally qualified, well-settled match from respectable family desired. Contact: Mob: +919879472675.

295. Chhibber. 29.10.81, 5’-3", fair, slim, beautiful, B.Sc. with Computer Application, MCA, working in Software company at Noida. Professionally qualified well-settled boy desired. Contact: Mr. B.G. Chhibber. Ph: 0129-2240519, Mob: 9210021419.

296. Chhibber. 12.03.82, 5’-2", B.Sc (Gen. Sciences), M.Sc (Environmental Sciences), B.Ed, , slim, fair. Contact: Mob: 09729317411.

297. Datta. 11.06.84, 5’-2", B.A, NTT, fair, beautiful, homely, well-versed in household affairs. Teetotaler match desired. Early marriage. Contact: Mr. Bali Panipat, Ph: 0180-2689693, 09813380089

298. Dutta (Manglik). 12.05.81, 5’-3", slim, charming, MBA (HR), working as HR Executive, salary 2 lakhs p.a.  Contact: Shri K.N. Dutta. Ph: 0172-2730653, 09463655415

299. Dutta. 04.09.81, 5’-2", fair, beautiful, B.Com, NPTT, Computer Course, DCE from IGNOU, running her own play school. Educated family desired. Contact: Mr. R.K. Bakshi, Delhi. Mob: 9818027058, 9818992042.

300. Dutta. 25.03.79, 5’-1", M.A (English), B.Ed, working in Bank of America in Gurgaon. Contact: Ph: 0161-2223797 (Jammu).

301. Dutta. 27.10.82, 5’-5", M.A (Sanskrit), B.Ed, 3-year Computer Course with Craft (Drawing Course). Contact:  Phone: 01748-253238, Mob: 9255940484.

302. Dutta. 07.04.84, 5’-2", B.Com, under ICWA, Diploma in Stenography from ITI Delhi, working in CA firm as Accountant. Delhi-based boy desired. Contact: Ph: 011-26645471, Mob: 9868833521.

303. Low. 01.12.83, 5’-0’’, M.A, one-year Diploma in Information Technology (NIIT), fair, slim, working as Sales Manager in Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd., salary 4.25 lakhs p.a. Well educated, well settled match from reputed family desired. Contact:  9868338698, 9871540516(M)

303A. Lau. Sept. 1982 born, 5’-5’’ slim, beautiful graduate (Bachelor of Physiotherapy), working as Physiotherapiest at Jaipur, father in Central Govt. job, reknowned Archacologist presently posted at Jaipur, well educated family. Well settled boy desired. Contact: Mob.: 09460146503.

304. Vaid. 22.07.85, 5’-1", B.A., Teacher in a private school in Amritsar. Contact: Shri Surinder Vaid, Mob: 09914310142 (Amritsar).

305. Vaid. 07.11.84, 5’-4", B.A (D.U), Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communications, one-year Basic Computer Course, working in Standard Chartered Bank. Boy from NCR only desired. Contact:  Shri Naresh Chand Vaid. Mob. 9868371428.

306. Vaid (Manglik). 15.12.86, 5’-2", M.Com, fair. Contact: 01732-251190.


The matrimonial get–together is now being held quarterly, i.e., once in three months.  The last get-together was held on the 29th June 2008 at the Mohyal Bhawan, EG-29-30-30A, Inderpuri, New Delhi – 110012, in the presence of Shri B.L. Chhibber, Vice President, GMS, Shri D.V. Mohan, Secretary General, GMS (with his wife), Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Secretary Istri Wing GMS, Smt. Amba Bali, Convener, Matrimonial Committee, and Bk. D.R. Chhibber, Secretary, Match-making Committee, along with Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber and Shri Rajiv Chhibber.

Parents and guardians from Ajmer, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Karnal, Khanna, Meerut, Modi Nagar, Nagpur, Noida, Raipur and different parts of Delhi attended. The total attendance at the get-together was about 100 persons.Bio-data of about 39 new boys/girls of marriageable age were received and about 15 old registered persons also attended. The bo-data of the new and old registered boys/girls were read out, for the benefit of the participants, by Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber. Afterwards, parents/guardians were allowed to have preliminary discussions among themselves and to note details from the records of boys and girls, available at the Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi.

The next quarterly match-making get-together will be held on the 28th September 2008 (last Sunday of September 2008) at 11.00 AM at the Mohyal Bhawan, EG-29-30-30A, Inderpuri, New Delhi-110012. All those, who are desirous of finding a suitable match for their ward(s), are advised to attend the get-together, where, not only lists of suitable boys and girls will be available, but their parents/guardians will be at hand for preliminary discussions. It will be better if the parents/guardians bring photos of the boys/girls concerned, at the get-together.

Mrs. Amba Bali, Convener

GMS Matrimonial Committee

Bk. DR Chhibber, Secretary

Match Making Committee

community wedding

(Samuhik Vivah)

“Community Wedding (Samuhik Vivah)” is our slogan for the year 2008. All local sabhas are requested to contact the concerned Mohyal families in their respective regions and extend their full co-operation to the GMS in this venture.

—Smt. Krishna Lata Chhibber,

Secretary Istri Wing & Convenor, Matrimonial Mela

grand matrimonial mela December, 2008

It has been decided to organize the Third Grand Matrimonial Mela, on Sunday the 14th December, 2008, at the Mohyal Foundation, New Delhi.

Parents/Guardians of boys and girls of marriageable age, desirous of participating in the Mela, are requested to send the complete bio-data of their wards, in the proforma alongside, so as to reach the GMS Secretariat, A-9, Qutab Institutional Area, USO Road, New Delhi-110067, by the 23rd Nov. 2008. The bio-data may be sent either by hand/post/courier/fax/e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

No column in the proforma may be left blank, failing which it may be difficult to include the bio-data of the boy/girl concerned in the computer data base being prepared by the GMS for the proposed Mela. Parents/Guardians, who have already furnished the full bio-data of their wards, at the quarterly get-togethers in 2008 at Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi, may not send these again. (to avoid duplication).

Parents/Gurdians are also requested to inform the GMS Secretariat, while forwarding the bio-data, about their participation in the Mela and the number of participants.

Co-operation of all concerned is requested to make the proposed Mela really Grand and a success.

Dharam Vir Mohan   Krishan Lata Chhibber

Secretary General, GMS  Secretary Istri Wing &

011-26560456/26561504 (O) Convenor Grand

Mob.: 9899369603 Matrimonial Mela Dec. 2008

                Mob.: 9968667740, 9968270659

the painful memories

life long agony of bleeding hearts

The Two Momentous dates–Thirty first day of August and Twentieth day of September are very significant, vital and crucial in the distressed lives of both myself and my wife Smt. Sita Dutta. The first date is our beloved daughter late Dr. Suman Mehta’s Birthday and the Second–20th Sept.- the saddest day on which she left for her heavenly abode. The short gap of barely three weeks between the two dates, abruptly and completely changed our once glorious lives into perpetually shattered ones.

Even though yet another gloomy year has passed since her departure on 20th Sept., 2006, it still looks as if it happened only yesterday. In fact, we are finding it very difficult to convince ourselves even today that she is no more with us. She was the cynosure of our eyes and we direly miss her every moment. No doubt we put up bold faces and outwardly appear to be living our normal lives. But when and how we both grieve, sob, lament, weep and shed tears together or separately, this no one else knows–not even our dearest ones.

It is indeed God Almighty’s Graciousness that such an angelic child was born in Middle Class Family of AAM AADMI like us and we were privileged to be her proud parents. She grew up like a normal child within our limited means. I had wished from the very inception that my son should be an Engineer and daughter to be a Doctor. My both wishes were granted. The son is an Engineer and the daughter passed out as a Doctor from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).

Suman was gifted to be a great achiever in all her life and in all spheres.

(i)        Personal life.

(ii)        Professional Academic Attainments.

(iii)        Professional Career.

She was married to Shri Surinder Kumar Mehta, equally highly talented, qualified, promising and well settled in his service career. He proved to be an Ideal husband, loving, caring and extremely cooperative. They led a very happy married life.

Suman’s real latent potential, her talents, high caliber and capabilities actually came to surface only from thence onwards. She resumed hard studies and acquired Post Graduate qualifications in different fields. Finally, she obtained Doctorate-Phd.–from the reputed John Hopkins in USA, professionally she was very highly qualified.

Suman had a brilliant Professional career. While serving with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Delhi, she was picked up by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and posted to their Hq at Geneva. Thenceforth she progressed quickly to take on wider roles. After she had served with WHO for a few years, she was picked up by the United Nations– UN-FPA for their family planning and population control projects in Thailand (Bangkok). She was then moved to another crucial sector as Head of the HIV/AIDS cluster under UN/AIDS at New York. Finally she was moved as Dy. Director to UN/AIDS at HQ at Geneva.

Suman travelled extensively, virtually all over the Globe, dedicatedly serving the humanity at large, by spreading awareness about the gravity of HIV/AIDS, measures for prevention and spread thereof and providing guidelines and proper treatment as also follow-up action thereon. She made indelible contribution to UN/AIDS and to the Noble mission. She was highly respected and was held in high esteem by all the countries she visited and by the Organization she served.

Rare honour

The UN/AIDS in perpetuation of her memory have named their New Conference Hall at their HQ at Geneva as

Dr. Suman Mehta

Conference Hall

and her large size photograph is displayed in the centre.

On her this Birthday on Thirty first August, we are unable to convey our greetings and deep sentiments by any means. But we console ourselves by expressing these “Painful Memories’’. We nevertheless send our blessings to her wheresoever and in whatsoever form she is. The vacuum caused shall never ever be filled during our lifetime. Besides us and the family members, the greatest sufferers are her husband S.K. Mehta and her two beloved daughters Dr. Deepali Bhanot and Dr. Akanksha Mehta in USA who suddenly stand bereft of deepest love, affection, care, support and guidance whilst they still have miles to go in their life.

Sada Rehnay Kay Leeyay

Yahan Koi Naheen Aata

Per Jaisy Tum Gaiee Ho

Koyee Naheen Jaata 

We the aggrieved parents on her birthday contribute Rupees One Lakh to be added to the existing “Dr. Suman Mehta Memorial Trust” dedicated for higher education of deserving girls only.

S.L. Dutta & Smt. Sita Dutta

S-180, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi



stepping stone to a higher life

Faith in the immortality of the soul is the eternal truth. For death is but a sleep and a forgetting event in one’s life. It is a stepping stone to a higher life. Have the strength to bear the loss and find comfort in the thought that we have ultimately to go.

G.M.S. expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prays to God to grant eternal peace to the departed souls and strength to their families to bear with fortitude their irreparable loss.

D.V. Mohan, Secretary General

smt. sheela wanti

nSmt. Sheela Wanti w/o the late Shri Om Parkash Datta Retd. Police Inspector died at her residence in Model Town Yamuna Nagar. The funeral and Kriya were largely attended by Mohyal biradari, relatives and local citizens.

Smt. Sheela Wanti is survived by four sons, viz. Maj. (Retd.) S.S. Datta, Sh. Surinder Kumar, Sh. Inder Kumar Datta (Retd.) Superintendent of Police, Haryana and Sh. Vijay Datta, Officer in Union Bank of India, Yamuna Nagar and two daughters, viz., Smt. Kamlesh Mohan w/o Sh. N.K. Mohan & Smt. Rishi Mohan w/o Shri Deepak Mohan.

On this sad occasion, the family has donated Rs.500/- to GMS and Rs.250 to MS Yamuna Nagar. MS Yamuna Nagar prays to God to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and give strength to the family to bear this loss.

smt. amrit bali (1925-2008)

nSmt. Amrit Bali (Ambi)      w/o the late Kundan Lal Bali breathed her last on 29.7.08 at G-106, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. At that time, her sons, Vipan Bali and Vivek Bali and daughter, Vinita Bali and daughters-in-law Mrs. Ritu & Nayantara, grand children Bhagvat and Amrita were at her bedside.

Mrs. Amriti Bali was the daughter of the late Perma Nand-Basant Kaur (Santo) Duttas of Veeran Dattan, born in Gurdaspur on 25.8.1925. She was married in 1953 with Sh. Kundan Lal Bali of Jhang. Sh. Kundan Lal Bali expired on 20.3.2006 at Delhi at the age of 91 yrs.

Late Amrit Bali was ailing for the last one year and was looked after very well by her daughter, sons & daughters-in-law.

Her Kriya ceremony was held on 01.08.2008 in Gurudwara Singh Sabha, G-Block, Sarita Bihar, New Delhi when all her relatives, including Mrs. Phool Behenji, Dr. Rajeswar- Mehru Bali from Mumbai, Ramesh-Leela Mehta, Satish-Prema Bali, Manmohan-Meera Mehta, Yash Bali, Raj-Tripta Chhibbar, Sham-Shashi Bali, Ram Bali, Brij Mohan (Vijay) Mehta, C.K. Bhai (Shana)- Praba, Shashi-Bela Bhai, and Raman-Mohni Chhibbar and friends paid their last respects to her.

On this occasion, Rs.11000 was donated by the family for Langar Fund on her Birth Anniversary, on 25th Aug.

rzd. rameshwar nath bali

nRzd. Rameshwar Nath Bali s/o the late Rzd. Ramlal Bali and Smt. Parvati Devi and grandson of the late Rzd. Ganpat Rai Bali left for heavenly abode on 10 Aug., 08 at 2583, Sector-16, Faridabad. His wife the late Smt. Savitri Devi Bali (Chhibber) d/o the late Dr. Bhagat Ram Chhibbar of Kariyala died in Jan. 2000.

Bali Sahib was born on 10 Aug., 1917 at Village Jawelpur, Tehsil Chakwal, Distt. Jhelum (W. Pak.). Before partition, he joined the Railways in Pakistan and later transferred to S.E. Railway in Kolkata. He retired in Aug. 1975 and settled at Faridabad. He is younger brother of the late Rzd. Kundan Lal Bali who also had served in Railways as a Station Master. His elder sister the late Kaushalya Dutta w/o the late Mehta P.N. Dutta was settled in Ferozepur Cantt.

Bali Sahib was a kind- hearted, honest and generous Mohyal. He was loved by all near and dear. Even after retirement, he worked in various organizations on honorary basis and was honoured as a senior veteran patron of his locality. He was a very social person and advised everybody in good faith.

Bali Sahib was health conscious and exercised regularly. Due to osteoarthiritis of his knee joints, his movements were restricted.

Bali Sahib has left behind two daughters Prabha Chhibber w/o of Shri C.K. Bhai (Enforcement Officer), Dr. Asha Dutta w/o Col. (Retd.) Raj Kishan Dutta and two sons Naresh Bali/Sushma Bali and Dr. Rajesh Bali/Dr. Deepika Bali, grand children, Neeraj Chhibber, Shruti Bali, Vivek Dutta, Vineeta Dutta Parmar, Bhavna Bali Sharma, Gautam Bali, Radhika Bali & Ashima Bali and great grand children-Pearl Bali and Madhav Sharma.

On this occasion, his family has donated Rs.2100/- to GMS, Rs.1100/- to MS Faridabad and Rs.1100/- to Mohyal Education Society, and Rs. 1000/- to Laxmi Narayan Mandir Sector-16, Faridabad.

May Almighty God grant eternal peace to the noble soul and strength to his family to bear with fortitude their irreparable loss.

Kriya was performed on 12 Aug. at Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Sector-16, Faridabad. During the sad occasion, large number of local Mohyals headed by the President MS Faridabad Shri Ramesh Dutta, Residents Welfare Association headed by Sh. R.P. Nagpal and Senior Vice-President Sh. R.L. Sareen paid rich tributes to the departed soul.

His mortal remains and ashes were immersed at Haridwar on 19.08.2008.—C.K. Bhai.

smt. brij rani mohan

nSmt. Brij Rani Mohan w/o the late Capt. R.L. Mohan       r/o #59, Kanshi Nagar, Model Town, Ambala City, left for her heavenly abode on the 9th Nov. 2007, Deepawali day. Her husband had already left for his heavnly abode, in Sept. 2006, on the day of Dushera. What a coincidence! They would had a meeting in heaven, which perhaps had been prefixed for them.

Kriya ceremony of Smt. Brij Rani Mohan was held at Model Town, Janj Ghar, Ambala City on the 19th Nov. 2007. Her two daughters sons-in-law, two sons & daughters-in-law, grandsons, members of family and close relatives and friends, attended the function with grief and sorrow and paid homage to the departed soul. The President, Secretary and members of the local sabha were present on the occasion. She was a gentle, kind-hearted and deeply religious lady.

Time may hide the sadness, like a smile that hides the tears, but precious memories can never hide. She will be missed by her sons, daughters and in-laws and all near and dear. The void left by her and her husband can never be filled in all times to come. Both of them, however, will live, enshrined like heavenly stars in every nook and corner in the four walls and in every heart of their family.

On her sad demise, her eldest son Shr. Suresh Mohan  donated Rs.100 each to GMS and the local Mohyal sabha.

smt. shanti devi mehta (95)

nSmt. Shanti Devi Mehta (95 years) w/o the late Shri Jawahar Singh Mehta (Bhimwal) of Village-Daultala (W. Pak.) r/o 81/6, Kabir Nagar, Ambala City expired on 11.07.2008. Her Kriya was performed on 21.7.2008, which was attended by President MS Ambala City, Shri J.P. Mehta and other members of the sabha. Relatives from far off places also attended the ceremony.

Smt. Shanti Devi Mehta was a very religious and pious lady, who led a noble life.

She was the grandmother of Sh. Umesh Mehta, an active member of MS Ambala City.

On this occasion, the Mehta family donated Rs.150/- to MS Ambala City & Rs.100/- to GMS.

smt. sarita bali (billa) (12.08.1933-30.07.2008)

nSmt. Sarita Bali, w/o Prof. J.S. Bali (of Gharota, Gurdaspur) r/o 215/6, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, passed away peacefully, after a prolonged illness, on July 30, 2008 at Dehradun.

She was born at Srinagar on the Rakhi day of 1933 to Smt. Ram Rakhi Bali (daughter of Rai Bahadur Dina Nath Mohan of Pind Dadan Khan, Garrison Engineer and Bakshi Dina Nath Chhibber of Muzaffarabad, J&K). She was the mother force behind the American-educated nuclear engineer son, Mrinal, and successful daughter, Lavanya.

Smt. Sarita Bali was popularly knows as Billa. Being of very helpful nature, she was present at all occasions to give a helping hand to whosoever in the Biradari needed it. She found so many suitable matches for Mohyal boys and girls. If someone was ill, she was present at his or her bedside for days. In association with Women’s Development Council, she was running a school in East Delhi for orphans.

Billaji had travelled widely in USA, Europe, West Indies and Malaysia accompanying her husband on UN assignments. In foreign lands also, she took active part in the social upliftment of the underprivileged. Within the extended family, she was a leader guiding all towards better health care and education. She educated her children well, married them within the biradari and built assets for them. She educated even her maid servant upto the 12th standard and a boy servant to the 10th standard. She had been a member of the GMS, of MS South Zone, New Delhi and MS Dehradun.

Condolence Resolution was passed by MS South Zone describing her thus: “a kind person specially towards the underprivileged, she always was a gracious hostess.’’ MS Dehradun said in their Resolution: “the members of the community pray to God to give peace to the departed soul and courage to the family members to bear this loss.’’ Shri Dharam Vir Mohan, Secy. General of GMS conveyed a moving condolence message.

On the occasion of the Uthala, on Aug. 2, 2008 at Dehradun, daan of Rs.1000/- each ws announced for the GMS, MS Dehradun and MS South Zone N. Delhi.


vipin mehta

nOur nephew, Vipin Mehta, died on Sunday the 10th Aug., 2008 at a very young age of 44 years. He left all of us quite stunned at his sudden untimely death.

He was the devoted son of Sh. Ved Mehta and Smt. Yash Mehta, Pota of the late Sh. Somdev Mehta and the late Smt. Shanti Devi, Dhota of the late Sh. M.L. Datta and the late Smt. Prakash Wanti, younger brother of Sh. Sandeep Mehta and brother-in-law of Smt. Babita Mehta. He left behind his young wife, Monika and a son, Ankur Mehta, who is only 14.

The late Vipin had a dynamic personality and was very handsome and amiable in nature. He was ever ready to help others. He was a loyal husband, an obedient son and a very dedicated father. He was a gem in his friends circle.

His father Sh. Ved Mehta donated Rs.500/- to Widow Fund of GMS, on this sad occasion.

May God bless Vipin’s soul and give strength to all the family members to bear this irreparable loss.

“We will miss U Dear!” —K.K. Datta and Vijay Datta, 2253, Raja Park, Delhi-34 Mob.: 9811440309.

subedar major a.p. datta (93)

nShri Amrit Prakash Datta (r/o 76 SA Road Dehradun), s/o the late Bakshi Avinashi Ram Datta was born on 9th Aug. 1915 at Bhera (now in Pak.). After passing Matriculation, at DAV College Dehradun, he joined the Army in 1935.

During 1943, when World War-II was in full swing, he was serving with No.1 STB (No 1 Supply Trg. Battalion) Ferozepur, as Subedar. He was offered Commission by his Commandant Col. Robinsion provided he agreed to proceed to the war-affected area abroad. But his parents did not agree.

Subsequently, on completion of his term of employment, he retired as a Sub. Major in 1965. Immediately after retirement, he was appointed as ARO A(Asstt. Recruiting Officer) at Hathi Khana Meerut and retired therefrom in 1970 on superanuation at 55 years of age.

On 2nd July, 08, he felt pain in the chest and, before the doctor could check him, he expired peacefully. Death occurred within an hour or so.

His Kriya ceremony was peformed on 05.07.08, which was attended by a large number of relatives, local Mohyals and friends. He left behind two sons and one daughter. All are well-settled.

Before his death, his elder son, Rajiv Datta, had held a Mohyal meeting at his residence, on 18.05.08. At the meeting, the late Sh. A.P Datta suggested that, Hindi being our national language, it should have more space in our Mohyal Mitter. He further persuaded young Mohyals to take keen and more interest in the progress of the community. (pages 12 and 13 of MM of July 08 refer). This was his last appearance in the Mohyal meeting.

He was a pious and Mohyal-minded person. He was the elder brother of A.S Datta Member MS Meerut, r/o 214 Shakpura, Kankar Khera, Meerut (U.P.).

smt. hema datta

nSmt. Hema Datta, r/o 3034, Sector ‘A’ Pocket B&C Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-70 has donated Rs.1100/- on the Kriya ceremony of her husband, the late Shri Sanjay Datta, who expired on 26 June 2008.

shri k.h. bakshi

nProf. Kamal Rattan Vaid has donated Rs.500/- to GMS, in memory of his late father-in-law, Shri K.H. Bakshi, who expired in July 2008.


in memoriAm

nsmt. ved datta: On her 10th death anniversary on Sept. 8, 2008, the family of Smt. Ved Datta, in her cherished memory, have contributed Rs. 200/- to “Bk. Khushwaqt Rai, Kunti Devi Datta Trust’’. She was the wife of Bk. N.D. Datta (of M.M.) and d/o the late Bk. Sita Ram Chhibber and the late Smt. Rameshwari Bakshi and daughter-in-law of the late Bk. Khushwaqt Rai Datta and the late Smt. Kunti Datta.

Fondly remembered by elder sister Mrs. Sarla Datt, brother Dr. J.C. Bakshi, former Vice-Chanceller Agriculture Varisity, Pusa, Bihar, Urmil, Sudhir and Amita, Anil and Neeru (sons and daughters-in-law) Rahul & Ruchi, Rajat & Supriya, Tarun, Karan, grandsons and granddaughters Prerna, Kritika and Kanika and great grandsons Rohan s/o Rahul & Ruchi, and Yuviraj son of Rajat & Supriya.

nMehta vidya Sagar Datta: s/o the late Smt. Vidya Wati Datt and Mehta Sham Dass Datta of Tehi-Dattan. Mehta Jee was serving in the Police Deptt. at Campbellpur at the time of partition. He superannuated as Office Suptdt., Police Headquarters, Shimla, in the fifties and settled down at Hisar.

Shri Vidya Sagar Datta took painting as his career and reached its peak. He started a School of Painting for learners. His students included children, youth and grown ups, who always held him in high esteem. He had his admirers in India and abroad. He was truly a creative and emotional artist who led his life in his own style. His interests included Urdu poetry; he had personal relations with eminent Urdu poets and writers, including Sahir Ludhianvi, Naresh Kumar Shad & Kashmiri Lal Mohan “Zakar’’, recipient of Ghalib Award, 1985. People knew him also as a wonderful Numerologist and Palmist.

His first death anniversary was on 15.8.2008. On this occasion, his sister, Smt. Bimla Bakshi (Bhimwal) 757, Sector-14, Gurgaon has donated Rs.200/- to GMS Widow Fund.

nSmt. Bimla Chhibber: The 7th death anniversary of Smt. Bimla Chhibber w/o Bk. Ram Nath Chhibber, C-4C/167, Janakpuri, New Delhi was observed on 29.7.2008. Havan was performed with full devotion by her family members including her husband, Bakshi Ram Nath Chhibber, son Shri Om Prakash Chhibber, daughter-in-law Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Chhibber and grand children Km. Aditi and Daksh Chhibber.

The late Mrs. Chhibber was daughter of the late Smt. Ram Piari Bali and the late Rzd. Manohar Lal Bali of Rawal Pindi and daughter-in-law of the late Smt. Ganga Murti Chhibber and the late Bk. Iqbal Nath Chhibber of Abbottabad.

On this occasion, her son Sh. Om Prakash Chhibber, Ph.: (011) 25514240, has donated a sum of Rs.3,000/- to GMS Widow Fund Trusts as under:

1) Smt. Ganga Murti Chhibber and Bk. Iqbal Nath Chhibber, Widow Fund Trust-Rs.1,000/-.

2) Smt. Ram Piari Bali and Rzd. Manohar Lal Bali, Widow Fund Trust– Rs.1,000/-.

3) Smt. Bimla Chhibber and Bakshi Ram Nath Chhibber Widow Fund Trust–1,000/-.

nSmt. Lakshmi Devi: On the 63rd death anniversary of his mother, Smt. Lakshmi Devi      w/o Mehta Ram Sahai Mohan, Retired Postmaster, originally from Kariala Teh. Chakwal, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.), Shri Prem Parkash Mehta, r/o H.No. 5, New Colony, Opp. Old Una Bus Stand, Una Road, Hoshiarpur, has donated Rs.101/- to GMS.

nMehta Ram Sahai Mohan: On the 28th death anniversary of his father, Mehta Ram Sahai Mohan, Retired Postmaster, originally from Kariala, Teh. Chakwal, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.), on the 23rd Aug. 2008, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta r/o H.No.5, New Colony, Opp. Old Una Bus Stand, Una Road, Hoshiarpur, has donated Rs.101/- to GMS.

nshri p.s. bali: On the seventh death anniversary, on 16.7.2008, of Shri P.S. Bali (retired Assistant Manager, Food Corporation of India), 420/A Jheel, Yamunapaar, Delhi, his wife, Smt. Kaushalya Bali mother of Mrs. Neelam Datta, Anil Bali and Partap Bali, and mother-in-law of Smt. Meenakshi Bali and Shri Ashok Datta, has donated Rs.500/- to GMS Widow Fund in memory of her respected husband.

16th July 2001 was a black day for us when we lost our dear father. Our father was a real example of a loving and caring husband and father.

May God grant peace to his soul.—Mrs. Neelam Datta, 2320A, Raja Park, Delhi-34.

nsmt. savitri devi bali & shri mohan lal bali: In fond memory of his mother, the late Smt. Savitri Devi Bali and his father, the late Sh. Mohan Lal Bali, Shri R.K. Bali, r/o BA-256/2, (SF) Tagore Garden, New Delhi-27 Tel.: 421-33114, has donated Rs.200/- towards GMS Widow Fund and Rs.200 towards GMS Mohyal Ashram Fund.

nrzd. gurdas mal bali (1912-1980) & smt. janki devi bali (1917-2007) : Rzd. Gurdas Mal Bali was born in 1912 at Village-Kahota Tehsil Havali District Poonch, Jammu & Kashmir, (now in Pok). After partition, he settled with his family in Mendhar (Poonch). He went to Char Dham Yatra along with his wife, Smt. Janki Devi, in 1973, with ten other families of Mendhar, like Bhai Bhagat Ram ji Datt and his Dharampatni. He left this materialistic world on 2nd Navratra, i.e. on the 10th Oct. 1980. He believed in Karam, self-reliance and firm determination.

His son, Sh. Vijay Kumar Bali    r/o Mendhar, at present at 208, Mata Janki Niwas, Hari Singh Nagar, Rehari Colony, Jammu has donated Rs.11,000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in the everlasting memory of his parents, the late Rzd. Gurdas Mal Bali and the late Smt. Janki Devi, who expired on 15th May 2007. Date of Langar: 15th May.

nYOGESH DUTT (27.03.73-24.07.2007): loving son of Smt. Vijaya Dutta and Shri R.K. Dutta, Managing Director, Impact Safety Glass Works, Bangalore, unexpectedly left for his heavenly abode on 24th July 2007. He left behind his parents, younger brother, grieving wife and beloved son.

He was an Engineering graduate (B.E.). After completing his studies, he joined his parents in their family organization, Impact Safety Glass Works. Within a short time, with his abundant energy and passion, he started making waves in the Industry by introducing new ideas and processes and expanding the company’s reputation and goodwill in India as well as abroad.

He was a dedicated son and a lovable brother. He was both a friend and considerate husband and a very loving father for wife Bindesh Dutt and son Yashraj Dutt.

His sudden demise shocked the family as well as the whole glass industry. All the glass manufacturers, processors and glass merchants all over the country observed one day mourning in Yogesh’s honour.

His absence will be sorely felt not only by his family, but also by the people who knew him and worked with him. May God Rest his Soul in Peace.

In his memory, an amount Rs. 11,000/- is donated towards Mohyal Ashram Langar Fund by his brother.—Vikram Dutt, No.7, Sundaramurthy Road, Cox Town, Bangalore-560005. Mob.: 9945091147.

nrzd. prem chand bali:      s/o the late Rzd. Dewan Chand Bali and brother of the late Rzd. A.C. Bali, News Editor, The Tribune and the late Rzd. K.C. Bali A.P.M.G. (Pb.). He was a man of no mean qualities and achievements. A lawyer by profession, he had been an ardent Freedom Fighter and had earned Freedom Fighters’ pension. A zealous physical culturist, who established a world record before a select gathering, including world champion wrestler Gama Pahalwan, at Lahore, in April 1932 by doing 5131 Dunds (Push-ups or ground-dipping) continuously in 4 hours and 30 mts. He remained a bachelor all his life.

After 15 Aug. 1947, he voluntarily stayed back at Lahore for 5 months to do honorary legal work single-handedly for non-Muslim under-trial prisoners. He also helped in the management of the Hindu Concentration Camp at DAV College Lahore, where he stayed.

On the eve of his death anniversary on 20 June, we remember him. May God bless his noble soul.

nrzd. K.C. bali: A.P.M.G (Pb.) s/o the late Rzd. Dewan Chand Bali (27.7.1911 to 15.021992). Soft-spoken and urbane, he was a Mohyal of the vintage class, with a long record of service to the community going back to Lahore days. He was a Patron of Mohyal Educational Society. He got the old Mohyal History translated in Hindi at his own effort and expenses and contributed the printed copies to GMS. His interest in his community was abundantly clear even when he was a student at Lahore in 1933. He had started Mohyal Sabha Lahore East for those Mohyals who could not attend the activities of GMS due to the long distance.

On the occasion of his birthday, we remember him. May God bless his noble soul.

nmrs. savitri bali: w/o the late Rzd. K.C. Bali and d/o the late Dewan Prithvi Chand Dutt of Guliana (West Pak.). She was a pious, noble and sacrificing lady. She was a devoted wife and a dedicated mother, who taught wordly wisdom to her children. Due to a spine injury, she was confined to her bed for 3 yrs. Inspite of that she brought up her children, and showered her motherly love as well as looked after her husband, who, due to exigencies of his service, used to be away on tour for 15 days in a month. Due to a wrong injection and negligence on the part of a nurse, she breathed her last at Amritsar.

On her death anniversary, we remember her. May God bless her noble soul.

In the memory of all the three above, we have donated Rs. 500/- to GMS Ashram fund.

Lt. Col. (Retd.) S.C. Bali, Mrs.  Indra Bali, Ritu, Ashu and Rinku (son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren), 1479/1, 43-B, Chandigarh.

nshri prem bali: The first death anniversary of the late Shri Prem Bali s/o the late Smt. Sumitra Devi and the late Sh. Mohan Bali of Chakwal (now in Pak.), was observed on the 6th April, 2008 at 216/75, Dev Nagar, Mission Compound, Meerut. On this occasion, Havan was performed by his near and dear. Family members paid their respects and tributes to the late Shri Prem Bali.

His good deeds and everlasting memories shall always console his wife, relatives and friends.

On this occasion, his wife, Smt. Kanta Bali, has donated Rs.250/- to the GMS.

nshri rajeshwar dutta : In the everlasting memory of Sh. Rajeshwar Dutt Mehta s/o the late Mehta Yagya Dutt Chhibber, B-V/274-275, Sikandari Road, Ludhiana, his wife Smt. Suman Mehta and son Puneet Mehta have donated Rs.501/- to the GMS, on the third death anniversary on 30th July.

nnardev chander mehta: The 45th death anniversary of the late Nardev Chander Mehta s/o the late Mehta Ram Chander Shastry and the late Bhagwanti of Munde Mari, Chakwal (now in Pak.) was observed on 24th July 2008 by his children, Smt. Kantha Mehta/Suman Mehta (daughters), Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta (son), Sh. O.P. Mehta (son-in-law), Dr. Bhavna Misra (grand daughter), Capt. Arun Mehta & Capt. Gaurav Dutt (grandsons), Mrs. Mamta Dutt (grand daughter-in-law) by performing a Havan at D-7/7131, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, residence of Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta. Brahman Bhoj followed the Havan. Col. V.C. Mehta & Smt. Nirmala Mehta, the elder son & daughter-in-law, respectively, could not attend due to being indisposed and hospitalized.

On this solemn occasion, all present remembered their mother, the late Durgawati Mehta, as this was the second year she was not present for the Havan as she had left for her heavenly abode in Jan. 07. It was the resolute and relentless efforts of their respected mother to observe the death anniversary of her late husband for 43 long years, initially at Yamuna Nagar, where she was residing, and subsequently, at Delhi, where she shifted with her children, due to her advanced age. It is undoubtedly because of such high moral values which she has instilled in her children that all of them meet on such occasions, to remember not only their late parents but also, all their ancestors, to seek their blessings.

On this occasion, Capt. Gaurav Dutt (Potha) donated Rs.500/- to GMS, in loving memory of his Dadaji.

nmehta des raj datta: The 9th Barsi of Mehta Des Raj Datta of Lyallpur Jalalpur Jatta (now in Pak.) was solemnly observed on the 23rd July, 08 at 5K-85 N.I.T. Faridabad. Havan, Pooja, Brahman Bhoj etc. were performed as per tradition & rituals.

Family members, including Smt. Kamlesh Rani Datta (wife), Shri Ramesh Datta (son) Smt. Suman Datta (daughter-in-law), Smt. Uma Datta (daughter) grand daughters, Neelima Mehta, Vipila Bali, with her husband, Vishal Bali, (grand son-in-law) Subhash Vaid & Manvi Vaid (grand son & grand daughter-in-law) Dhruv Datta (grandson) and Adwitya Mehta and Manas Vaid (great grand sons) paid their respects and tributes to Mehta Des Raj Datta.

On this occasion, his son, Shri Ramesh Datta President MS Faridabad donated Rs.1100/- to GMS Widow Fund.

nDr. (Mrs.) Kamini Bali (08.04.1950-12.08.2002): The sixth death anniversary of the late Dr. Kamini Bali was observed by her family members on 12.08.08. Havan was performed attended by close relatives, friends and Mohyal biradari. Silent but tearful tributes were paid to her.

Dr. Kamini Bali w/o Rzd. Raj Kumar Bali Life Member of GMS and MS Janakpuri, was the daughter-in-law of the late Smt. Nanki Devi Bali & the late Rzd. Moti Ram Bali of Guliana (Pak.) and daughter of the late Smt. Shiv Kumari Datta and the late Sh. Nand Kishore Datta.

On this sad occasion, the family (husband Raj Kumar Bali & son Atul Bali) donated Rs.250 each to GMS and MS Janakpuri.

nsmt. indira mohan (01.05.1931-08.07.2004): The Chavarka (fourth barsi) of Smt. Indira Mohan Mehta, w/o the late Sh. Iqbal Mohan Mehta, originally of Turab, Distt. Campbellpur (now in Pak.) and later settled in Faridabad, was observed on 08.06.2008, at the residence of her eldest son, H.No.372 Sector-8, Faridabad.

Havan was performed by Panditji, followed by vedic mantras, religious rites and kirtan. The ceremony was attended by large number of relatives, friends and members of the Mohyal Sabha, who paid floral tributes to the late respected Indira Mohanji and prayed to Lord Shiva to grant eternal peace to the departed noble soul. Brahm Bhoj was served to all, in the loving memory of their dear Jhaiji, by their children and offerings, in the form of clothes, utensils, bed and cash, were given to the Panditji, as per tradition.

Smt. Indira Mohan had been born and brought up in a true Mohyal family of Chhibbers and was the daughter of the late Shri Chunni Lal Chhibber and Smt. Mayawanti Chhibber of Tarap, Distt. Campbellpur (now in Pak.) and later settled at V.P.O. Langroya (Nawan Shahar) Punjab.

She was married in an equally staunch Mohyal family of the late Subedar Devi Dass Mehta and the late Smt. Ram Lubhayi Mehta of Tarap, later settled at Kurukshetra. She was the loving wife of the late Sh. Iqbal Mohan Mehta, Founder Secretary of MS Faridabad (S/E).

She was very active in Mohyal meetings and was a Patron of MS, S.E. Faridabad, apart from being a very religious lady and very kind, from the core of her heart.

Her demise was a great loss for her children, namely, Harish Mohan Mehta, Satish C. Mohan Mehta (Advocate), Khushdil Mohan, Sunil Mohan Mehta (Commandant BSF), Smt. Shashi Dutta, son-in-law, Sh. Ramesh Dutta, daughters-in-law and grand children. The vacuum left by her cannot be filled.

They bow their head to Almighty God and pray to him to give them strength to follow the footsteps of their dear mother, who blesses and guides them and helps them, always, to keep the family well-knit.

In her loving and eternal memory, as a humble tribute to their dear Jhaiji, her children have donated Rs.1000/- to GMS, to be credited to the “MS South East Faridabad Trust’’.

njagdish rai mehta (chhibber) (16.05.1941-27.08.2007): The first barsi of the late Sh. Jagdish Rai Mehta s/o the late Shri Paras Ram Mehta and the late Smt. Kaushalya Mehta, was performed on July 18, 2008, at his residence in Vasundra Enclave. Many relatives and friends participated in the havan and paid ‘Shradhanjali’ to the loving and deeply loved ‘Jagga’, (as he was fondly known as). A unique person with an amazing ability to spread happiness, he will be missed by all those who cherished him.

In his memory, his wife, Smt. Krishna Mehta (Geeta), has donated Rs.2100/- to the GMS towards Widow Fund. She also donated Rs.1000/- to MS Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi where her husband was a pioneering member and the PRO.

Following in her husband’s footsteps, Smt. Krishna Mehta paid another sum of Rs.2100 to become a Life Member of the GMS.

nlt. puneet nath datt: The eleventh Martyrdom Anniversary of Lt. Puneet Nath Datt,       1/11, GR, recepient of ‘Ashok Chakra’, the highest Gallantry Award of the country, for his dare devilry and unique feat in Operation “Rakshak’’ in Nowshera near Srinagar in J&K on 20th July, 1997 was commemorated at a function organised at the Puneet Datt Memorial Park (behind D-Block, Defence Colony Petrol Pump) on the 20th July 2008.

A large number of officers, both serving and retired, of the Gorkha Regiment and Defence Colony residents, besides Mrs. Anita Datt, proud mother, Col. SNC Bakshi, grandfather and sister Divya Datt, with her husband Shri Siddharth Madra, alongwith relatives and friends of the late hero, were present to pay homage to the departed soul.

Wreaths were placed at his Memorial by Shri S.K. Chhibber-Ex. Lt. Governor, Maj. Gen. G.M. Nair SM- Ex-CO,          1/11 GR, and Col. A.K. Singh-Ex-CO, 1/11 GR, both posted at Army HQ.

In the evening, the Defence Colony residents assembled at the Park and paid homage to Lt. Datt by lighting candles around his Memorial.

An extract from the Special Battalion Order of the day, published by the First Battalion, The Gorkha Rifles on the occasion, is reproduced below with the hope that the resolve, tenacity and dare-devilry shown by Lt. Puneet Nath Datt will motivate the coming generations to emulate his indomitable spirit and selfless devotion to the commitment of preserving the independence and integrity of the motherland for which he willingly sacrificed his life at such a young age.

“On 20th July 1997 while combating Pak-sponsored terrorism in the Kashmir Valley, 1/11 GR launched ‘OP Nowshera’ in Srinagar, based on hard intelligence gathererd by Lt. Puneet Nath Datt. As per the information, a group of foreign militants had fortified themselves in a three-storied house with a high compound wall all around. On being surrounded by troops led by Lt. Datt, the militants brought down heavy and effective fire on the troops. An intense exchange of fire took place following which the militants opened a point of exit at the rear of the house. Lt. Puneet realizing that some of the trapped militants were attempting to escape, quickly adjusted his position. The militants charged out of the house, firing incessantly. Lt. Puneet fired his AK-47 killing two militants in a most audacious eyeball to eyeball encounter.

The third militant brought down heavy automatic fire on to the officer hitting him directly on the face. Bleeding profusely but unmindful of the grave injury, Lt. Puneet, in a gallant move, lobbed a grenade through the window killing the third militant. The officer had by now killed the three hardcore foreign militants single-handedly and destroyed a well-fortified hideout. He finally succumbed to his injuries in this action.’’

nvini bali (03.03.1984-03.08.1997): The 11th death anniversary of the late Vini Bali d/o Smt. Vijay & Swtantar Bali, r/o New Shastri Nagar, Pathankot Punjab was observed on the 3rd Aug., 2008.

All present prayed to the Almighty God to grant the noble soul peace and a place in heaven and give strength to her family to bear with fortitude this great loss. Her loss shall abide with us for ever and anon.

On this occasion, the family members donated Rs.201/- to GMS.

nshri mehar chand bali: The first death anniversary of the late Sh. Mehar Chand Bali who expired on 27.08.2007 at Phillaur, was observed on 17th July 08 at the residence of his younger son Sh. Ashwani K. Bali, Retired Inspector of Punjab Police Ludhiana, r/o H.No. 26/1, near Devi Mandir, Phillaur, Jalandhar.

Sh. Mehar Chand Bali was born in Village-Khanpur (now in Pak.) on 17th Dec. 1905. After passing the matriculation exam from S.S. Khalsa High School, Chakwal in March 1924 he joined the Police Department in 1928 at Rawalpindi (Pak.) where he served for about 19 years. After partition, he joined the Shimla Police and later on was transferred to Police Training School, Phillaur. He retired in 1961 as Sub-Inspector of Police.

He spent his retired life in the service of humanity. He was always ready to help the needy people. He never missed his morning walks. Due to this habit, he completed his century in age on 17.12.2005.

His 100th birthday was celebrated with full joy by his family members and near and dear. Suddenly he fell ill and expired on 27.08.07. He had lived for 40 years after retirement.

On his first death anniversary not only his relatives, but many eminent persons of Jalandhar participated and paid homage to the departed soul.

The ceremony was attended by Sh. Ashwani K. Bali (son) & Sh. Rakesh Bali (grandson) from Jaipur, Sh. Anil Bali, Head Constable of Punjab Police (grandson), Smt. Bimla Chhibber (daughter) along with her son Rajesh Chhibber, daughter-in-law, Seema Chhibber, grandsons, Karan Chhibber and Kartik Chhibber from Delhi, Smt. Kamlesh Mohan (daughter) w/o Ram Saroop Mohan along with her son, Rajeev Mohan, daughter-in-law, Geeta Mohan, grandson Sahil Mohan & grand daughter Saloni Mohan from Panchkula, the family of grand daughter Reetu Mehta w/o Ajay Mehta, their son Anurag Mehta & grand daughter Mehak Mehta from Jalandhar, the family of grand daughter, Dimple Mehta w/o Kaushal Mehta, and their grand daughter Khushi Mehta from Amritsar, grand daughter, Monika Bali, her mother, Sharda Bali & her daughter-in-law, Rimmi Bali with granddaughter Charu Bali and Navya Bali & grandson Abhishek Sharma from Phillaur.

Members of MS Phillaur and S. Amolak Singh Dutta, President and members of MS Ludhiana also attended the function.

All present prayed to God to grant peace to the departed soul and strength to his family to bear the loss.

nmehta ram lal chhibber & smt. bhagwanti chhibber: In loving memory of my dear father, Mehta Ram Lal Chhibber and dear mother Smt. Bhagwanti Chhibber, of Village-Dalelpur (Pind Kawanwala) P.O. Dalwal, Teh. Pind-Dadan-Khan, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.), who left this mortal world for heaven on 4th Jan, 1967 and, 17th Jan. 1981, respectively.

My father was the son of Mehta Megh Raj Chhibber, who retired as Chief Superintendent, Forest Deptt. Punjab, Lahore, in 1916. My dear mother was daughter of Malik Kanshi Ram Datt, a prominent personality of Pind-Dadan-Khan, who retired as Sub-Inspector of Police in 1915.

To us, you were very special, what more is there to say, except to wish, with all our hearts, that you were here today. You couldn’t say goodbye to us, you couldn’t see our tears but you left us beautiful memories, we will treasure through the years.

Sadly missed and always remembered by your son, Mehta Madan Mohan Chhibber and daughter-in-law, Mohinder Kumari Chhibber, grandsons, Subhash Chander, Ramesh Chander, Ravinder Mohan and Ashwani Kumar and great grand children, settled in Waterloo (Ont:) Canada.

On this occasion, Rs.1200/- have been sent to GMS– Rs.1000/- to be credited to the “Mehta Ram Lal Chhibber & Smt. Bhagwanti Chhibber Trust’’ and Rs.200/- as donations towards Widow Fund.—Mehta Madan Mohan Chhibber, Waterloo (Ont.) Canada.

addition to trust

nshri r.k. mehta (15.8.1936-13.6.2003): The fifth death anniversary of Shri Ramesh Kumar Mehta s/o the late Smt. Raj Kumari & the late Shri Salig Ram Mehta (Vaid) of Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum (Pak.) was observed by his wife, Smt. Sunder Mehta and his children on the 13th June 2008 at Pune. Shri Mehta’s birth anniversary falls on 15th August.

After completing his academic career from XLRI Jamshedpur. Shri Mehta worked in the field of Coal Mining and was Director (HR) in the Eastern Coal Fields Ltd., a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd., at the time of his superannuation on the 31st Aug., 1994. He earned his reputation as an intelligent, practical, compassionate and generous officer. His most outstanding quality was that he was ever-ready to extend a helping hand to the people in need.

He is very much missed and remembered by Smt. Sunder Mehta (wife), Sh. Rajeev Mehta-Smt. Bindu Mehta (son & daughter-in-law), Sh. Rahul Mehta-Smt. Divya Mehta (son & daughter-in-law), Smt. Sangeeta Bakshi-Sh. Sunil Bakshi (daughter & son-in-law), Sh. Komal Mehta-Smt. Sarita Mehta (brother & sister-in-law), Smt. Indra Chhibbar-Sh. R.K. Chhibbar (sister & brother-in-law), Smt. Manju Lau-Sh. P.C. Lau (sister & brother-in-law), grand children and all other family members.

On this occasion, Smt. Sunder Mehta w/o the late Sh. R.K. Mehta has sent Rs.5,000/- to GMS to be added to the “Smt. Raj Kumari & Sh. S.R. Mehta Education Trust’’.

nshri som dutta choudhary: The eighth death anniversary of the late Shri Som Dutta Choudhary s/o the late Rai Sahib J.N. Dutta M.B.E of Veeran Dattan was observed on 31.07.2008. On this occasion, his wife Smt. Satya Wati has donated Rs.1100/- to the GMS to be added to the late Sh. Som Dutta Choudhary Widow Fund Trust.

He is fondly remembered by his wife, Smt. Satya Wati and daughters, Mrs. Sushma Bali (Faridabad) and Mrs. Suman Mehta (Lau) (Chandigarh).

nsmt. raj kumari chhibber: On the death anniversary on 25th Aug. 2008 of his mother, the late Smt. Raj Kumar Chhibber w/o the late Bk. Atal Pratap Chhibber, Sh. Ramesh Pratap Chhibber, r/o A-2/62, Varun Aptts., Plot No.12, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi-85, Tel.: 27567735, has donated Rs. 5000/- to GMS to be credited to “Bk. Atal Pratap Chhibber Raj Kumari Chhibber Sabha Fund Trust’’. Balance in the trust is Rs. 75,900/- after crediting this amount.

nsmt. kaushlaya rani datt (1910-1986): The 22nd death anniversary of Smt. Kaushlaya Rani Datt w/o the late Shri Mehta Ram Parkash Datt of Kala Gujran Jhelum (Pak.) falls on 16.9.08. In her loving memory, her son Shri Vern K. Datt and grandson Sh. Atul Datt r/o 11-B, Rajindra Park, New Delhi-60, have donated Rs.122/- each to the memorial Trust “Smt. Kaushalya Rani Datt and Mehta Ram Parkash Datt’’.

New trust

nshri shiv raj singh chhibber & smt. savitri devi chhibber: On the 1st Birthday (i.e., 12th Sept. 2008) of his grandson, Master Parthiv Chhibber (s/o Sh. Lokesh Chhibber), Shri Ram Pal Chhibber has donated Rs.5000/- to GMS to open a trust fund (for widows) in the name of his parents the late Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chhibber (expired on 29th May 1984) and the late Smt. Savitri Devi Chhibber (expired on 30th Nov. 1999).

The late Sh. Shiv Raj Singh Chhibber, Patron, West Zone Mohyal Sabha Rajouri Garden, was the son of the late Sh. Kahan Singh Chhibber (Station Master) of Khurd, Distt. Jhelum (Pak.). The late Smt. Savitri Devi Chhibber w/o the late Sh. Shiv Raj Singh Chhibber was the d/o the late Sh. Mehta Sarban Lal Lau Advocate of Distt. Chakwal (now in Pakistan).

The late Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chhibber & the late Smt. Savitri Devi Chhibber had four sons, married and living at T-74, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-27, viz Sh. Ram Pal Chhibber (eldest), Sh. Shashi Pal Chhibber, Sh. Ashok (Mehta) Chhibber & Sh. Vijay Kumar Chhibber.

Shri Ram Pal Chhibber is married to Smt. Neeta Chhibber      d/o the late Sh. Chowdury Ram Dass Dutta and Smt. Shanta Dutta of Lahore (Pak.). Smt. Neeta Chhibber is the sister of Sh. Hari Sharan Dutta & Shri Ragubir Sharan Dutta (residing in Janakpuri and Vikaspuri respectively, Delhi) and Smt. Sunita Dutta (Residing in Bhandup, Mumbai).

Shri Ram Pal Chhibber has two sons, Shri Lokesh Chhibber & Shri Puneet Chhibber. Shri Lokesh Chhibber is married to Mrs. Amita Chhibber d/o Shri Ramesh Bakshi (Lau) & Smt. Suman Bakshi residing at Airoli, Navi Mumbai. Sh. Lokesh Chhibber is at present working with a reputed Italian Jewellery Designer Company in Italy and Sh. Puneet Chhibber is at present working as a senior Software Engineer in an MNC in Chicago (USA).

nShri Sukhdev Mohan: Mr. Hemant Mohan & Mr. Vinay Mohan have opened a new Education Fund Trust of Rs.10,000/- in the memory of their beloved father, Shri Sukhdev Mohan (s/o Smt. Ram Rakhi & Padam Shri N.N. Mohan) on his birth anniversary.


‘punya tithee’ of mehta bal krishan lau

Mehta Bal Krishan Lau s/o the late Mehta Ram Lal Lau (Akalgarh, Gujranwala) expired on 28th Aug. 1980 at the age of 62 years.

He was an honest, hardworking and religious person. After partition, his family settled at Karnal. He joined a company and shifted to Kaithal (Haryana). Later, he went to Bhagalpur and started a business at Munger (Bihar) where he suffered heavy losses. He came back to Delhi and joined a private limited company as Manager. He had seen many ups and down in his life.

Mehta Bal Krishan Lau had actively participated in the Freedom Struggle by joining the revolutionary Wing of Sanatan Dharam Sabha. He was a good athlete and an actor too.

In his everlasting memory, his family, Smt. Krishna Lau (wife), Mrs. Naresh Bala and Mrs. Ashok Lau, Mrs. Lily and Mr. Raman Lau, Mrs. Suman and Mr. Kamal Kant Lau (daughters-in-law and sons), Mrs. Sushma and Mr. Prakash Sharma, Mrs. Anita and Mr. Dinesh Vaid (daughters and sons-in-law) paid rich tributes to him.

His wife Smt. Krishna Lau donated Rs.250/- for the Widow Fund of GMS.

nBakshi Khushwaqt rai datta: On the 32nd death anniversary of his father on 24th Sept. 2008 (s/o the late Bk. Jamiat Rai Datta, and grandson of Bk. Jawala Singh Datta, of Tehi Dattan), his son Narendra Datta of Mohyal Mitter (r/o C-26, New Krishna Park, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018) has contributed Rs. 200/- to the trust “Bk. Khushwaqt Rai & Kunti Devi Datta, Ved Datta Trust.’’ He was the youngest of four brothers, Bk. Fakir Chand Datta (Retd. Tehsildar, Mirpur), Devi Dayal & Mehtab Rai Datta and cousin of Bk. Shiv Narain Datta who served as Court Interpreter in the Supreme Court, Ipoh, Malaysia.

nsmt. kunti datta: Her 13th death anniversary was observed on 4th Nov., 2008. Smt. Kunti Datta was the wife of the late Bk. Khushwaqt Rai Datta, and daughter of the late Sh. Durga Sahai Lau and Smt. Leela Wati Mehta of Mansehra, Distt. Hazara, NWFP. Fondly remembered by her only child N.D. Datta and grandchildren.

smt. kamla bakshi (16.04.1935-11.08.2008)

nSmt. Kamla Bakshi w/o late Shri Anand Bakshi, the renowned lyricist, left for her heavenly abode on 11th August 2008, after a brief illness, in Mumbai. Her cremation and Uthala ceremony were attended by large number of relatives, local biradari, scores of friends and admirers of Anand Bakshi Sahib. Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS, accompanied by his family, also attended the cremation and Uthala ceremony to pay tribute to the departed noble soul.

Mrs. Kamla Bakshi was a very pious lady with a golden heart who always led her life in true Mohyali spirit and traditions and was a force behind Bakshi Sahib and her entire family. She leaves behind two sons, Rajesh Bakshi & Rakesh Bakshi, and two daughters, Suman & Kavita, married to Mr. Vinay Dutta & Mr. Sanjiv Bali respectively.

Her sons Rajesh & Rakesh have opened a trust in the name of their parents, Smt. Kamla Bakshi & Shri Anand Bakshi, with an initial donation of Rs.31,000/-. They have also donated Rs.11,000 for the Langar Fund in the memory of their mother.

GMS offers heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

did you know?


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C  Increases oxygen level in the body.

C  Releases Endorphin (Feel good Hormones) which are natural pain killers from Brain Cells.

C  Boosts normal immunity.

C  Gives relief from spondylitis, insomnia, tension, cardiovascular & depression.

C  Enhances aesthetic value of face.

C  Increases stamina, self-confidence and makes one a mentally balanced person.

C  Is the easiest form of meditation since, while laughing, you do not think any other thing.

C  Researchers over the world have proved that laughter is a much easier form of stress-busting.

C  Benefits of laughter have been mentioned in the texts of ancient India and many other civilizations in the world.

C  It has been proved that laughter has a positive impact on various systems of human body.

C  Helps in controlling Asthma, Bronchitis, High BP, Indigestion, Constipation.

C  There are many Laughter Clinics in USA, UK and other Western Countries.

C  There are over 5000 Laughing Clubs in India and abroad.

C  Kids should laugh about 400 times a day & adults 15 to 17 times.

C  Laugh Yoga is a supplementary to other types of aerobic and weight lifting exercises.

C  Twenty second of good hearty belly laugh is worth more then three minutes on the rowing machine.

C  Laugh is a gift which makes us feel good.

C  Laugh Yoga helps overcome shyness. Moreover you can speak on any platform.

Shalimar Bagh Laughter Club cordially invites all to join the club membership which is totally free.

Website: www.laughterjoga.

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fear / worry

Even if there is real danger, fear does not help. Remember, fear of a happening is 100 times worse than the happening itself. In 90% of the cases, the event feared may not happen at all. Do not fear– it is fear that helps things (adverse force) to come. Do not doubt it is doubt that helps it to come. Do not expect it in anyway- it is expectation that helps it to come.

Shake off all narraowness, selfishness, limitations and wake to the conciousness of human unit. This is the only way to achieve peace and harmony.

In my life, I have found there are two things about which I should never worry. First, I should not worry about the things I cannot change. If I cannot change them, worry is certainly most foolish and useless. Second, I should not worry about the things I can change. If I can change them, then taking action will accomplish far more than wasting my energies in worry give worry its rightful place out of your life. When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.

(George Barnand Shah was once asked “Who is the happiest person this earth’’. He replied that person who is very busy and does not have time to think whether he is happy or not, is the happiest person).

Rekha Dutta

Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi-85